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High Performance Cloud Infrastructure. In Switzerland, at the right price.

Our IaaS solution is open, proven and secure. Here, you know where your data are managed, there is no vendor lock-in, the support team can be reached easily and the prices are unbeatable.

Everything you need to guarantee your growth with peace of mind

Build your custom infrastructure with an open technology that integrates seamlessly with your current ecosystem.

Instance: Nova

  • 2x AMD Epyc 7452 / instance

  • Optimised IOPS or GPU instances (nVidia T4)

  • Ubuntu, Debian or custom images

  • 3 availability areas

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Block storage: Ceph / Cinder

  • Up to 1000 IOPS and 400 MB/s guaranteed

  • Up to 10 TB / volume

  • Encrypted Ceph cluster (3 replicas, LUKS)

  • Last generation PCIe NVMe SSD

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Object storage: Swift

  • Full Swift implementation

  • S3-compatible API & OpenStack Swift

  • Object encryption enabled

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Network: Neutron

  • Redundant physical infrastructure (2x 25 Gbps BGP-2-host)

  • Octavia load balancers

  • Floating IPs, public subnet, direct attach

  • DDos protection

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Orchestration / Scability: Heat

  • AWS-compatible Heat templates

  • Vertical and horizontal autoscaling

  • Automatic instance, volume, floating IP, etc. adjustment

A proven and scalable OpenStack ecosystem

Interoperability with several services

Unify your local, hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure with an API and open technology that doesn't restrict your long-term evolution.

  • Multi-cloud compatible

  • Hybrid-cloud compatible

D3 is one of Infomaniak's data centers based in Geneva

A Cloud infrastructure managed for 10 years

Reserved for large companies and our own services since 2012, Infomaniak's Public Cloud is now accessible to everyone. It's the infrastructure that powers kDrive, Swiss Backup and our Webmail – services used by more than a million users.

Only top-of-the-range equipment

AMD Epyc 7452 CPU, ECC RAM, nVidia T4 GPU, 6th generation NVMe storage, 25 Gbps network... We've indulged in some high-tech hardware, and you get to enjoy it!

Secure tier 3+ data centers in Switzerland

Our data centers comply with ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 27001 standards and meet the highest requirements in terms of energy efficiency and safety. Want to know for sure? See for yourself.

Local, accessible support

Regularly trained and tested, we challenge you to stump our Cloud gurus with a tricky question. As a bonus, our agents have a shimmering Geneva or Zurich accent. A real SPA treatment for your ears.

Highly qualified staff

Subcontract? No way. With experts from CERN or the Debian community, Infomaniak's Public Cloud is developed by the crème de la crème of the engineering world.

Self-service and metered resources on demand. You stay in control.

No set-up fees. No minimum amount. Can be cancelled at any time. You only pay for the resources you actually use with our Public Cloud at the end of each month.

Bandwidth is free*

See prices →

* except for object storage which is invoiced above 10 TB of consumed bandwidth.

Your top-of-the-range Cloud at the right price. Exclusively managed in Switzerland.

Don't let our prices fool you. We've made no savings on materials and all our staff and infrastructure are based in Switzerland.

Memory8 GB
Storage50 GB
Bandwidth1 TB

Infomaniak Public Cloud




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Rely on a reliable and open technology that evolves with a globally recognised community

From NASA to CERN, Tencent, Nike, ATT and VW, OpenStack is a globally recognised technology that won't lock you into proprietary technologies. You remain in control and can assure your users that their data is processed in Switzerland, in the heart of Europe.


Attend online or on-site conferences hosted by experts from the OpenStack community around the world.

Code & documentation

Find all the documentation and code you need to simplify your Cloud and serve your customers across Europe.


Take advantage of the OpenStack community to learn from a mentor or to share your knowledge.

Having your Public Cloud with us is easy

Photo Olivier

Olivier Chaze

System administrator / Cloud Expert

New project?
Talk to a Cloud expert

Do you need expert advice to get started or migrate your infrastructure? The easiest way is to talk to us. It's free and with no obligation.

Existing project?Migrate easily to us

If your current provider is based on OpenStack technology, your migration to our Public Cloud will be a breeze. Do you have a question? Contacting us is easy.

OpenStack cloud illustration

Many customers trust us

Over 1 million users in Switzerland and throughout Europe power their ideas and businesses with our services.

Jérôme Berthier, CEO of Deeplink.ai

The 100% Swiss infrastructure of Infomaniak is a sign of confidence for working with banks and public administrations. We were supported during our AWS migration and everything proceeded very well. That is what I most appreciate in my relations with the people in the team. Despite their success, they remain reactive and involved for their customers. It’s not an attractive word on a sales brochure, but I genuinely feel as if I am accompanied by a ''partner''.

Infomaniak a local company that listens to its customers and is committed to an ethical economy.

+ 25 years

of experience

+ 200


33 years

average age

+ 1 Mio

of users

Innovation driver

We design cutting-edge solutions and infrastructures designed to reduce our ecological footprint as far as possible, simplify our customers’ lives and develop local know-how. Our data centers regularly win awards for their energy efficiency and we are partners with prestigious schools such as EPFL and 42 with the aim of supporting innovation.

100% Swiss

From data centers through the orchestration of Cloud infrastructures to products, Infomaniak knows its value chain from end to end and is wholly owned by its founders and employees. This independence enables us to guarantee the security, confidentiality and sovereignty of the data entrusted to us.

Committed to sustainable development

We offset all our CO2 emissions by 200%, our infrastructures are cooled using natural air only, we only use certified renewable energy and through our actions, we want to demonstrate that it is possible to work together to protect the climate.

A free Internet

We believe in a free Internet which respects the data and privacy of its users. Our solutions are essentially based on open source technologies and we contribute directly to the community. At infomaniak, your data belongs to you and is managed solely in Switzerland.

It's time to take action

CHF 300.- free to be used within 3 months to get started

No hidden feesNo installation feesNo cancellation fees