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The ethical collaborative solution

Increase your productivity with a 100% Swiss solution that brings together all the apps for teamwork.

*Guaranteed satisfied or refunded for 30 days

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Everything you need is in kSuite

Applications included:

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Mail Service

Manage your emails, contacts and calendars in Switzerland.

Store, share and synchronize your data in a privacy-friendly cloud.

Talk directly to your teams and organise all your projects within a unified communication platform.

Organise your online meetings and work remotely in complete security.

Share your work and collaborate online in real time on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Customise all the kSuite apps with your domain name and your brand universe (logo, colours, etc.).

And much more
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With Calendar, Contacts, kPaste, SwissTransfer, Chk and other applications, kSuite includes everything you need to help your projects succeed.

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Boost your productivity with sovereign, scalable AI

kSuite integrates AI, hosted exclusively in Switzerland, to help you manage your emails, work collaboratively and find new ideas.

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Work remotely as if you were in the office

Docs, Grids and Points allow real-time online interaction on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. No internet connection? Download the open source office suite. It’s free and 100% compatible with Microsoft Office.

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