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With each hosting account, you can create one (or more) email address that will end in the domain name you have with us.

Actions to be carried out

Log in to your administration panel
Go to Email -> Email management
Click on Create an email address
Fill in the appropriate fields and submit
The address works immediately if everything is in order at the level of the domain name

Illustrated steps

Creating an email address

Deleting email addresses

More information

To login to this email address, either use the webmail, or an emailing client software.

Using the import list button on the same page (bottom right) enables you to create a large number of addresses in one go. You will just need to prepare a list of accounts in accordance with a defined format.

To create an email address on a different domain to the main one, please read this FAQ (click here).

You cannot delete the postmaster and webmaster addresses, but you can choose the passwords you wish to apply to them. The postmaster account is required by the regulation (RFC) to be present on each emailing domain and the webmaster account is the account which, by default, possesses all the rights within the Infomaniak administration panel.

Warning: It's important not to delete an email account possessing an ongoing SMS credit.

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