Organise your concerts and festive events with a tried-and-tested ticketing system

Whether you want to organise a private concert or renowned international festival, we're here to help you sell your tickets.

Take advantage of ultra competitive tariffs

Grow your revenues with our attractive tariffs: CHF 0.89 + 0% per ticket sold. You'd be hard-pushed to find a cheaper offer.

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Sell your tickets online and on site

All ticket types are supported: mobile tickets, Print@Home, counterfoil tickets (cinema or show format), etc.

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Completely customise your ticketing system

Tickets, seating plan, order forms, e-mails etc. You are free to change all the aspects of your ticketing process.

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Don't limit your opportunities

Numbered seats, season tickets, cashless payments etc. Our ticketing system has all the features you could ever need.

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Check admission to your concert

Use our free mobile app or preconfigured rental equipment to welcome your audience.

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Keep in touch with your audience

Feel free to use your contacts database to send messages to your customers using the Newsletter tool included in the ticketing service.

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For all events

Festive events

Concerts, festivals, shows, parties etc.

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Cultural events

Theatres, museums, shows, exhibitions, galleries etc.

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Sporting events

Tournaments, matches, races, cup events, championships etc.

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Official and professional events

Conventions, conferences, grand openings, award ceremonies, lotteries etc.

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