Docs, Grids, Points

Collaborate in real time from all your devices

kDrive natively integrates the Docs, Grids and Points applications so you can work and collaborate online on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Your files are secure and are not analysed.


An online office suite compatible with Microsoft Office

Work and collaborate on Word documents in real time

Word processor interface with graphics and editable text, illustrating real-time document editing
Spreadsheet screen with coloured cells and data
Presentation program interface with circular diagrams, evoking real-time collaboration on presentations.
Docs is an alternative to Word, Google Docs or Pages. Join an evolving ecosystem that protects your data privacy.

Collaborate and share

Work with everyone and with peace of mind

Docs is 100% compatible with Word documents and allows you to easily share your work in all common formats (docx, doc, odt, dotx, pdf, ott, rtf, html, txt).

Collaborate in real time with powerful tools

Add comments to your documents, discuss a project in the built-in chat feature and easily approve changes made by your team with the help of the revision tool. Docs will simplify your workflow!

Work from anywhere you want

Access your documents from all your devices

Edit your documents while on the move and easily invite your contacts to read, edit or review your work. Your mobile phone and tablet become a real workstation.

Continue working offline

Install the office suite on your computers free of charge in order to edit your documents when you don’t have Internet access. As soon as you are connected, everything will be updated automatically.

Download the office suite

A smartphone and tablet displaying collaboration products linked to kDrive
A smartphone and tablet displaying collaboration products linked to kDrive
Smartphone with a screen showing office applications.

Do everything you normally do at the office online

Structure your documents with columns, create a table of contents, send mailshots, insert equations, graphics, tables or shapes. Anything is possible.


Drop boxes to receive files securely

Invite your partners, customers and users to send you files to your kDrive even if they don’t have an user account.

  • Password protection

  • Download monitoring

  • Control of space allocation

Secure your peace of mind

Security and confidentiality of your data

Exchanges with our servers are encrypted and our data processing policy offers you the best confidentiality guarantees.

Your data is permanently backed up

Your data will always be there.

SMEs, individuals, everyone deserves kDrive security

100% secure, hosted and developed in Switzerland

A security guard next to an open safe against a cloudy sky, symbolising data protection.