Baniere Infomaniak

Cost-effective and modular

Whether you’re an association, a family or an SME, we have what you need



Filters and senders

The advertising filter supports automatic classification of social media messages or advertising communications into specific folders. You can also create your own filters or block email addresses or specific domains.

Daily backup

We place great emphasis on confidentiality and the protection of your company’s data. Mailboxes are backed up daily on several servers in Switzerland to avoid losing any data and are restorable within 7 days.

Data security

We apply very strict rules to thwart attacks on your email addresses, while our anti-spam and antivirus filters are constantly updated. These measures are constantly evolving and the DMARC, DKIM and SPF technologies are activated as standard for even greater security.

99.99% availability

The essential services of our Swiss data centres have an emergency system ready to take over automatically in the event of a failure or malfunction, thereby ensuring that your webmail is always available.




Transfer or copy your emails easily to one or more email addresses of your choice.

Personalized domain name

Create emails with the domain name of your choice. Each email hosting can be linked to a domain name and synonymous domains.

Customizable IMAP folders

You can select the folders you wish to display on your different tools such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

Aliases and categories

Enjoy the freedom to create variants of your email address with free aliases. You can then modify the part before the @ in your email address. For example, messages sent to the alias will reach the main address To make your messages easy to sort, you also have the option of adding categories after your name. For example, emails sent to and will all reach

Personalised signatures

Create as many models as necessary and choose whether your users should use your organisation’s model or if they can create their own signatures.

Automatic response feature

Send an automatic response to any contacts who write to you while you’re on holiday or away somewhere. Your absence message will be deactivated automatically on your return, and you even have the option to activate it for certain days of the week only


You can send up to 200 MB via IMAP and up to 3 GB via If this is insufficient, you can send up to 50 GB via

Storage space

You have unlimited storage space for all your emails.

Contacts and Calendar

Manage all your contacts and appointments in one place and synchronise them in just a few clicks on your devices. Our webmail service enables you to share address books and calendars simply and easily.

Outgoing and incoming protocols

Whatever your work environment, the POP, IMAP, CalDav and CardDav protocols ensure the compatibility of your webmail with the vast majority of professional applications.

Editorial assistant (AI)

Write, reply, reformulate and correct your emails with sovereign AI hosted exclusively in Switzerland.



Easy migration

Retrieve your emails, contacts and appointments easily from Gmail, Bluewin,, OVH... to your new infomaniak address.

A 100% Swiss webmail service

Check your emails on an online interface that’s fully optimised for mobiles and designed in Switzerland. With more than a million users, Infomaniak’s webmail lets you easily interact with our suite of online applications.

Easy configuration

Our wizard guides you step by step to synchronize your messages, contacts and appointments across all your Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android devices.