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Integrate a sovereign LLM API service into your apps to boost productivity while retaining full control of your data.

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Summarise long, complex information, keeping the essential points.

Reformulate your texts to express your ideas more clearly and impactfully.

Automatically correct all grammatical and spelling errors in your texts.

Ask the AI to explain the meaning of a long, complex text in a simplified way.

Write letters, emails, articles, guides or newsletters on a specific topic.

Automatically categorise and interpret elements according to a given model.

Translate your texts from one language to another while retaining the tone and form of the original text.

Automatically identify relevant tags based on documents and/or keywords.

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Keep full control and intellectual ownership of your data

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Artificial intelligence managed in Europe

Enjoy the benefits of artificial intelligence without sacrificing the intellectual ownership, security and confidentiality of your data: the content processed and sent to Infomaniak's AI is not captured and is managed in the heart of Europe in our environmentally-friendly infrastructures boasting ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 50001 and ISO 140001 certification.

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The best alternative to ChatGPT, Gemini, etc.

Enjoy constant access to the very best in open source artificial intelligence, while benefiting from the improvements we're making.

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An independent company

Committed to privacy, the local economy and ecology, Infomaniak is a Swiss cloud provider that is owned by a growing proportion of its employees and depends solely on its customers.

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No compromises on ecology

Infomaniak's AI is powered exclusively by renewable energy. Our data centers have been operating without air-conditioning since 2013, and since 2023, our new infrastructures have fully recovered the energy consumed in order to heat households. Our CO2 emissions are offset 200% and we build our own solar power plants using high-output modules manufactured in Europe.

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For developers

Integrate our AI easily

Whatever your field of application, our API documentation will enable you to integrate our AI quickly and put it to work for your customers and users.

Generate, correct and simplify your code

Infomaniak's AI will help you generate, correct and simplify code to speed up your developments.

Suitable for sensitive areas of activity


Legal sector


Medical sector and patient data


Security-related activities


Public organisations and NGOs

Applications powered by our AI


An assistant for answering, correcting and writing emails

Infomaniak's AI powers Infomaniak's Webmail editorial assistant, used daily by two million users.


A personal assistant to help companies

Infomaniak's AI powers the kChat conversational assistant that helps thousands of businesses with their daily tasks.

Attractive, transparent pricing

Pay only for what you use


1M tokens offered

Incoming token:



/10K tokens

Outgoing token:



/10K tokens

Do you have any questions or doubts?

We’ve compiled the questions we’re often asked – see below.

  • We are in the process of deploying a large number of GPUs in our data centers, so that it will eventually be possible to train AI with your data.

  • Yes, the AI can be integrated into your applications, which you can freely monetise.

  • The possibility of generating or interpreting images with Infomaniak's LLM API service is currently being analysed. We will provide you with this function when it's fully operational. It will also ensure you retain full control over your data.

  • Infomaniak’s LLM API service currently works with text and does not support the transcription of audio files into text.

  • Infomaniak LLM API can interpret 32000 tokens per prompt, the equivalent of around 24000 words.

  • Tokens are units that divide up the text before the API analyses it, either as characters or as a set of words. In general, a token corresponds to 4 characters in English or 3/4 of a word, depending on the language.

  • Incoming tokens are requests made to the AI, and outgoing tokens are responses generated by the AI.

  • No, the AI relies on a repository that dates back to 2023 and incorporates a gigantic dataset that contains everything from Wikipedia to Stack Overflow.

  • The AI currently available is based on the Mixtral open-source model. It is not trained by Infomaniak. We provide you with the computing power of our eco-responsible data centers, which are based exclusively in Switzerland. As with other AIs, this model may provide inaccurate information.

  • You can use the AI immediately and track your consumption in real time. You will be billed at the end of the month according to the number of tokens consumed. When you finalise the creation your account, we'll ask you to confirm your identity with a valid payment card in order to combat fraud and malicious use.