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Mixtral : LLM inference

Create wizards and boost your users' productivity

Mixtral is the most powerful open source alternative to ChatGPT and Llama. It supports 176 billion parameters and a context window of 65,000 tokens for complex tasks.

  • Text generation and synthesis

  • Text reformulation

  • Text correction

  • Text and data analysis

  • Automatic translation

  • Subject modelling and classification

Whisper: speech recognition

Transcribe audio files with speech recognition

Whisper is a powerful open source audio transcription model developed and trained by Open AI. It's the ideal solution for creating applications that will simplify your users' lives.

  • +100 languages supported

  • Supports numerous audio formats (MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, OGG, Opus ALAC, WMA)

  • Management of background noise and local accents

  • Transcription in TXT, VTT, SRT, JSON formats

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