Renewal Warranty

The assurance of never losing access to your online services.

Renewal Warranty, what’s that?

This is an absolute guarantee that you’ll never lose access to your work and services, even if you forget to renew them or your credit card is blocked. You keep access to your data and you don’t give other people the opportunity to sneak off with your domains.

Very advantageous

For a few a year, you’re guaranteed never to lose your work, your data or access to your services.

You stay in control

Has a product not renewed? Renewal Warranty takes care of everything, and you have 280* days to pay without incurring any extra costs.

Everyone can take advantage of it

Most of our services can benefit from this protection, including domain names, kDrive and Swiss Backup.

*280 days of protection with an annual subscription and 90 days with a monthly subscription.


Protect yourself against these risks

Could you accept these eventualities?

Loss of your online business

Loss of your visibility on the internet

Cannot send or receive an email

Definitive loss of your data

These scenarios are common

Renewal Warranty is recommended for any organisation that cannot afford to lose its data or online identity.

Prolonged absence of a person in charge

Payment method blocked, refused or expired

Renewal emails blocked by spam blockers

Obsolete or saturated contact email address

Demanding payment validation process


Peace of mind thanks to Renewal Warranty

This option guarantees that you’ll never lose access to your online services in the event of a problem with renewing your products.

With Renewal Warranty, Infomaniak will do its utmost to guarantee access to your services and data:

Infomaniak will renew your services for you

In the event of a renewal problem, you’ll have 280 days to settle your bills at no extra charge.

Infomaniak will contact you personally

We’ll try to reach you by phone and letter, and we’ll also send an email to the users who manage the billing.

Reminder by SMS, email and phone

We’ll get in touch with you personally to make sure you don’t inadvertently lose important data.

Available with most Infomaniak services

Most of our services can benefit from this protection, including domain names, web and mail hosting, kDrive and Swiss Backup.

Web and Mail



Backup and storage

Web hostings

Make sure that your MySQL web sites and databases are always accessible. Failure to renew may result in the permanent deletion of your hosting and its contents.


Mail Service

Make sure that your email addresses are always operational. Failure to renew may result in the permanent deletion of your addresses and their contents.


Indispensable for companies and public organisations

More than 100k organisations already protect their services with Renewal Warranty.


Philipp Infomaniak Support

Assistance accessible 7 days a week

Do you have a query about Renewal Warranty? We're here to help.

Our knowledge base has answers to most of your questions. We’re also easy to reach by phone, chat or email.

Do you have any questions or doubts?

We’ve compiled the questions we’re often asked – see below.

  • The price of Renewal Warranty depends on the product and is typically no more than 5% of the value of the service concerned. A discount may be applied in the first year, with the cost of the option adjusted accordingly in subsequent years. The definitive price and terms are specified at the time of ordering.

  • Renewal Warranty is offered automatically when you order supported products.

    To enable this option on existing products:

  • Renewal Warranty is only available for products that are in your user account and for which the billing is managed directly by Infomaniak.

  • No. If a product is renewed with Renewal Warranty, the invoice generated will be identical to the invoice you would have paid for a standard renewal.

    Please note that Renewal Warranty isn’t an automatic renewal service: you’ll have to settle the invoice in any case. The option ensures that the product doesn’t terminate automatically in the event of non-payment, i.e. you won’t lose your data or your work if you forget to pay or you’re having problems with your payment method.

  • Yes. Renewal Warranty ensures that you never lose your data, domain names or work should the automatic renewal fail (expired credit card, blocked payment method, etc.). It guarantees to keep your online services available.

  • Yes. The disabling procedure is the same as for enabling it. In the event of cancellation, the protection stops immediately and you don’t receive a pro rata refund.