WorkSpace, Swiss Made Webmail

WorkSpace is a professional alternative to Exchange or Zimbra. Hosted Switzerland and developed by our engineers, WorkSpace is a collaborative messaging service secure, independent, and very cost-effective.

  • Shared address books
  • Shared agendas
  • Task management
  • Centralised management of your Infomaniak addresses
  • Bookmark management and sharing
  • Sending SMS messages
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WorkSpace, Swiss Made Webmail
Messaging designed for professionals

Messaging designed for professionals

Increase your productivity and simplify the management of your communications thanks to a new message service designed for SMEs and organisations.

  • Automatic filters and rules
  • Support for aliases
  • Smart answering machine
  • Personalised signatures
  • Redirect with 1 click
  • Customizable IMAP folders
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Unlimited mail box

Archive, send and receive email presentations and videos without limitation. By default, our mail boxes are unlimited.

  • Unlimited attachment size
  • Unlimited storage space
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Unlimited mail box
Professional Newsletter tool

Professional Newsletter tool

Send free email campaigns with a complete and intuitive newsletter tool (requires a domain name managed at Infomaniak).

  • Create newsletters which are optimised for smart phones and tablets
  • Optimise your communication thanks to detailed statistics
  • Import and manage your contact list easily
  • Get free credits every month
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Integrated Antivirus and Antispam

Manage your e-mails safely. We use the best antivirus and antispam filters on the market, and security has been at the heart of our know-how for more than 20 years.

  • 99.9% of spam is automatically filtered
  • Viruses automatically neutralised
Integrated Antivirus and Antispam
Quick and easy migration

Quick and easy migration

Automatically migrate the contents of your current email addresses to the Infomaniak mailbox of your choice.

  • Automatic copy of emails and folders
  • Mail box migration in batches
  • Compatible with all suppliers
1,000,000 emails under management

1,000,000 emails under management

Safety, reliability and respect of your private life. Our experience of over 20 years in the management of email addresses is at your service.

Data security

Data security

We apply very strict rules to foil attacks on your mail boxes, and our antispam and antivirus filters are constantly being updated.

Permanent backups

Permanent backup

Mail boxes are saved daily on multiple servers in order to prevent any loss of data. The protection of your data is not an option, it's a standard.

Reliability of 99,99%

99.99% uptime

Essential services of our datacenters have a backup system ready to automatically take the relay in case of failure or malfunction.

High redundancy

Personalized domain name

Create email addresses related to the domain name of your choice (not included), whether or not it is managed at Infomaniak.

Hosted in Switzerland

Hosted in Switzerland

Infomaniak completely controls the management of its data centers. Since 1994, we have been developping our own hosting and Webmail solutions.

Configuring and ordering


Emails only

E-mail addresses
1.5 € /month

Prices in EUR

Technical sheet

Disk Space

The disk space allocated for messages and attachments is unlimited.

Bulk Mailing Tools

Manage your newsletters and bulk mailings very simply. Our tools let you to send messages easily without allowing the sending of spam.

Syncing Contacts & Calendars
Synced address books and calendars

ActiveSync and CardDAV/CalDAV technology let you sync your contacts and events with your various devices, smartphones, PCs, etc.

Protect yourself from scammers

Our antispam system processes your mails before they reach your inbox. Filtering (with greylist function) removes 99.9% of spam emails and protects you against viruses contained in messages.

Multiple Redirects
Check messages to multiple

Email forwarding allows you to "forward" a message to one or more email addresses(s) specified by you.

Multiply your identities

An alias lets you set a different email address from the original, but with the same behavior.

Programmable in advance

Schedule an automatic response in the event of absence; specify the start/end dates, and the recipients to whom the message of absence should not be sent.


Send, retrieve, and manage your messages using any email application or using WorkSpace.

Filters and Blacklist
Automatically sort your new messages

When you receive new messages from a sender that you have blacklisted, they will be treated as spam. Many other sorting criteria can be set to automatically filter your incoming messages.

Sending SMS messages and sharing Internet favorites
International & domestic shipments low cost

One single interface for sending SMS messages to your contacts from any browser.

Data Sharing
Colleagues, family members, etc.

The events on your calendars, and contacts from your address books, can be shared among multiple WorkSpace users, by selecting the permission level of each user.

Manage your messages entirely online

From any computer, log on and process your mail as you would with an email client. Access your folders, send emails, etc.

Set SMS Alerts
SMS alarms for important emails

This service allows you to set an SMS to be sent based on specific criteria, such as when you receive important emails.