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Small streams make big rivers...

Infomaniak actively shares its environmental charter and its best practices in the field. The company encourages its partners, companies, SMEs and towns to adopt similar behavior, by demonstrating the internal and external benefits of such an approach.

How do I do it?

Get involved!

Post an ecological charter on your website detailing each point that you agree to comply with on a daily basis.

Publish an ecological charter on your website
Learn more

Learn from the various charters established by companies participating in this project.


Don't make your charter exclusive, instead invite as many organizations as possible to appropriate it.


Document or comment on the innovative points of your charter.


Letting the press and the public know the many benefits of implementing an environmental charter.


  • Recognition on the part of your employees and cohesion in your teams
  • A collective commitment revolving around a strong project based on the long term
  • An improvement of your company's image and reputation
  • An insignificant cost compared with the gain, internally or externally
  • A responsible approach to your competitors

Your environmental charter in 4 steps

A charter A commitment An identity Improvements
A charter

Be ambitious and offer your charter for your entire business in a variety of forms.

A commitment

Demonstrate your commitment and enjoy the benefits of this approach.

An identity

Use this logo in your communications and in your own charter.

Download the logo

Improve your charter and your behaviors.