100% dedicated resources: up to 32 vCPU and 128 GB of RAM

With one click, our cluster infrastructure lets you increase resources allocated to your servers (processor, RAM, SSD storage).

Your server with the Linux or Windows distribution of your choice

When ordering or resetting your server, select the Linux or Windows distribution of your choice. You can also install other official distributions by request. View the list of natively supported operating systems.

Ultra fast connection

Store and access your data using high-performance bandwidth. You will benefit from our different Internet connections with a capacity greater than 300 Gbps!

SSH Root Access and Remote Desktop

Securely access your Linux server using an asymmetric key pair and easily manage your Windows server with RDP. Regardless of your operating system, you can have total control of your server.

Free management

Manage the software part as you wish, Infomaniak optimizes the network and hardware resources needed for your activity. Your Cloud Server can be used as a Web server for to host a site, an e-commerce portal, an intranet, an application server for your business software, etc. Your server is always available regardless of where you want to administer it from.

Professional Newsletter tool

Professional Newsletter tool

Every month, enjoy credits for sending your email campaigns free of charge with our professional newsletter tool.

  • Easily create newsletters which are optimised for smartphones and tablets
  • Optimise your communication thanks to detailed statistics
  • Import and manage your contact list easily
  • Enjoy credits offered every month
Discover the E-mail marketing tool

Professional VOD/AOD platform

Store, transmit and protect your audio and video content by using the same tools as professional radio and TV stations.

  • 100 GB included with your first hosting
  • Token based media protection
  • Generating revenue from the content
  • Restriction by geolocation
  • Audience monitoring and statistics
Discover our broadcasting platform
Professional VOD/AOD platform
Unlimited traffic

Unlimited traffic

Infomaniak facilitates your success and does not put any monthly traffic limit on your Cloud Server.

Take advantage of a large storage capacity

Up to 2 TB of disk space per cloud server

Enjoy huge storage capacity and adjust the size of your disk space at any time.



We use OpenStack technology, the first 100% Cloud open source operating system that offers power and stability.

Energy exclusively from renewable sources

Energy exclusively from renewable sources

No air conditioning and renewable energy used exclusively, our datacenters have a minimal environmental impact.

Reliability of 99,99%

Reliability of 99,99%

Infomaniak Network SA is committed to offering a service level of 99,99%.

Data security

Data security

We have no access to your server. Only you are authorized to manage your server's security and access.


Cloud Server


Disk space (GB)
N/A /month

Prices in CHF

Technical sheet

Disk Space
From 250 GB to 2 TB, 100% SSD

Increase your VPS storage space to suit your needs. The MySQL databases and logs are stored on the Cloud Server.

Cloud Technology
Servers that support processing, storage, and networking

Cloud compute nodes (processing): Dell PowerEdge R6525, 2 3.35 Ghz AMD Epyc CPUs with 32 cores and 64 Threads. Cloud volume nodes (storage): Clusters Ceph SSD.

SSH Access
Specialized access for your file operations

An SSH root account allows you to connect to your virtual servers and manage them according to your needs.

Datacenter by Infomaniak in Geneva, Switzerland
Built to Tier III standar

Infomaniak has its own datacenter that meets the highest safety and environmental standards: Dual power supply, UPS, on-site generator, fire and intrusion protection, etc.

Ultra-Fast Connection
Over 300 Gbps of total bandwidth

Our datacenters are connected by "dark" fibers of Services Industriels Genevois in particular. 20 Gbps peering with IP-Plus and Level3, 10 Gbps link with Cogent and SwissIX.

Operating systems supported natively
Linux or Windows distribution of your choice

When you order, you can choose the Linux distribution (Debian, Ubuntu, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server, FreeBSD, openSUSE, CentOS, OpenBSD, Slackware) or the Windows version that suits you best. See the list of natively supported operating systems