Ethical Cloud with no bullshit

Developing technological independence in Europe. Without compromising on ecology, privacy or people.


Social and local



An ethical cloud doesn't analyse data, its legal framework is transparent and it's as virtuous as possible in ecological, social and local economic terms.

Boris Siegenthaler - Founder and CSO of Infomaniak

Boris Siegenthaler - Founder and CSO of Infomaniak

Our services are intended for public administrations, businesses and individuals looking for scalable, secure productivity tools and cloud hosting, streaming, marketing and event management solutions benefiting from local, human support.

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more than 200 employees embody our values

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A sustainable cloud

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The aim of a company is to make things last.

Boris Siegenthaler - Founder and Strategic Director of Infomaniak

Boris Siegenthaler - Founder and Strategic Director of Infomaniak

We build data centers at the cutting edge of energy efficiency

  • Our new data center recovers 100% of the energy it consumes in order to heat up to 6,000 households

  • All our operations run on certified renewable energy

  • Our data centers are cooled with filtered outside air, without air conditioning

  • We are developing our own solar power plants with the aim of producing as much energy as we use

We go far beyond carbon neutrality

  • We extend the service life of our servers up to 15 years

  • Whenever possible, we buy components manufactured in Europe using renewable energy

  • We encourage soft mobility with a bonus of up to CHF 1,500 / year

  • A total of 1% of our growth is allocated to non-profit organisations that protect the interests of nature

  • Our employees are affiliated with an ethical and sustainable pension fund for their retirement

  • All our CO2 emissions are measured and offset 200% via

A responsible, social and local cloud

Choosing Infomaniak doesn't just mean greater security and confidentiality. It means choosing a partner committed to training and that makes a lasting contribution to the regional economy.

Marc Oehler - CEO, Infomaniak

Marc Oehler - CEO, Infomaniak

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We help train tomorrow's talent

  • We train apprentices, interns and tomorrow's IT professionals

  • We support local IT training programmes such as 42Lausanne, Réalise and the EPFL Digital School

  • Some 70% of our employees are highly-qualified engineers and developers

We're rooted in the local economy

  • No permanent positions are relocated, 100% of our staff are based in Switzerland

  • No tax optimisation: we pay our taxes where we do business

  • We are constantly creating jobs and recruiting new talent

  • More than half of our staff come from European training schemes

  • Whenever possible, we give preference to local suppliers and service providers.

  • A network of over 1,000 IT partners in Switzerland and Europe work with our solutions

A sovereign cloud that doesn't analyse your data

Respect for privacy is linked to digital sovereignty, which implies mastery of the technical and software layers that host and process our data.

René Luria, CTO of Infomaniak

René Luria, CTO of Infomaniak

Infomaniak is a Swiss company owned by a growing number of its employees

Our activities are governed by Swiss law, with no exception clauses and in full compliance with the GDPR.

We build and manage our own data centers in Switzerland.

We develop our software in-house or with world-renowned open source technologies.

We manage your data as if it were our own: your data belongs to you and is nobody else's business.

We support and contribute to major open source projects such as OpenStack, Debian and the Free Software Foundation

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A web pioneer for 30 years


From 1994 to the present day, Infomaniak has successively been an IT club, a computer store and an Internet service provider before becoming a cloud service provider recognised throughout Europe and the leading developer of web technologies in Switzerland.


Today, Infomaniak’s primary mission is to develop know-how and technological expertise in Europe with ethical cloud solutions that make no compromises in terms of ecology or privacy and create jobs locally, without relocating.

Constantly evolving

Faced with the lack of lucidity on the part of governments that opt for American or Chinese companies and with the lobbying activities of the web giants that monopolise the vast majority of the cloud market, Infomaniak has doubled its efforts and, since 2015, reinvested all its profits to ensure its independence and the development of sovereign technologies.

Join Infomaniak and contribute to the development of an ethical cloud

Image of Infomaniak offices
Image of Infomaniak offices
Image of Infomaniak offices
Image of Infomaniak offices
Image of Infomaniak offices
Image of Infomaniak offices
Image of Infomaniak offices
Image of Infomaniak offices
Image of Infomaniak offices
Image of Infomaniak offices
Image of Infomaniak offices
Image of Infomaniak offices
Image of Infomaniak offices
Image of Infomaniak offices