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The secure collaborative cloud

Store, share and synchronise your data in an ethical cloud.

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All the space you need

Always have access to all your photos, videos and documents. kDrive can store up to 106 TB of data.

A collaborative ecosystem. Everything included

Collaborate online on Office documents, organise meetings, share your work. Anything is possible!

kDrive respects your privacy

Protect your data in a sovereign cloud exclusively developed and hosted in Switzerland. Infomaniak doesn’t analyze or resell your data.

Discover the power of kDrive. Free of charge.
Create an account with 15 GB of storage space and a free email address for life.

NSA non-compatible

Entrust your data to a sovereign Swiss cloud

  • Your data is encrypted on our servers

  • Exclusively developed and hosted in Switzerland

  • Your data is not resold or analysed

  • Infomaniak is owned by its founders and employees

  • Customer service that speaks your language - available seven days a week

  • Our privacy policy is transparent.


Collaborate effortlessly within your organisation

Work together in the same place and increase efficiency

Easily share your files and work together with several others in real time on text documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

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Collaborate on Docs, Grids & Points files in real time

kDrive allows you to work online on your Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. You prefer LibreOffice or OpenOffice? They’ll work too!

Your data will always be there

kDrive backs up your data on three media and in two datacenters. There’s no risk of you losing anything. Relax!

Retrieve all your data

In a few clicks, import all the content of your current cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive). With everything in its place. Automatically.

Access your files wherever you are

Whether you’re at the office, at home or in the mountains, kDrive’s always at hand. You’re always productive.

Opt for a drive in the image of your company

Your brand, your domain

100 days of free trial then 

CHF 53.85 / year

Customise your tools with your logo, colours and domain name. You control your data and brand image from start to finish.

Your shares, your image


Boost your impact with your partners and customers by personalising what you share with your logo and background images.

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All of your favourite features are here, with added security

A time machine

Work without fear of being bold. You can recover an old version of your files in seconds.

Find the right file at lightning speed

A single keyword is enough to find the right file instantly.

Keep control of your data

Manage your Drives easily: users, access rights, usage statistics, storage, data recovery following a user’s departure, etc. Everything is managed in the same place.

Work in a secure ecosystem

Easily secure your shared files with a password. Your recipients don’t even need to have an user account to work with you.

We offset our CO2 emissions by 200%, but that’s not all.

The ecology and Infomaniak is a love story that’s been running for 25 years and isn’t about to stop.

We operate the most environmentally benign data centre in Switzerland and have started building the world’s most environmentally responsible data centre, which will use energy twice!

But that’s not all. At Infomaniak, we’re optimising and reducing our carbon footprint, from the servers to the post-it notes, and even the way our employees travel.

Despite these constraints, in 2020 our service availability stands at more than 99.99% and we provide our customers with one of the most efficient infrastructures in Europe.

Welcome to Infomaniak.

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Custom Brand

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Your domain name, your logo, your colours

When you share documents or hold video conferences, your customers are always in your brand world.

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Select the offer that meets your needs

kDrive Free


  • 15 GB of storage Drive

  • 1 user max.

  • Non-scalable storage space

Applications included with kDrive:

kDrive Solo

/ month*
  • 2 TB of storage Drive

  • 1 user max.

  • Non-scalable storage space

Applications included with kDrive:

Ideal for teamwork

kDrive Team

/ month*
  • 3 TB of storage Drive

  • 6 users included and max.

  • Storage scalable up to 18 TB *

Applications included with kDrive:

kDrive Pro

per user / month*
  • 6 TB of storage Drive

  • From 3 users

  • Storage scalable up to 106 TB *

Applications included with kDrive:

Don’t limit yourself to kDrive: get kSuite and discover our all-in-one ecosystem

Applications included in kSuite:

CHF 3.95 / month

A domain name is required with kSuite

* Storage can be increased in 5 TB increments (from CHF 36.00 / month for 5 TB). 30-day trial. Termination possible at any time during the trial period.

Compatible with Renewal Warranty: never lose access to your Drive

SMEs, individuals, everyone deserves kDrive security

100% secure, hosted and developed in Switzerland
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