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Wholly developed and hosted in Switzerland, your free email address is advertising-free and privacy-friendly.

20 GB of email storage included

Soon available in your country

The free email is currently only available from Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, Portugal and Monaco. Join the waiting list to be informed of when the service is available in your country!

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Because advertising has nothing to do with your email.

15 GB for your documents and photos

With free access to kDrive

Privacy respected

We don’t finance our products by selling data.

No more back-and-forth between your emails and calendar

The new Mail+Calendar integration goes even further. Accept or decline a meeting based on your availability, without leaving your emails.

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Your documents are always within reach via your emails with kDrive

With your new mail service, attachments are saved in kDrive and there’s no size limit for files sent by email.

15 GB included

Intelligent management of duplicates with Contacts

Find what’s important to you in a flash via a simple and streamlined interface.

One email address, your domain name

Go even further by taking advantage of all the free Infomaniak tools

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Don’t miss another smile, even when you’re on the move


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Transfer files of up to 50 GB 100% free of charge


Infomaniak is a local company that’s strongly committed to a sustainable economy and listening to its customers

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Let's reduce environmental impact together.

We offset 200% of our CO2 emissions and have designed some of the most environmentally friendly data centres in the world.

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We respect your personal data.

Sleep soundly at night; Infomaniak is 100% owned by its founders and employees and all our solutions are hosted exclusively in Switzerland.

Your free email address for life

The all-in-one email experience from Infomaniak, developed and hosted in Switzerland.

Do you need emails with your domain name?Discover Infomaniak Suite

It’s free, but you aren’t the product

Our business model is based solely on the sale of our paid-for solutions. Under no circumstances do we sell your data to third parties*.

*The data is collected for identification and security purposes.

Do you have any questions or doubts?

We’ve compiled the questions we’re often asked – see below.

  • Storage is limited to 20 GB for emails and 15 GB for kDrive. You can still take advantage of all the Infomaniak Suite, Mail, kDrive, kMeet, Calendar and Contacts tools.

  • Yes, you can synchronise your contacts and calendars both on your computer and mobile phone using our synchronisation tool, which you can access from the Mail or kDrive interfaces.

  • No, it is only possible to create one free email address per account. If you need more addresses or addresses personalised with your domain name, choose a mail package instead.

  • Yes, go to the settings of your current email address in order to perform the redirection. If necessary, please consult our FAQ on this subject.

  • Infomaniak develops and hosts its services exclusively in Switzerland. We do not finance our free services by selling your personal data and we guarantee to fully respect the privacy of our customers. To find out more, check our privacy policy.

  • When you use our services, you're actively participating in a local and environmentally friendly economy. Infomaniak doesn't finance its free services by selling your personal data either. Find out more about

    Infomaniak's commitments.

  • The free offer is available in the following countries: Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, Portugal and Monaco.

    A telephone number corresponding to the country is required.