The professional PaaS solution to create,
test and deploy your web applications in the cloud

Whether you are a developer, an organisation or a software as a service vendor (SaaS), Jelastic Cloud allows you to create bespoke development environments in just a few clicks with fully scalable resources.


Define your needs

Estimate the resources you need through your trial period.

Customer's Role

Create your environment

Set the environment of your choice in seconds.


Deploy your applications

Transfer and immediately operate your applications in the Cloud.

Easily install your favourite clustered application

Deploy in one click more than 60 optimised and preconfigured applications: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, ownCloud, PrestaShop, etc. Jelastic Cloud also allows you to search and deploy any Docker image in seconds. If needed, you can easily install cluster applications or even clone them to create test environments. Everything is possible.

Flexible and personalised pricing

Pay only for the resources you really need with the guarantee that your sites and applications are available and efficient.

A powerful and easy-to-use interface

Whether you want to install an application, add load balancers, servers, or even memory or additional processors, everything is done in a few clicks.

Resize your resources transparently

Modify the resources dedicated to your Web applications at any time with no interruption. You can even automatically resize any application under the conditions of your choice, both vertically and horizontally.

Pay only for what you actually consume

Do you really use all your resources 365 days a year? Thanks to Jelastic Cloud, you only pay for the resources you really need with the guarantee that your sites and web applications are always available and efficient.

Manage your architecture as easily as a managed server

Forget the administration of your system and focus on the essentials. Whatever the infrastructure (redundancy, IP, SSL, load balancing, etc.) and technologies (PHP, Node.js, Java, Docker, Ruby, etc.) that you need, Jelastic Cloud allows you to create, modify and clone the environment of your choice in seconds.


Administer your environments with SSH, API or our intuitive interface

Connect securely to your containers in SSH or use our intuitive interface to easily manage your cloud environments. The API allows you to automate tasks of your choice such as creating environments, deploying applications or any other action you can perform through the graphical interface.


Everything is possible: dedicated IP, load balancing, SSL, redundancy, etc.

Create, edit, sync and replicate the application or server of your choice in a few clicks without any interruption. It has never been so easy and fast to create test and development environments with the guarantee of ensuring the high availability of its applications, whatever the power required.

Monitor the performance of your applications in real time

Easily monitor the loading of your applications, traffic and consumption in terms of RAM and CPU. In the event of overrun, you can be notified and automatically resize your resources in order to save money or ensure the performance and availability of your online services.


Make the most of the power of an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) with multi-data centres

Infomaniak brings you Jelastic Cloud, provided on a dedicated multi-data-centre infrastructure. Just a few clicks is all it takes for you to create high availability, multi-data-centre development, pre-production and production environments, safe in the knowledge that your applications will always be available. Your data is hosted solely in Switzerland in our environmentally-friendly data centres.

Free trial

Without commitment


Estimate the resources you need during the trial period and then use our simulator to determine the hourly or monthly rate of your Paas. You will be able to adjust your configuration at any time without any interruption or additional charge if needed.

Number of servers
RAM per server
CPU per server
SSD storage
Need an IP address
CHF 0 /month (excl. taxes)
0 CHF /hour (excl. taxes)

What is invoicing based on?

The Cloudlet is the unit of measure that determines the amount invoiced. A Cloudlet is 128 MB of RAM and 400 MHz of CPU.

Are unused Cloudlets invoiced?

Reserved resources are always invoiced, but those for resizing are only invoiced when used.

How to obtain discounts?

The more resources you have, the more significant reductions you will get. You can obtain up to 65% reduction.

Frequently asked questions about Jelastic Cloud

A platform as a service (PaaS) is a complete development and deployment environment in the Cloud. This solution provides the necessary resources to provide any service, from the simple Cloud application to sophisticated business applications. You access the platform via a secure portal and pay for the resources as used.
A container or a node is an isolated virtual instance to which resources (CPU, RAM, disk space) are allocated to manage software (Web applications, databases, load balancers, etc.).
The Cloudlet is the measurement unit that determines the invoice amount. A Cloudlet corresponds to 128 MB of RAM and 400 MHz of CPU.

When creating a container, you have the choice to allocate Cloudlets to constantly consumed resources and dynamic Cloudlets for peak consumption, which will only be invoiced when used.

Reserved Cloudlets may seem more advantageous than dynamic Cloudlets, but they are invoiced regardless of their use. If you are unable to estimate the reserved resources you need, we recommend that you start with a limited number of Cloudlets and adjust your configuration thereafter according to your needs. The 14-day trial period also allows you to evaluate your needs without any commitment.
Yes, Jelastic Cloud allows you to create custom private virtual servers with CentOS or Ubuntu, thanks to preconfigured and certified packages.
Jelastic Cloud is one of the most complete and flexible PaaS solutions on the market.

Supported languages: you will be able to deploy Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python and Go applications without having to adapt your code using Docker, GIT, SVN or integrated extensions like Maven, Ant, Eclipse, NetBeans or IntelliJ IDEA.

Supported SQL and NoSQL databases: MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, Postgre, Redis, Neo4j, Cassandra, OrientDB, PerconaDB, CouchDB, Couchbase, MSSQL.

Supported application servers: Tomcat, TomEE, Jetty, GlassFish, Payara, Apache PHP, Apache Ruby, Apache Python, NGINX PHP, NGINX Ruby, NodeJS, JBoss, SmartFoxServer, SpringBoot, Railo, WildFly, Raptor, Golang.

Supported load balancers: NGINX, Apache Balancer, HAProxy, Varnish.
Applications can be deployed using a local file (zip, war, ear) or via GIT, SVN with automatic updates.

Jelastic also allows you to use other deployment tools via the following extensions: Maven, Jenkins, Ant, Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA.
The resources available during your 14-day trial period are detailed in this guide.
Jelastic Cloud is a platform as a service (PaaS), making it easy for you to create development environments on the fly. This solution provides a number of benefits in cases where your resource consumption (CPU, RAM) varies significantly at different times of the year.

The managed Cloud server enables you to manage sites and applications as easily as with shared hosting and offers the advantage of dedicated resources plus the ability to install additional specific technologies. We recommend this solution if your resource consumption (CPU, RAM) is stable and predictable.

The unmanaged Cloud server enables you to manage all aspects of your server with your choice of Linux or Windows distribution. A high level of technical expertise is required to install and make the most of your server.
Free trial

Without commitment

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