Calmly check admission to your events, even without Internet access

Make sure entries to your event move along smoothly with our free mobile app. Our admission checking solution works even if you lose Internet.

Flexible and reliable admission checking

Scan, beep, go. Quick as a flash!

Validate your participants' tickets and season tickets in a flash. Our scanners are reliable day and night.

Manage event capacity in real time

Control the capacity of your event in real time by validating each entry and exit with the date and time of each change.

Validate a single ticket for multiple admissions

Manage events taking place at multiple locations (e.g. trains, restaurants, ski resorts) in “Multiple entries” mode.

Define your checks by zone

Validate entries for specific categories or zones only. It's an ideal way to create specific admissions queues.

Carry out a single check for multiple events

You can even validate an entry for several events. Perfect if you combine your ticketing system with our Guest Manager where several events can be managed all in one place!

Beforehand or last-minute, you can manage the unexpected, no sweat.

Easily verify ticket status

On the day of the event, you can easily help your participants to orientate themselves by checking their ticket category and status.

Cancel tickets on the fly

Have you printed too many tickets or have you not sold as many tickets as you expected? Clean up with no effort at all.

Manage last-minute admissions

Do you still have unsold tickets on the day of the event? Sell your remaining tickets easily, even if your event is showing as sold-out.

The tool to manage everything at your fingertips. It's simple.

You can manage all the aspects of entries to events from your mobile at any time: research, ticket and season ticket checks and even view statistics or lost tickets.

100% reliable, even without an Internet connection

Internet outage or bad connection?

No problem! You can continue checking your guests' tickets. Everything will be synchronised as soon as you're back on the Internet.

Your staff are kept up to date. All the time.

All your staff can see updated event statistics all the time (i.e. scanned and remaining tickets, entries, exits etc.).

No matter what happens, everything will go according to plan

Does your Internet not work everywhere? The 'emergency mode' enables you to check tickets anyway, even if you weren't connected to the Internet to begin with.

Do you need equipment adapted to suit your needs?

High-precision laser scanner, tablets, printers, WiFi or 4G router... Everything is preconfigured.

Sales and printing equipment, everything is preconfigured and supplied for you.

The 'little' pluses that change organisers' lives

A personalised experience

Offer your participants the option to customise their season ticket or pass with a photo when they make the purchase.

No uncertainty

It's all clear and transparent. Your event statistics are updated in real time on your device (mobile, tablet etc.).

Managing the rights of your staff is easy

Simplify staff training and management by creating customised rights for specific people. It's all very easy to implement.