Powerful and scalable Linux/Windows cloud VPS

Manage your dedicated virtual server from A to Z with the technologies and operating system of your choice.

From CHF 41.50 / month

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30-day refund guaranteed


Your VPS with total control: guaranteed resources, unlimited traffic and root access

A VPS is ideal for developing your skills, implementing a disaster recovery plan (DRP), creating a games server, hosting an SaaS service or ensuring full control of a website or online shop environment.


Quick start-up:

Let Infomaniak deploy the Linux distribution or the Windows version of your choice.


Guaranteed resources

Allocate up to 32 vCPU and 128 GB of RAM to your projects and modify the power of your server at any time.

Estimate your budget


Top-end equipment

Unlimited traffic with 350 Gb/s bandwidth, vCPUs powered by AMD EPYC processors, ultra-fast NVME storage: only the best will do!


Why choose infomaniak

Designed and managed at the heart of Europe

Our infrastructures and solutions are developed and hosted in Switzerland. 70% of staff are in R&D.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

We make no compromises in order to reduce our ecological footprint.
Our commitment

Phone and email support

We efficiently answer your requests 7 days a week from Geneva and Winterthur.

Respect for Privacy

We are independent and contribute to an Internet that respects confidentiality and privacy.

Your favourite Linux / Windows distribution with just a snap of the fingers


  • Reliability and stability

  • Vast software library

  • Personalisation according to the user’s needs

Order my Cloud VPS Linux Debian


Flexibility and complete control in a secure cloud


SSH and RDP root access

With a VPS, you have root access and total control over your server. Simply choose your operating system from our list, and your server will be controlled via SSH (Linux) or RDP (Windows).

Easy management

The Infomaniak console is intuitive and allows you to manage every aspect of your VPS.

  • Secure incoming ports and your applications with the built-in firewall.

  • Back up the volumes of your choice in a single click thanks to the snapshots.

  • Easily link the domain names managed by Infomaniak to your VPS.


Unlimited traffic

You can look to the future in total peace of mind:Infomaniak does not limit the bandwidth. Transfer as much data as necessary to ensure the success of your online business.


Transparent flat rates

Keep your costs under control with ease: you pay the same rate every month for the resources you configure with your VPS Cloud. No surprises.

Dedicated IPv4 illustration

Dedicated IPv4 address

Each Cloud Server includes a dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 address that is not shared with other users, thus enhancing the reputation and performance of your websites.

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Start your VPS now

With a cloud VPS, you have full control over your development environment with the operating system and technologies of your choice.

30-day refund guaranteed

Benefit from exclusive advantages free with your VPS

2500 emails sent / month free of charge

Newsletter tool

Take advantage of our attractive emailing solution without subscription to send your campaigns.

  • Create attractive newsletters for all devices
  • Measure the performance of your campaigns
  • Import and segment your contacts
  • Install your newsletter easily on your website
100 GB with your first hosting solution

VOD/AOD platform

Stream, monetise and host your videos and podcasts with the same tools as TV channels and radio stations.

  • Restrict access to the media of your choice
  • Monetise your production freely
  • Measure the performance of your creations
  • Maintain the original quality of your media

Total security

Take advantage of all our know-how to operate your Linux / Windows cloud VPS securely.


Instant backups

You can create a backup image of the volume of your choice in a single click. A snapshot is included free of charge.


Professional DDoS protection

Our network is secured by Arbor Networks. This solution protects over 90% of tier 1 suppliers worldwide.


Integrated firewall

The Infomaniak console makes it easy to configure the authorised applications and the incoming ports on your server.

Qualified lead

High-performance infrastructure

Power your applications in a state-of-the-art infrastructure that is renowned for its reliability and regularly awarded for its energy efficiency.

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OpenStack expertise

We have been creating cloud infrastructures for over 10 years and contribute directly to the OpenStack open source project.

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Availability guaranteed at 99.99%

Infomaniak is contractually committed to offering 99.99% availability on the VPS Cloud.

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High-availability network infrastructure

Unlimited bandwidth, vCPUs powered by AMD EPYC processors, ultra-fast NVMe storage: only the best!

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The very latest technologies

Cloud VPSs are powered by the latest generation of NVMe storage and AMD EPYC processors.

Iso banner and certification

More than quality support. A human relationship.


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Trustpilot logo

Our cloud experts will be happy to answer your requests from Geneva or Winterthur, 7 days a week from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Our support operatives are in direct contact with our developers and engineers to respond to your requests efficiently.

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Quick, personalised and effective contact rarely seen in an assistance service. Assistance provided with detailed advice. Absolutely amazed by the professionalism.

Image trustPilot
Jean-Pierre Morisetti,
Openspace image

Quality support! Transparent and in particular human! They always listened to my concerns and resolved them, as well as using intuitive interfaces that any beginner can use. All my personal projects are with you. I'll certainly not be leaving such a big family as yours

Icone trustPilot
Brackets image

Thank you Infomaniak! +300% visits in 1 week on my website and -1 second on average for the pages on PageSpeed! Excellent local and responsible company, thank you!

Icone Twitter
La Genevoise,

30-day refund guaranteed


With 100 GB of VOD space and 2500 newsletter credits / month


Annual, quarterly or monthly payment

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Do you have any questions or doubts?

We’ve compiled the questions we’re often asked – see below.

  • A managed cloud server makes it possible to manage websites and apps as easily as with a shared hosting solution while offering you the advantage of being able to install additional software according to your needs. This solution is very advantageous if your consumption of resources (CPU, RAM) is stable and predictable.

    A cloud VPS allows you to manage your entire server with the Linux or Windows distribution of your choice. Solid technical skills are required.This solution is very advantageous if your consumption of resources (CPU, RAM) is stable and predictable.

    In both cases, you benefit from fully dedicated resources that you can adjust as you wish.

  • Connection to the Cloud VPS is via command line with root access (su- / sudo) if required; SSH and VNC console access is offered, a safe mode reboot is also possible, as are snapshots.

  • All common distributions are available; you can find a Linux/Windows list here.

  • A cloud VPS is first and foremost a storage space hosted in an Infomaniak data center intended for developers, web specialists, IT designers, etc. that you can access remotely to carry out various operations depending on your technical needs, application hosting, websites, messaging services, etc.

    This is a completely separate offer from our shared web hosting or messaging offers and you will need to subscribe to one of them if you are looking for a ready-to-use offer.

  • When ordering your server, you will be asked to generate a pair of keys or to upload your own public key which will then have to be specified when connecting via SSH for the first time. To avoid wasting time and to get started efficiently, we recommend you follow our guides intended for unmanaged cloud server users.