Pre-configured with the Swisscom boxes

DynDNS is included with every domain

Access your connected devices at all times via your domain name, even with a dynamic IP address.

Get started!

Free and unlimited

Link as many devices as you want to your domain. This service is included free of charge with the domains managed at Infomaniak.

Easy to configure

Generate the information you need to configure your devices in just a few clicks.

Ultra-fast update

The IP of your devices is synchronised with your domain every 60 seconds. Everything is done automatically.

What is it used for?

Access your data!

DynDNS lets you remotely manage your devices wherever you are and whenever you want! DynDNS allows you to point your domain (or sub-domain) to your internet box and access the devices connected to it, such as a Synology or Qnap NAS, or your home automation installations (360° cameras, wifi speaker, lights, etc.).

step 1

How does DynDNS work?

  • Order or transfer your domain

    Order or transfer a domain to Infomaniak to benefit from free DynDNS (DDNS, Dynamic DNS).

  • Create a Dynamic DNS

    Add a Dynamic DNS to your domain from your Infomaniak Manager. Access will be restricted to the user you define.

  • Configure your device (NAS, etc.)

    Use the information provided by Infomaniak to configure your device connected to the Internet with a dynamic IP address.

  • Access your device via your domain name

    Access your device via the URL address of your choice, for example

Register or transfer your domain now to take advantage of DynDNS free of charge

Benefit from our competitive prices and the best security for your domains


Protect your private data

Domain Privacy protects your personal information in the WHOIS.


Accelerate access to your websites

Fast Anycast DNS can accelerate the access speed to your site by up to 34%.


Never lose your domains

Renewal Warranty is the guarantee of never losing a domain name.

Do you have any questions or doubts?

We’ve compiled the questions we’re often asked – see below.

  • Yes, this service enables good access to your NAS via your selected domain name:

  • Yes, if your device allows you to configure a DDNS client from its admin console:

  • Yes, this guide provides an example request to update a dynamic DNS via API.

  • Your device must allow configuration of a dynamic DNS (DDNS, DynDNS) from its administration interface. If in doubt, please refer to the manual for your device or contact your supplier.