designed and optimised for daily use

Included with your email


The privacy-friendly webmail

Infomaniak Mail is hosted in Switzerland in our environmentally-friendly data centres. You can speak freely.

The privacy-friendly webmail

Obtain a personalised email address

Increase the confidence of your customers by granting each of your employees with a professional email including your domain name, for example:

Write, sort, send

Manage your emails on your mobile phone or tablet. Our assistant handles all iOS and Android configuration.

We protect your data from threats

We place great emphasis on protecting your data. Infomaniak Mail blocks over 99.9% of spam, malware and phishing attacks before they reach your employees.

Our smart calendar is designed to save you time.


Don't forget any more events

Devote more time to action than planning. Our smart, easy-to-use calendar is designed to help you work more quickly and can be seamlessly integrated into your devices and online tools.

Plan and organize your team meetings

Check the availability of your colleagues at any time by displaying all their diaries on a single screen so that you can plan your meetings easily. Everything is synchronised on your devices at all times.

Share, view and accept

Quickly accept or decline your invitations in a simple interface designed for efficiency. Seamless integration with email ensures you never miss an event.

Import. Export.

Add your current meetings to your infomaniak calendar in only a few seconds. You can also export your events to other external calendars.

Centralize, share and sync your contacts


Centralize, share and sync your contacts

Add new employees in a matter of seconds. Your teams can work together immediately.

Centralize your contacts

All your contacts in one place, for all your teams. Modifications apply to everyone.

Optimized duplicate management

Infomaniak Contacts manages the creation of duplicates between shared users, so it only allows you to keep only one version of a contact.

Import / export in the blink of an eye

Import all your contacts from your address books into Infomaniak Contacts. Would you like to sync them elsewhere? Export your list quickly.

Interconnected products

All our products are connected to one another intuitively to provide you with a complete, high-performance workspace; discover these products without further delay

Contacts illustration



Hold video-conferences with your colleagues, friends and family free of charge and in complete security.

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Optional – from CHF 5.35 / month


Sync, collaborate and share your files. Discover live collaboration to work with several people on the same Word, Excel or PPT file.

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Transfer large files up to 50 GB for free. Get a link to share on your favorite applications or send by email.

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We live in a mobile world

All of the Infomaniak Mail products are designed to be used on as many devices as possible to meet all your needs.

Our webmail is designed to be used on a maximum of screen sizes

Choose a secure and user-friendly messaging system


Thought out for you, to suit your preferences

Adapt your products' interfaces to suit your preferences by managing the display density and by applying a light, medium or dark style!

Go from day to night

From large to compact

And from one vision to another

Go from day to night

From large to compact

And from one vision to another

Uncompromising security at the right price

Benefit from an independent webmail service designed from A to Z in Switzerland and which integrates seamlessly into your work habits.

kSuite Standard:

1st user free

CHF 1.90
per month per additional user
  • 2 secure professional email addresses per user

  • Email storage mail unlimited

  • 15 GB of file storage on kDrive per user

  • Ecosystem kSuite included

Applications included in kSuite:

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