It is important to distinguish between the personal data that you entrust to us for the use of our services and the security of the data that you host on the Infomaniak technical infrastructure.

You will find all the current questions concerning the security of the data that you host, as well as their exact scope, in our dedicated area for security questions.

This privacy policy applies to all our products and services.

What personal data does Infomaniak save?

Name address and place of residence

Your name is saved because to us, you are more than just a customer number when you contact us for support. We also need your name and address to prepare your invoices, contact you or visit you for a cup of coffee (if you invite us).

Electronic address

We store your email address to send you important messages about your order or account. We also inform you through Infomaniak newsletters on new developments. If necessary, you can choose to unsubscribe from them.

Telephone number

We store your phone number to contact you in case of emergency or ask for your opinion. In addition, we use your number to send you SMS as part of the two-step validation or to authenticate you.

Connection details and customer number

We store your login details to secure access to your account and ensure that only authorised persons can access your personal data. We also generate a unique customer number so we can help you faster and more efficiently.

IP address

We store your IP address to allow you to have an overview of the IP addresses used to connect to your account and check the author of any changes. This information is also used to help protect your account from unauthorised access from other locations.

Payment details

We store payment information such as your PayPal credentials, your credit card, account number and your name as an account holder. The processing of your payments also involves other parties such as companies affiliated with your means of payment or credit cards. When placing an order, we will also generate a unique offer or invoice number, which will then be linked to your account.

Your use of our Internet site

The details mentioned above in combination with cookies let us see how you use our website and our services, and what your interests are. That enables us to improve our site, our services and the targeting of our advertising. For details of how we use your data, please refer to the "Products, Services & Application" section at the bottom of this page.