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Protect yourself against ransomware with Swiss Backup!

Back up your data in complete security

Swiss Backup enables you to back up and recover your workstations, servers, virtual machines, NAS and much more besides in total peace of mind.

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A cloud backup solution that meets every need

With the Acronis software included

Workstation, VM, servers

Need a simple solution to back up all your devices? Acronis is the most powerful and secure backup software on the market.

With the software of your choice

Swift, S3, SFTP storage

Need a secure storage space in the cloud? Choose the software of your choice compatible with the Swift, S3 or SFTP protocols.

For companies

Secure all your workstations

The Acronis software enables you to back up a complete image of your computers or the folders of your choice.

For individuals

Keep your photos and memories safe

Acronis lets you automate the backup of your precious memories and documents to a safe location.

For advanced users

Use your cloud storage however you want

Thanks to the Swift, S3 and SFTP protocols, the free storage space allows you to create your own cloud backup solution.

Need to back up your photos and documents and access them on the go?

kDrive allows you to synchronise your photos and documents across all your devices and access them at any time with a free mobile app.

Protecting your data. Our profession.

Backups of x3 in Switzerland in x2 data centers

Swiss Backup constantly copies your data onto at least 3 supports across 2 data centers. You can sleep easy.

Your data concerns you and you alone

Infomaniak is subject to the GDPR and the LPD. The company is based in Switzerland, in Geneva and Winterthur. It is not listed on the stock market and is owned by its founders and employees.

Up to 500 TB of storage

Swiss Backup offers you complete flexibility. One thing is certain: you will never feel restricted.

Xavier, architect and CEO of Atelier Perrinjaquet

Infomaniak’s backup solution ensures that all my data is secure at all times!

D3 is one of Infomaniak's data centers based in Geneva

A sovereign solution that’s privacy-friendly

Secure tier 3+ data centers in Switzerland

Our data centers are certified ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 and meet the highest requirements in terms of energy efficiency and safety. Want to know for sure? See for yourself.

Local, accessible support

Regularly trained and tested, we challenge you to stump our storage gurus with a tricky question. As a bonus, our agents have a pristine Geneva or Zurich accent. A real SPA treatment for your ears.

Highly qualified staff

Subcontract? No way. With experts from CERN or the Debian community, the Swiss Backup cloud infrastructure is developed by the very best engineers. In addition to this, our agents are certified by Acronis – what more could you ask for?

Assistance accessible 7 days a week

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Talk to a Cloud expert

Do you need expert support to get started or migrate your backup infrastructure? The easiest way is to talk to us. It's free and with no obligation.

Your data security can’t wait!

Free trial for 90 days • Cancellation at any time

Free trial

Do you have any questions or doubts?

We’ve compiled the questions we’re often asked – see below.

  • By backing up your data with Swiss Backup, you benefit from several advantages in relation to a conventional backup on an external hard drive:

    • Your backups are stored in a different place from your devices. In the event of an incident or theft, you do not lose any important data.
    • Your data is constantly backed up on at least three media across two data centers. Even if two media were unavailable at the same time, the integrity of your backup would not be affected. Find out more
    • Your backups are accessible anywhere in the world.
    • There is no risk of forgetting, losing or breaking your external hard drive.
    • Swiss Backup respects your privacy and the confidentiality of your data while allowing you to encrypt your backups easily without slowing your computer down.
    • If you are connected to the Internet, everything is done automatically and you can plan the frequency of your backups.
    • Swiss Backup allows you to recover your data or an entire system in just a few clicks. Even when recovering an entire workstation, there is no need to follow a whole series of complicated procedures to create a flash drive or boot disc. Almost everything is done automatically.

  • You can back up any type of machine provided it can install software compatible with Swiss Backup (Acronis, Swift, S3 or FTP)

  • You can use the Acronis solution, included with your Swiss Backup, or you can opt for a software package or device compatible with OpenStack Swift / S3 / SFTP.

  • You can order a single Swiss Backup and add machines. You can also change your Swiss Backup settings if you need to increase the total storage space or define the share of disc space available for each machine.

  • Swiss Backup allows you to back up and recover your data and your devices (computers, mobile devices, servers, etc.) easily. Simply choose the frequency of your backups and you’ll be able to sleep easy.

    The Acronis software will handle everything if you need to recover files or your system in the event of a failure or a change of computer. No particular expertise is required to use this product and to ensure the security of your backups or your infrastructure.

    An NAS Synology not only allows you to back up data, but also to synchronise files between different devices, perform video surveillance, download torrent files, edit documents online and create a multimedia server with all your photos, music and videos. Basic technical expertise is nevertheless required to configure an NAS and ensure its security.

  • Swiss Backup allows you to secure the content of your backups with the encryption standard AES-256.

    In addition to being a neutral and independent company, infomaniak enjoys full control of all its infrastructures.

    Finally, Swiss data protection law ensures complete confidentiality for both businesses and individuals. This means no administration may access personal information without explicit permission from a judge.

  • By using the Acronis reference software provided along with Swiss Backup, recovering data or an entire system is child’s play. Even when recovering an entire workstation, there is no need to follow a whole series of complicated procedures to create a flash drive or boot disc. Almost everything is done automatically.

  • Yes, web hostings and cloud servers can be backed up on your Swiss Backup

  • kDrive is an online platform which enables you to retain a copy of your files and share them with employees, but which does not backup the information on your system. Swiss Backup is more like an online safe in which your entire machine, your files, folders and even your OS configuration is stored, enabling you to recover an identical copy of your machine.