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This is the perfect opportunity to install a newsletter on your site or try out our new newsletter tool.

Contacts are unlimited and no subscription is required.

The complete solution for sending your newsletters

Focus on the essential

The simplicity of our Newsletter tool allows you to focus your attention on what is important to carry out effective email campaigns: content, appearance, target, etc.

  • Complete and intuitive newsletter editor
  • Gallery of professional themes
  • Optimised newsletters for all devices (mobile, tablet, computer)
  • Multi-user management

Optimise the effectiveness of your campaigns

Analyse the results of your campaigns in real time to optimise your newsletters and achieve your objectives.

  • Monitoring links inserted in your newsletters
  • Statistics by campaign(opening rates, unsubscription rates, etc.)
  • Statistics by contact (opening rates, links clicked, etc.)
Optimise the effectiveness of your campaigns
Manage just your contact lists

Manage just your contact lists

Organise your contacts easily with lists and automatically import new contacts from WorkSpace, Gmail or a registration form installed on your website.

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Segmentation of contacts by list
  • Automatic importing of contacts (GMail, WorkSpace, CSV File)
  • Statistics by contact list
  • Intuitive registration form editor

Invest in a powerful and scalable tool

Our Newsletter tool already offers all the functionalities you need to send newsletters and measure their effectiveness, and in the future it will also integrate the following functions:

  • Autoresponder
  • Advanced segmentation of contacts
  • A/B Test on the newsletter titles
  • Spam score assessment before sending newsletters
  • Advanced analyses of the campaigns
  • Managing and using the tool via API
  • Progressive sending of newsletters
Opt for flexible and beneficial pricing

Opt for flexible and beneficial pricing

Only pay for what you use thanks to our credits system. 1 credit is equivalent to 1 newsletter sent and the shelf life of the credits is unlimited.

  • Quota of credits offered each month with your products (can not be combined)
  • Beneficial loyalty programme for Infomaniak clients
  • Competitive and decreasing prices

Use the services of a green hosting provider

Infomaniak is an environmentally and socially responsible company. Our actions are framed by strict regulations and an ecological charter which we comply with on a daily basis.

  • Certified ISO 14001 and ISO 50001
  • The most environmentally friendly Datacenter in Switzerland
  • 100% of our energy is renewable
  • Our CO2 emissions are offset by 200%
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Use the services of a green hosting provider
emailing simple

Send your newsletters in a blink of the eye

Whatever the number of intended recipients, instantly send a large volume of newsletters or plan for them to be sent at a specific time.

newsletter free themes

Use our free themes

Gain time and improve the impact of your newsletters by personalising professional themes with your content and your images.

newsletter forms

Personalise your registration forms

Create registration forms with personalised fields in order to increase your audience and have more impact.

newsletter low prices

Enjoy beneficial pricing

Don't burden yourself with an additional monthly subscription. Use your free monthly credits and if necessary, only pay for what you really use.

emailing mobile tablette

Create newsletters for all devices

All newsletters are perfectly optimised to be read on a tablet, smart phone or computer. If you are in doubt, preview your finished newsletters in real time thanks to our intuitive editor.

Import and export your contacts easily

Import and export your contacts easily

Import your WorkSpace or GMail contacts in 1 click or use a CSV file in order to recover contacts from another mailing service. Where needed, export your contact lists easily to back them up.


Credits offered with your products

By using other Infomaniak products, you release credits to send newsletters for free.

100 credits/month

800 credits/month

1500 credits/month

2300 credits/month

2500 credits/month

-20% on 100,000 emails

Personalise your newsletters

Our fees are on a sliding scale and are transparent, and the credits bought have an unlimited duration.

10 000

Prices in CHF


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