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Estimate your needs with a trial period or use our calculator to discover the best plan for your activities. You can change your offer at any time if need be.
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    5 viewers
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    5 GB of archive storage
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    1 To per month
Start broadcasting your videos live
CHF 48.35 /month
Annual invoicing or CHF 52.75 for 1 month
video stream
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    Unlimited viewer
  • cross
    20 GB of archive storage
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    1 To per month
For professionals who broadcast frequently
CHF 245.85 /month
Annual invoicing or CHF 268.20 for 1 month
video stream
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    Unlimited viewer
  • cross
    30 GB of archive storage
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    5 To per month
For businesses which broadcast regularly
CHF 492.65 /month
Annual invoicing or CHF 537.40 for 1 month
video stream
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    Unlimited viewer
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    50 GB of archive storage
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    10 To per month
Bespoke plan tailored to your needs
Do you have special needs? Let's discuss your activities and expectations together.
Included in all plans
Compatible with all media - Streaming over all social media - Ad-free, customizable HTML5 player - Post-event and live statistics - Secure sharing - Scheduling tool - Monetization - 7/7 support
Discover the best offer tailored to your needs

Use the following calculator to estimate the bandwidth you require for your direct broadcasts. If you have special needs, please contact us.

Monthly viewers
Average quality
Daily broadcast time

Estimated monthly bandwith required: To

Recommended offer:

video stream
0 /month

What is invoicing based on?

The rate for streaming depends on the number of persons who follow your broadcasts every month, the quality of your streams and the bandwidth you use. You will automatically obtain a reduction by paying your invoice once for the entire year.

What happens in case of overrun?

You will be informed by email when you approach the limit of your plan to enable you to upgrade your offer. If you take no action, the extra bandwidth will be invoiced at the rate of CHF 0.- per additional GB.

I am not sure of my needs. What should I do?

We advise you to opt for the least expensive plan. You can upgrade your plan at any time if your needs change.

Benefit from Infomaniak's know-how and high-end infrastructure

7/7 support in five languages
Bandwidth over 20 Gbit/s
Load-balancing broadcasting servers
24/7 broadcasting service monitoring
Continuous product and infrastructure upgrades
Professional protection against malicious attacks