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Top-of-the-range performance at the right price

Whether you're a small start-up or an established organisation, our prices are ultra competitive.

Payment on demand

No hidden fees. No minimum amount. Can be cancelled at any time. You only pay for the resources you consume at the end of each month.

High performance at the right price

We don't offer quantity discounts, but our prices are unbeatable for the same performance. Welcome to Infomaniak!

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Cost control

We offer you different resource limits to avoid exorbitant bills and to protect you in case of misuse.

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Pricing detail

At Infomaniak, bandwidth is free*

*except for object storage which is invoiced above 10 TB of consumed bandwidth.

Instances for general use

Scalable and on-demand Cloud servers.

IOPS optimised instances

Cloud servers with optimised storage (1000 IOPS, 400 MB/s).

GPU instances

Cloud servers with a dedicated nVidia T4 GPU.

Block Storage (GB)

High-performance block storage (NVMe PCIe-Gen 6) and high availability block storage (3 replicas) powered by Ceph.

Object Storage (GB)

S3-compatible Swift object storage to store and access your resources, files and metadata.

Snapshots/Backups (GB)

Snapshots and backups of your 'storage block' instances and volumes.


All the network services you need for your instances.

Your top-of-the-range Cloud at the right price. Exclusively managed in Switzerland.

Don't let our prices fool you. We've made no savings on materials and all our staff and infrastructure are based in Switzerland.

Memory8 GB
Storage50 GB
Bandwidth1 TB

It's time to take action

CHF 300.- offered to get you started

No hidden feesNo installation feesNo cancellation fees

Do you have any questions or doubts?

We’ve compiled the questions we’re often asked – see below.

  • We have checked our calculations several times: even with top-quality equipment and our cutting-edge technology infrastructures, our rates remain profitable and attractive to guarantee the durability, research and development of the product. It is simply a fair price. The right question is therefore: "why is it much more expensive elsewhere?"

  • Visa, Mastercard and CB bank cards are accepted. Other means of payment are not accepted for this product (BVR, PayPal, prepaid account, etc.).

  • The billing period runs from the first day of the month to the last day of the month. The credit card is generally debited on the first day of the following month (depending on your bank, the direct debit operation may be several days late). A bill is automatically issued when the card is debited.

  • Instances that are turned off are not charged for, except:
    • storage, which continues to use space even when unused
    • the GPU and IPv4 address of instances placed on a public network

  • Generally speaking, payment of the instances is implemented on the hour. More precisely, we calculate the median use of the resources every hour, which is then multiplied by the hourly rate for the resource in question. For example, an instance at an hourly rate of CHF 10 activated for 15 minutes of the last hour will be billed at CHF 10 * 15 / 60 = CHF 2.50

  • Generally speaking, the incoming and outgoing traffic is free. With regard to storage, 10 TB are included per month and per organisation for outgoing traffic (the rate indicated on this page then applies).