High quality live streaming without limits

Broadcast your events and Web TV live, control your brand’s image and be free to monetise your content

Reach your viewers wherever they are

Broadcast your streams on social media, connected TVs, mobiles, tablets, computers or the web page of your choice. Anything is possible.

The quality adapts automatically while the experience remains fluid

Share your content without interruption, even with a limited bandwidth. The quality automatically adapts to the connection.

Monetise your broadcasts with adverts of your choice

Easily integrate advertising into the player showing your streams via VAST / VPAID / VMAP protocols.

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For all events

Web TV & Radio

Monetise and grow your audience online.

Music, Sport and Culture

Contact your fans anywhere in the world.


Share your workshops and professional events live.

Live Webcam & Tourism

Attract new visitors and enhance the value of your region.

It’s never been easier to broadcast live!

An assistant will guide you step by step through the configuration of your live streaming. Choose a source, set the quality and launch your live stream! All RTMP-compatible apps and software are supported. If necessary, our team is here to support you.

Concentrate on the essentials. We’ll take care of the technical.

Let our servers encode your streams in several different qualities to guarantee your viewers the best possible experience, even if they have a limited bandwidth. You can also use our pre-configured encoder or the software of your choice. It’s up to you!

Rewind during a live stream or webcast in 360° - anything’s possible!

The quality of your streams is adapted to your viewers’ connection.

The multi-bitrate automatically adapts the video quality depending on the viewer’s bandwidth. Your live broadcast is fluid and instantaneously visible to the whole world!

Control your brand’s image

Choose who can see your streams and feel free to personalise your players with your logo colours.

Follow your audience in real time

Analyse the current or past behaviour of your audience at any time to improve the reach of your streams.

Transcoding in the cloud

Ensure your viewers get the best quality, regardless of their connection speed.

From CHF 52.75 / month

Automatic archiving

Back up and share your streams via the VOD or FTP of your choice.

From CHF 26.90 / month

Streaming on Facebook

Expand your reach by broadcasting your streams on Facebook at the same time.

From CHF 20.45 / month

Protection by watermark

Embed your logo in your streams to protect the rights of your broadcasts.

From CHF 31.25 / month

Control access to your streams

Decide who can see your streams thanks to geolocation and/or token protection

Included in your service

REST API for developers

Use our video streaming platform directly from your apps.

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Many customers trust us

More than 350 radio and television stations in Europe broadcast their content with our streaming solutions and video and audio storage services.

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