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Available this autumn

Collaborate within your company in an ethical cloud

Simplify your productivity app management with a unified solution and local support for your company.

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Included in the kSuite

Communicate and plan
Collaborate and share

All the applications you need to collaborate online

Email Service

A secure, independent and privacy-friendly messaging service.

All the space you need to store your documents. Collaborate online, share and manage access to your.

Do away with Teams and Slack to chat live with your colleagues with Infomaniak's future instant messaging solution.

A free, unlimited and privacy-friendly video-conference solution.

The OnlyOffice Suite is compatible with Microsoft Office and allows you to view your documents from your email and collaborate in real time with kDrive.

Your online productivity tools with your corporate identity.

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Simple and efficient management of your teams

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User administration

Manage all users in your organisation, define their role and their right as well as access to the products and apps. Keep permanent control over the management of your organisation.

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Management of teams

Facilitate your management by creating work teams. Grant access to team-specific applications and products to optimise work within your organisation.

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Available soon

Management of shared calendars and address books

Retain ownership of calendars and address books shared within your organisation and define specific access rights for users or work teams.

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Simplified and advanced management of email addresses

Configure the general parameters for email addresses, specify rights, configure security (spam, approved and rejected senders, etc.) and create a professional signature for users in your organisation.




A solution independent to the web giants

Here, you have the guarantee that your data are stored and processed by software developed in Switzerland in strict compliance with the GDPR and the LPD. Infomaniak is an independent company subject to Swiss law and committed to climate protection.

Discover our commitments

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Join our ethical cloud


A secure location for the data of your organisation and in which to collaborate

Store your company data in an ethical cloud and collaborate wherever you are on Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents.

Service Mail

The secure messaging service for companies

Communicate in complete security and provide your employees with an attractive and intuitive work space to manage their emails, contact and appointments.


The unlimited video-conferencing solution encrypted end to end

Video-conferences are a key aspect of today’s world of work. kMeet offers a solution connected to your diary and secure from end to end.


The secure collaborative communication platform

Coordinate your work, accelerate your decisions and group your communication flows together in a single, secure location.

Available soon

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They trust us

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Do you have any questions or doubts?

We’ve compiled the questions we’re often asked – see below.

  • kSuite is a suite of online productivity and collaboration tools developed in Switzerland. It integrates all the tools you need to collaborate and communicate effectively online:

    • kDrive: a collaborative storage service enabling you to work on documents, spreadsheets and presentations online.
    • kMail: a secure email service that consolidates all your emails, contacts and appointments in the same place.
    • kMeet: a privacy-friendly video-conferencing solution enabling your to work remotely as if you were in the office.
    • kChat: a collaborative communication platform to coordinate your work and consolidate your communication flows.

  • kSuite is more economical, simplifies user management in companies and consolidates your products with a single invoice and a single payment date. It also incorporates advanced user management and kChat, which cannot currently be ordered separately.

  • It will soon be possible to upgrade kDrive or an email address with a custom domain name to kSuite. The only way to benefit from kSuite will be to subscribe to a new offer.

  • Follow us on Twitter or join this kSuite newsletter to be among the first to know about the kSuite launch!

  • By using kSuite, your data are hosted and processed exclusively in Switzerland by software developed in Switzerland by Infomaniak or open source. Our confidentiality and data protection policy is transparent:

    • we never share your personal data with third parties without a reason, directly linked to the execution or the quality of your services
    • we respect, protect and process your personal information as if it was our own
    • the data you entrust to us are not transferred outside our own infrastructures.

  • kSuite is developed by Infomaniak, a major European cloud service provide and the leading creator of productivity tools in Switzerland. Infomaniak is a Swiss company that has end-to-end control over its value chain and which belongs entirely to its employees. This independence enables it to guarantee the security, la confidentiality and sovereignty of the data of over one million users in 208 countries. Located in Geneva and Winterthur at the very heart of Europe, Infomaniak provides cloud computing services and the productivity solutions that companies need to communicate, collaborate and boost their online activity sustainably.

    Our commitments:

  • The Docs, Grids and Points applications built into kDrive already allow you to collaborate online on documents created with Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPointSo you can continue to use Microsoft Office to work offline or download OnlyOffice for free if you want to save money.

  • A wizard will allow you to automatically migrate your data from Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive and the major online storage services. It will also be possible to automatically retrieve old messages from an email address managed by Google, Microsoft and all providers that support the IMAP protocol. Old conversations from Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Chat will not be automatically retrieved.

  • If you are a company registered with the commercial register, you can already become a partner and benefit from advantageous conditions for reselling kSuite and Infomaniak services. Discover the Infomaniak partner program

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