Prices and characteristics

Whether you are a developer, a systems engineer or an established company, our cloud servers are flexible and can evolve at any time in line with your needs.

30-day refund guaranteed


With 100 GB of VOD space and 2500 newsletter credits / month


Annual, quarterly or monthly payment


Easy to manage

Launch your websites quickly, install the technologies of your choice and take advantage of all the Infomaniak security tools.


Guaranteed resources

Ensure the performance of your applications with guaranteed resources that can be adjusted at any time.


Advanced technologies

Personalise Apache, PHP, MySQL and install almost 40 technologies, such as Node.js, Redis, Varnish and Memcached, in just a few clicks.


Performance and storage


From 4 vCPU & 12 GB of RAM to 32 vCPU & 128 GB of RAM

Your server’s resources (CPU, RAM, storage) can be adjusted at any time according to your needs.


Next-generation Dell servers

The cloud servers are powered by next generation DELL servers, AMD Epyc processors and professional NVMe SSD discs.

Disk space

From 250 GB to 2 TB (NVME SSD)

You can modify the disc space of your server at any time according to your needs. We only use NVME SSD discs in order to ensure that your websites, applications and databases enjoy the best possible performances.


From 5 to 100 hostings

A Cloud Server allows you to organise your websites and applications in separate hosting solutions. For example, it’s possible to delegate management rights and specific accesses to a hosting solution.


De 20 a 400 sites Internet

A cloud server enables you to host up to 400 websites with their own domain name / sub-domains. The latter can be distributed freely across your hosting solutions.



Multi-sites or multi-domains make it possible to link several domain names to your hosting solutions and to host up to 400 websites on your server. Your guaranteed resources are shared between the hosting solutions and the websites of your server.

Dedicated IP addresses

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses included

Each server includes an IPv4 address and a dedicated IPv6 address, which allows you to control the reputation of your sites and can improve the natural referencing of your sites in search engines. Find out more


Languages supported

HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Python, Node.Js, Ruby and over 40 software packages

Basically, all commonly used languages are supported and the exec() function is allowed. If needed, Fast installer allows you to install almost 40 additional technologies: Memcached, Varnish, mongoDB, OptiPNG, PDFtk, Pngcrush, Pngquant, Redis, systemd, tesseract_ocr, WebP, xauth, xvfb, ZSH, MidnightCommander, Imagemagick, Jpegoptim, libjpeg_turbo, libX11_xcb1, Ghostscript, FFmpeg, Gifsicle, HAProxy, ExifTool, electron_dev, BuildEssential, AdvanceCOMP, etc. Learn more


PHP 5.6 to 8.3 (several versions)

Ensure the best performance for your sites with the latest PHP versions and, if necessary, use different PHP versions to ensure compatibility of your applications. More information

Time for script execution (max_execution_time)

From 60 seconds to 3600 seconds

The variable max_execution_time determines the maximum execution time for a script in seconds.

Memory for script execution (memory_limit)

From 640 MB to 2048 MB

The variable memory_limit sets the maximum memory that a script can use during its execution.


MongoDB and MariaDB 10.4 (compatible and better performance than MySQL)

The number and size of the databases are not limited. Your only limits are the storage space and your server resources. If necessary, MongoDB enables you to manage huge data volumes without compromising the flexibility and performance of your websites / applications.


Automatic installation with Divi from ElegantThemes

Infomaniak allows you to install the Divi theme and the ElegantThemes extensions of your choice for free (Divi builder, Monarch, Bloom Email, etc.). You get official updates from ElegantThemes for free, but you must subscribe to a paid plan to benefit from their customer service.

Web apps and CMS

+100 CMS (Prestashop, Joomla, Drupal, Nextcloud, Magento, etc.).

A cloud server enables you to install and update in a single click over 100 popular open source applications such as Joomla, Drupal, Moodle LMS, Typo3, PrestaShop, Magento, Dolibarr or MediaWiki.

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Tools & connectivity



Our services support all popular protocols to allow you to easily manage files and rights for your directories and users. An online file manager is also available. Find out more

Door opening (firewall)

On entry

The firewall allows you to open doors at the entrance to ensure the proper functioning of certain applications. Read more

Task planner

CronJob (SSH) & WebCron

The task scheduler allows you to run scripts at the time and frequency of your choice to automate repetitive tasks (generate a report, send an email, purge an SQL table, etc.), including if the URL of a script is protected by a password. Find out more

Statistics and logs

Resource monitoring, detailed statistics, access and error logs

Your server’s dashboard enables you to check the use of your resources in order to manage your budget and guarantee the availability and performance of your websites and apps.

Monthly traffic


Infomaniak does not limit the traffic so as not to penalise your websites when they become more successful.

Ultra-fast connectivity

High-availability network infrastructure

Infomaniak is connected to the world via the best European and American operators, with a total capacity of more than 450 GB/s.


Automatic backup and recovery

Daily, 7 days of retention

A backup of all your data (files and databases) is made daily and made available to you from the FTP space of each of your sites. Our wizard allows you to automatically restore a hosting, site or database of your choice. Find out more

Protection against viruses


Infomaniak automatically checks the files uploaded via FTP. You can run a full antivirus analysis at any time.

Protection against malware and known vulnerabilities

Patchman Security Scanner

Patchman Security Scanner is an additional protection to the antivirus which automatically protects your websites against malware and known security loopholes. The vulnerabilities detected are automatically corrected without affecting the correct functioning of your websites.

Permissions relating to the files

Users and owners

Access your data in complete security thanks to the SSH. Furthermore, define the number of FTP accesses required for the folders of your choice. No more permission problems for your scripts.

SSL certificate

Let's Encrypt, DV and EV

The free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt are supported and you can also install a professional EV or DV SSL certificate from Comodo/Sectigo. Our console also enables you to select the certification authority of your choice (VeriSign, Symantec, etc.). Everything is possible.


TIER III+ and located in Switzerland

Infomaniak designs and fully manages its datacenters. Our datacenters are ISO 27001, ISO 9001 certified and located in Switzerland, in the heart of Europe. Find out more


Annual, quarterly or monthly

Satisfied or refunded 30-day guarantee


You are dissatisfied with your cloud server?Just contact our support service within 30 days of placing your order.