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Cost-effective and modular

Whether you’re a multinational, an SME or a private individual, kDrive is ultra-competitive and adapts to your needs as they change. All plans offer the same level of security and confidentiality.


Recommended for private individuals


CHF per month

Or CHF 64.20 / year

1 max. users

2 max. storage in TB

Non-scalable storage space


Ideal for teamwork


CHF per month

Or CHF 129.00 / year

6 max. users

From 3 TB of storage

Additional 5 TB package:CHF 38.75 *

Up to 18 TB max.


Designed for companies


CHF per month, per user

Or CHF 258.00 / year

From 3 user(s)

From 6 TB of storage

Additional 5 TB package:CHF 38.75 *

Up to 106 TB max.

* Storage space can be increased in increments of 5 TB.

Compare the features

All plans offer the same level of security and confidentiality and allow you to collaborate, share and access your data from all your devices.

Users1 user6 users includedFrom 3 user(s)
Storage2 TBFrom 3 TBFrom 6 TB
Searching for files
Searching the contents of filesComing soon
Synchronisation with Windows, Mac or Linux
Synchronisation with iOS or Android
Synchronisation with a Synology or Qnap NAS
Selective folder synchronisation
GDPR compliance
VaultComing soonComing soonComing soon
Drop boxesComing soonComing soon
Automatic migration from Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox
WebDAV protocol support
Sharing and collaboration tools
Online editing of Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
Share links
Password protection for sharing
Sharing duration management
Backup, transfer and recovery
Triple backup redundancy
File version history
Version retention time60 days60 days120 days
Data transfer to another user
Data transfer from a deleted user3 months6 months
Active users
Use of storage
Downloading links
Active sharing folders
Active devices
Action history
Activity report
Chat, phone and email support
Need help?