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Unleash the power of your shares with kDrive

Share without time limits. In your brand world. With your logo, colours and backgrounds. Your customers will be impressed!

Keep control of your transfers

Manage all your shares from a dedicated interface.

  • Free choice of expiry dates

  • Management of sharing links

  • Password protection


Does size matter?

The basic package lets you securely send up to 2 TB of data. With or without a time limit? It’s up to you.

What would your shares look like?

Customise SwissTransfer to your image.



Choose an image (max 500 kB)

Click or drop your file here


Choose a logo (max 500 kB)

Click or drop your file here

Reverse the trend with the drop box

Invite your partners, customers and users to send you files to your kDrive even if they don’t have an Infomaniak account.

Drive import screenshot

Much more than a secure transfer service: a sovereign collaborative cloud.

Drive import screenshot

Synchronise files between your devices, collaborate online on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and share your work wherever you are using the kDrive mobile app. It’s far more than just a secure transfer service!

kSuite domain screenshot

Go even further, use your own URL

Take full ownership of kDrive with your own domain name.

Learn more

Free for 10 days, then CHF 50/year

kDrive, for secure collaboration and sharing. In your brand universe.

As well as managing your unlimited transfers, you’ll be able to synchronise your files, collaborate online with your teams and access your work wherever you are. Still unsure? Try it for 30 days with no obligation!




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Scalable storage

Do you have any questions or doubts?

We’ve compiled the questions we’re often asked – see below.
  • Yes, you can use your own logo and colours. You’re also able to customise the background image of your kDrive sharing (one background image by kDrive).

  • kDrive lets you share files by email as a link if you have an email address managed by Infomaniak. If you don’t, you can create a sharing link that you can share in the application of your choice.

  • The data stored in kDrive is transferred via the SSL/TSL protocol and encrypted using 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) on our servers. Only persons with a link to the public files can view it. Your account’s security can also be enhanced with two-step authentication.

  • Yes, simply create an Infomaniak account and activate the 30-day trial period with the kDrive plan of your choice (Solo, Team, Pro). You’ll need to enter a means of payment when you register, but you can cancel kDrive at any time before your trial period ends.