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Why choose infomaniak ?

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Designed and hosted in Switzerland

All our products are designed and hosted in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Our data center is one of the most eco-responsible in Europe, and our actions are guided by ecological standards.

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Local support by email and phone

Our support service is based in Geneva and Winterthur and handles all your requests by e-mail or telephone 7 days a week.

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Respect for Privacy

We respect our customers’ privacy and we do not resell data for advertising purposes.

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Coordinate your teams and external partners effectively

Bring all your communication flows together on a secure communication platform perfectly integrated into kSuite.

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Public channels

All users of your kSuite can join these channels. The latter allow your teams or departments to monitor the progress of projects and to ensure that the right people have access to the same information for greater transparency and efficacy.

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Private channels

For sensitive projects, private channels enable you to keep control. Only the users invited can join and search for content in these private discussion threads.

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External service providers

kChat also enables you to talk to external users such as your customers and partners.

infomaniak CEO

Marc Oehler | Infomaniak CEO


kChat is developed and hosted in Switzerland to meet the most stringent security and confidentiality requirements. All data in transit is encrypted as standard.

Designed for companies

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kChat with your domain and your brand

With the Custom Brand option, you can customise kChat with your logo, your colours and the URL of your domain name. Your customers are immersed in your brand from start to finish.

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Unified user management

Manage the security and access of your teams via an intuitive, centralised dashboard.

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Message search and history

Find users, messages or files quickly in private channels or conversations.

The easy way to share files

Send files up to 100 MB and receive immediate feedback from your teams in the conversation. Put an end to information asymmetries.

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Communicate as usual

Chat. Wherever you are, it's easy to collaborate with your teams.

Compatible with the devices:

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Stockez vos donnees dans un cloud suisse, souverain et ecologique

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Cloud 100% suisse

kSuite est developpee et hebergee en Suisse par Infomaniak. L'entreprise appartient a ses employes et respecte strictement le RGPD et ses valeurs : vie privee, local et durable.

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Securite et Vie privee

Grace a notre independance economique, technologique et le cadre juridique suisse, kSuite est hors de portee des legislations extra-territoriales comme le Cloud Act americain.

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An uncompromising approach to ecology

200% de compensation CO2, 100% d'energie renouvelable, datacenters sans climatisation, serveurs mis a jour jusqu'a 15 ans apres leur mise en service, constructions solaires, nous polluons mais nous agissons.

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Close to our customers and their satisfaction

A question or a doubt? Consult our resources or allow our support operatives to take over in total peace of mind.

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By email

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By chat

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By telephone

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Do you have any questions or doubts?

We’ve compiled the questions we’re often asked – see below.

  • Yes. kChat avoids spam and the phishing which are responsible for most security problems and data leaks experienced by companies. By using kChat to communicate:

    • you only receive messages from your employees or external users that you have approved;
    • you can create private channels to limit sensitive information to specific people;
    • you are always in full control of the access rights of users who can access kChat.

  • A channel is a communication forum dedicated to a project, a topic or a team in which the members an exchange documents, write to one another live and organise video-conferences.

    • Each organisation automatically has a General channel in which all the users are automatically invited. You can use this channel to share information relating to your entire organisation, such as company excursions or good news that provides extra motivation.
    • The public channels increase transparency. All users can view and join a public channel, thereby ensuring that everyone involved in a project, a topic or a team has access to the same information.
    • The private channels allow sensitive content to be limited to the users of your choice. Only an existing member can invite another user to join a private channel.
    • The personal messages are direct conversations between two or more people which take place outside the channels. Each user within an organisation is free to create personal messages with content that will only be visible to the people concerned.

  • Infomaniak is a company under Swiss law with ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certification which complies with the GDPR. Our main aim is to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data entrusted to us. Numerous measures are implemented to ensure your communications using kChat are protected:

    • The Infomaniak Manager allows you to check if the users in your organisation have enabled two-factor authentication.
    • Data that is pending or in transit is encrypted, as are the backups created automatically by Infomaniak.
    • The data is hosted in Switzerland in data centers developed and managed solely by Infomaniak.

  • Yes, with kChat you can invite a user from outside your organisation who will be recorded as a “guest” user. This guest will be invited to create an user account if they don’t already have one.

  • No, kChat is currently only available with kSuite.

  • Not at present. It is the opportunity to improve your internal communication policy and to optimise your collaboration.