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.ch . ch 7.90

.fr . fr 5.40

.be . be 6.90

. website 6.90

. info 3.90

.co . co 15.90

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Included with your domain name

Web space of 10 MB

1 email address (unlimited storage)


For every domain name which is registered with or transferred to Infomaniak, you get 10 MB of disk space free. You will then be able to publish a business-card type website and distribute contact information.

Create an email address linked to your domain name for free, sync your contacts and calendars between your devices and use WorkSpace, our collaborative suite designed by SMEs. For example: by registering the domain, you can create the address

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I created my website easily with WordPress

I created my website easily with WordPress

Because of its friendly interface, My WordPress Site allows you to create an attractive website without any knowledge of programming.

Creating my website
Having my site created by a professional

Having my site created by a professional

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