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The Whois service enables you to obtain the public information available for a domain name and to check its availability.


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Attractive and stable prices over time

Apart from the promotions applicable to the first year, our regular prices are among the most favourable on the market.

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A Swiss and ICANN-accredited partner

Infomaniak is an independent company based in Geneva and Winterthur that’s accredited by the main registries such as Afnic, Switch and Verisign.

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An intuitive and comprehensive management console

Our console’s easy to use and lets you control every aspect of your domains (DNS, redirects, etc.).

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An ethical company that’s committed to the environment

We offset all of our CO2 emissions at a rate of 200% and we use exclusively renewable energy.

Do you have any questions or doubts?

We’ve compiled the questions we’re often asked – see below.

  • A domain that is already registered cannot be registered by someone else. The only means of recovering a domain that is already reserved is to purchase it from its current owner (by means of a direct sale at an open price) or to wait until the domain expires and is once again available for purchase (without any guarantee that this will ever happen).

  • Most registrars provide anonymisation services designed to limit the information available to the public and to protect the confidentiality of domain owners’ data. Furthermore, the GDPR has significantly reduced the quantity of information displayed in the Whois in order to enhance the privacy of European citizens.

    To contact a domain owner, it is therefore necessary to contact the company that manages the domain (the registrar) using the information found in the Whois.

  • If the domain you are looking for cannot be found in the Whois, it is currently available and you can register it.

  • Some registries do not provide a Whois service (this is the case of .es, for example). For more information, we invite your to consult the documentation for the registry of the extension concerned directly.