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Sales and printing equipment on site

Rent the equipment you need to sell your tickets at the best rental price. Scanner for checking tickets, tablet, thermal and card printer... Everything is preconfigured and ready to use. You can collect the equipment from Geneva/Winterthur or have it delivered to your address, whatever is more convenient for you.

On-site ticket counter

To create a ticket counter, you just need an Android tablet of 10.5 or higher, a printer and our Android app. It's easy and compact.

Need to print a receipt, season tickets, tickets, vouchers, badges or e-mail tickets? You can do it all. You can even issue pre-printed wristbands or countermarks.

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Rent equipment at the best price

Scanner for checking tickets

Day or night: our checking devices are equipped with a high-precision laser reader and synchronised in real time.

Tablet and printers

Easily set up counters at your events to print, manage and sell tickets and season tickets on site.

WiFi or 4G router

Rent the equipment you need to connect your ticketing system to the Internet. Our equipment is preconfigured and ready to use.

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Thermal card and ticket printers

Create professional-looking season tickets, badges, passes and tickets in advance or on site. Whatever your needs, you can rent the right equipment from us at the best price.

Equipment rental tariffs

Do you need advice or information? Please do not hesitate to contact contact us.

Sales packsPrice per day
Tablet pack + thermal printer + WiFi routerCHF 60.00
Tablet pack + badge printer + WiFi routerCHF 60.00
WiFi routerCHF 20.00
3G or 4G routerCHF 30.00
Scanner for checking tickets
iPod with LineaPro ScannerCHF 30.00
iPod with LineaPro scanner with covid scanCHF 35.00
500 show-style ticketsCHF 50.00
1,000 cinema-style ticketsCHF 100.00
250 PVC cardsCHF 25.00
IDP colour ribbon 250 printsCHF 60.00
IDP black ribbon 1,200 printsCHF 20.00
To order or rent equipment, please create your ticketing system first. It's free and there's no obligation.

Take your time, try it for free

Without commitmentYou only pay if you make a sale Immediate accessNo cancellation fees