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My kSuite: your tools, your domain, your brand.

Control your brand image vis-a-vis your customers, partners and employees.

100 days of free trial then 

CHF 53.85 / year

Videoconferencing, file sharing and more. Do it with your domain name!


Get the Infomaniak Suite tools in just a few clicks. Videoconferences, file sharing, creating a new employee account, you control your image from start to finish.

compatible solutions

All Infomaniak Suite tools are compatible

SSL certificate included

Dedicated management interface

Go further: customise your logo, colours and brand universe.


Your logo, your identity

Make a good impression. Your customers and partners can now connect with you in videoconferences customised in line with your image.

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Your style, your identity

Your employees also stay within your ecosystem.

Share more than just files, make your brand image stand out.

Customise the background when sharing documents. Another great opportunity to make a good impression.

He uses My kSuite

Mosh CEO

My kSuite allows us to stay in the corporate world with our customers and partners. Our shares and links always reflect our brand identity with our logo and domain name.

F. Morand (CEO ), Mosh

My kSuite is compatible with all Infomaniak Suite tools

Try it for free for 100 days

100 days of free trial then 
CHF 53.85 / year

Do you have any questions or doubts?

We’ve compiled the questions we’re often asked – see below.

  • All Infomaniak customers can take advantage of My kSuite. The domain you'd like to personalize your tools with must be managed entirely by Infomaniak.

    It’s easy to transfer your domain to Infomaniak if you need to.

  • My kSuite lets you personalise kDrive, kMeet, Mail, Contacts, Calendar, SMS and the Manager (including the login page). Other tools will be supported over time.

  • For now, My kSuite only works with domains managed entirely by Infomaniak. This restriction allows us to automatically configure your tools with your domain.

    It’s easy to transfer your domain to Infomaniak if you need to.

  • The tools supported by My kSuite will be personalised with your logo and colour scheme, including most e-mails linked to them. However, please be aware that My kSuite is not a white-label product. Some e-mails or interfaces may therefore still contain the Infomaniak logo (e.g. at the end of an e-mail or in a page footer).

  • My kSuite is easy and fast to activate. Infomaniak takes care of configuring the domain of your choice with your tools. All you have left to do is share the personalised web addresses of your tools with your users.