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Secured mail accounts for businesses

Thousands of SMEs and private individuals manage their webmail via infomaniak

CHF 2.08 / month

A Swiss operator recognised throughout Europe

The task of managing your emails holds no secrets for us. Boasting 25 years’ experience in this field, Infomaniak is committed to making the security and confidentiality of your emails its key concern.

+ 25 years

experience since its creation

+ 1,000,000

hosted email addresses

Obtain a personalised email address

Increase the confidence of your customers by granting each of your employees with a professional email including your domain name, for example: manon@your-company.com

Secure and privacy-friendly

Opt for a reliable webmail developed and hosted solely in Switzerland. infomaniak manages more than a million professional email addresses.

More than an inbox

Consult your emails, contacts and calendars on your mobile phone or tablet. Our assistant handles the configuration of your accounts.

A dedicated interface to manage your employees’ email addresses

Our webmail service is designed for professionals and every effort has been made to increase your productivity and simplify the management of your employees.

Forget viruses and undesirable messages

Consult your emails in complete security. Our webmail service is automatically protected against viruses received by email and undesirable messages. Our SPF, DKIM and DMARC filters are in place to protect you from possible spoofing.

Security and protection are our business

Security is not an option, it is a standard

At Infomaniak, your mailboxes are backed up every day on several servers in different data centres in order to avoid any loss of data. The data can be restored within 7 days and in addition to this provision, your data are located solely in Switzerland and are protected by one of the most stringent legislations in terms of privacy protection.

Your email, but not only!

Several products are included with your email, creating a truly interconnected ecosystem for an enhanced experience.

Send attachments up to 3 GB

Share your files easily via your device or your kDrive

Available on computer, tablet and mobile phone, your emails are always to hand

A 100% Swiss and independent webmail service


Uncompromising security at the right price

Benefit from an independent webmail service designed from A to Z in Switzerland and which integrates seamlessly into your work habits.


To start your business

One free email address

with the purchase of a domain name*

  • 1 email address

  • Unlimited email storage

  • Management of your email addresses


For small and medium-sized businesses

CHF 2.08 / month

with the purchase of a domain name*

  • From 5 email addresses

  • Unlimited email storage

  • Management of your email addresses

*The price indicated does not include the domain name

Free email address

Create your @ik.me, @etik.com ou @ikmail.com address at Infomaniak

Free and without advertising

  • 1 free email address for life

  • 20 GB of storage space for emails

  • 15 GB of kDrive storage

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Go further with your email service

Optional – from CHF 5.35 / month


Everything you need to work together online and and synchronise your files between your devices and your teams.

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Adopt a secure videoconferencing solution that follows you wherever you go and respects your privacy.

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Everything is in place to facilitate your migration

Your emails, your website and your domain name are managed somewhere else? No problem!

Contacts and address books

Import all your address books via a VCARD or CSV file to synchronise them on all your devices

Calendars and tasks

Import all you appointments via an ICS file to synchronise them on all your devices

Domain name

Transfer your domain names to infomaniak to facilitate the configuration of your email addresses


Copy your old emails and folders automatically to the new email address of your choice

You too have our full attention

Email address blocked? Forgotten your password? Account hacked? It is easy to contact us by email, telephone or chat. We are always happy to help, even at the weekend!

Assistance accessible 7 days a week

Convinced by our email service?

Create your email addresses now

Do you have any questions or doubts?

We’ve compiled the questions we’re often asked – see below.

  • Security and data protection are built into each stage of the design process and regularly tested by independent researchers or as part of specific penetration-testing operations. From the webmail to the email infrastructure, the Email Service is developed and managed from A to Z in Switzerland by our teams. The email infrastructure is copied in several data centres located in Switzerland and managed solely by infomaniak. Find out more

  • It is entirely possible to transfer your old email address to your infomaniak address. We recommend that you use our copying tool to recover a copy of your old folders and messages automatically on your new infomaniak address: Find our more

  • Encryption is not natively integrated at infomaniak. This function blocks certain essential professional functions such as email indexation (and thus searches). It is nevertheless possible to encrypt your messages via an email client (such as Thunderbird) and the Email Service with OpenPGP.

  • Infomaniak has been storing the information of thousands of companies, institutions and individuals for more than 25 years. Our business model serves the interests of our users, not advertising companies or governments. Whether the product is free or paid for, we never analyse the data with the aim of making profits. Infomaniak finances its free services through sales of high-value-added products.
    From a technical point of view, infomaniak’s independent technology offers hackers little opportunity to launch attacks. From a legal point of view, infomaniak’s webmail service is GDPR-compliant and benefits from the safeguards conferred by Switzerland’s data protection legislation, one of the strictest in the world.
    By optimising our webmail service from end to end, we’re able to deliver on our security and privacy commitments. Furthermore, infomaniak is strongly committed to ecology and belongs exclusively to its employees and its founders.
    Financial autonomy protects us from outside interests, and the same goes for our values. This gives us great freedom of choice so that we never have to make compromises. The foundations of infomaniak’s independence are anchored in our articles of association – plus we’re one of the few players on the web to offer all these guarantees simultaneously.