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The secure, unlimited and free videoconferencing service

Hold online meetings and work remotely with an ethical videoconferencing solution.

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Work remotely as if you were in the office

The features of kMeet are regularly enriched to facilitate your remote meetings.


Secure as standard for everyone

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    Secure access to your meetings with a password

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    Speak freely, your communications only pass through our servers in Switzerland

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    Choose your own encryption. By default, all communications are automatically encrypted by our servers

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Save and share your meetings in total security

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    Record your meetings onkDrivekDrive

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    Easily share your meetings with your contacts

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Plan your meetings in advance

With the calendar integration, plan ahead for your meetings, invite your staff and enjoy an overview of your upcoming meetings.

Enjoy a change of scenery with our virtual backgrounds

Change environments in a single click. Choose from the default backgrounds or import your own.

High-definition sound and video on all your devices

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    kMeet application for Windows, macOS and Linux

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    Compatible with main browsers (Chrome, Firefox)

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    Also available on mobile (iPhone, iPad and Android)


Have your guests wait in waiting room

Control who can access your meetings by means of a simple interface to strengthen the security of your meetings.

Become more efficient with the chat

Share messages and links in order to save precious minutes during your communications.

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Custom Brand

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Your domain name, your logo, your colours

When you share documents or hold video conferences, your customers are always in your brand world.

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Compatible with all browsers

kMeet uses WebRTC technology, which is supported by most modern browsers. Chromium- and Firefox-based browsers are also supported.

Do you have any questions or doubts?

We’ve compiled the questions we’re often asked – see below.

  • It is possible to create as many kMeet meeting rooms as you wish. For a meeting room to be active, there must be at least one participant in the room.

  • Yes, just download the free kMeet app on your iOS or Android phone. You can then create or join meetings directly from your smartphone.

  • kMeet allows you to share your entire screen, application or tab of your choice.

    Start your meeting, click on the 'Share your screen' button and choose what you want to share with participants. You can stop screen sharing at any time if you need to.

  • Yes, a written chat is available both on the browser version and the computer or smartphone application. The kMeet chat supports the use of emojis.

  • Yes, conversations are encrypted from end to end as standard via the office or smartphone application. Conversations are only encrypted on up-to-date web browsers using Chromium (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave, etc.).

  • kMeet allows you to record your meetings in kDrive. Start your meeting, enable recording and it will automatically appear at the root of the chosen kDrive. Learn more.