How do I transfer a domain name to Infomaniak?

Transferring a domain allows you to save money and get new benefits, such as a free email address or quality support.

Starting transfer

1 - Request your domain transfer code from your current registrar.

Transfer code

2 - Start the transfer to Infomaniak and enter your domain transfer code.

Domain transfer

3 - Once your domain has been transferred, take advantage of your new benefits.

Before transferring, ensure that:

  • The domain is active and it expires in over 60 days
  • The domain was created at least 60 days ago
  • The owner's and administrator and technical contacts' email addresses are valid and visible in Whois (the validation request will be sent to this address)
  • The domain to be transferred can be unlocked with your current registrar (necessary in order to get a transfer code or Auth-Code)
Complete guide for a transfer with no interruption


Infomaniak offers the lowest prices on the market for common extensions like .CH, .COM, .FR and .BE. Each domain is accompanied by a free email address (unlimited storage) and 10 Mb of web space, which is perfect for creating your personal page.
By transferring your domains to Infomaniak, you can protect your personal data in Whois in one click thanks to Domain Privacy, and you can also enable Renewal Warranty to have the assurance of never losing a single domain.
Infomaniak is well known for the quality of its 7 days-a-week support and offers all the tools needed to freely manage your domains: DNS management, DNS diagnostics, redirects, etc.
From the moment you have a transfer code from your current registrar, you can start the transfer to Infomaniak. To get the transfer code (also called Auth-Code), please contact your current registrar.
While the domain is being transferred to Infomaniak, make sure that you keep the current DNS and do not automatically link your domain to another hosting. Your emails and websites will thus continue to work without interruption. Learn more
Transferring a .CH is free and immediate. For other extensions, the transfer cost is generally the normal domain price and postpones the current expiry date of the domain by one year.
Yes. Your domain will automatically be linked to your Web and Mail hostings and you can manage all your products from the same client account. In short, everything will be easier to manage and if you have any questions, our support team can provide effective help with all your products. There is no technical or administrative reason today to separate the management of your domains and your hostings.
Professional email address included

Professional email address included

  • Your email address of the type
  • Hosted in Switzerland in an environmentally-friendly datacenter
  • Unlimited storage space
Free personal web page

Free personal web page

  • Your online presence (See an example)
  • Intuitive design assistant
  • 10 Mb of FTP space

Infomaniak offers unique solutions to secure your domains

Domain Privacy

Domain Privacy

Domain Privacy anonymises your identity in Whois and blocks spam.
Learn more

Renewal Warranty

Renewal Warranty

Renewal Warranty is the absolute guarantee of never losing an important domain.
Learn more



DNSSEC secures and protects your domains against hackers and diversions.
Learn more



DynDNS lets you access your connected devices remotely via your domain name
Learn more

Why transfer your domains to Infomaniak?

  • Accredited Swiss registrar

  • Support 7 days a week by email, chat and telephone

  • Swiss quality with the best prices on the market

  • Automatically renewing your domains (to come)

  • Easy-to-use management console

  • Easy transfer of domains to Infomaniak

  • Climate-neutral hosting service provider

  • Over 450 domain extensions available

The best choose Infomaniak

Need help choosing your domain?

Do you have to choose a .COM .FR .CH .NET etc. domain? What is a good domain name? Is it possible to generate domain ideas with a suggestion tool? Check out all our advice and our domain name generator.

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By transferring your domains to Infomaniak, you can easily use our hostings and send newsletters free of charge.

Infomaniak is a Swiss domain registrar accredited by ICANN, Afnic, VeriSign, SWITCH and many others.