Protect yourself against viruses, ransomware and cyberthreats with Swiss Backup!

Back up your data easily with Acronis

Swiss Backup incorporates Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, the most powerful solution on the market for centralising management of your backups and your cybersecurity.

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Sleep easy, even if the unthinkable happens

Backups of x3 in x2 data centers

Swiss Backup constantly copies your data onto at least 3 supports across 2 data centers.

Easy recovery

A problem? Recover your backups via another device or recover only the files of your choice.

Backup encryption

Swiss Backup already encrypts the data on the servers and Acronis enables you to encrypt your backups using your own key.

Automatic and remote installation

Thanks to detection based on the network and on Active Directory, Acronis can be deployed in companies very quickly.

Secure remote access control

Acronis incorporates a remote office function for telework or to provide technical assistance.


Virus protection and anti-malware included

Swiss Backup incorporates Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, a backup and cyberprotection solution to protect your data, apps and systems against all threats.

  • Evaluations of vulnerabilities

  • Threat surveillance and smart alerts

  • Protection against viruses, malware, ransomware and much more


A single platform to manage everything in the blink of an eye


Customized reports

Monitor the cybersecurity of your devices in real time. You have the situation in hand.

A unique interface to control everything

Check the security status of your devices and backup schedule at any time.

On request

Use Acronis to manage the security of all your IT equipment

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud can also protect Microsoft 365, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server, Oracle Database, Active Directory and Google Workspace.

You can manage your users and the licences used independently.

Protecting your data. Our profession.

Backups of x3 in Switzerland in x2 data centers

Swiss Backup constantly copies your data onto at least 3 supports across 2 data centers. You can sleep easy.

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Your data concerns you and you alone

Infomaniak is subject to the GDPR and the LPD. The company is based in Switzerland, in Geneva and Winterthur. It is not listed on the stock market and is owned by its founders and employees.

Up to 1000 TB of backup

Swiss Backup offers you complete flexibility. One thing is certain: you will never feel restricted.

Your data security can’t wait!

Free trial for 90 days • Cancellation at any time

Free trial

Do you have any questions or doubts?

We’ve compiled the questions we’re often asked – see below.

  • Yes, absolutely. If you take a machine with the Acronis backup function, the licence of this software, exclusive for Swiss Backup, will be included in the price.

  • By using the Acronis reference software provided along with Swiss Backup, recovering data or an entire system is child’s play. Even when recovering an entire workstation, there is no need to follow a whole series of complicated procedures to create a flash drive or boot disc. Almost everything is done automatically.

    Restore a Mac

    Restore a Windows machine

  • Acronis makes it possible to define the frequency of your backups and the amount of time that the data will be stored. These elements are defined in the backup plan on the Acronis dashboard (6 months as standard)

  • Acronis lets you back up your entire machine with Swiss Backup, or specific folders and a network location, and of course restore a selection of folders

  • Using Acronis with Swiss Backup is compatible with computers (Windows/Mac OS), mobile phones (Android/iOS), virtual machines, and Linux and Windows servers

  • Yes, log in to your Acronis dashboard to view backups of other machines and manage backup plans.

  • Swiss Backup has data encryption, but you can enable the encryption option on Acronis to give your data additional protection.

  • Swiss Backup contains an option which allows you to receive all warnings and notifications concerning your backups. Simply activate this option so that you are always aware of the status of your backups.

  • kDrive is an online platform which enables you to retain a copy of your files and share them with employees, but which does not backup the information on your system. Swiss Backup is more like an online safe in which your entire machine, your files, folders and even your OS configuration is stored, enabling you to recover an identical copy of your machine.