Professional email address included

Professional email address included

  • Your email address of the type
  • Hosted in Switzerland in an environmentally-friendly datacenter
  • Unlimited storage space and aliases
Free personal web page

Free personal web page

  • Your online presence (See an example)
  • Intuitive design assistant
  • 10 Mb of FTP space

Infomaniak offers unique solutions to secure your domains

Domain Privacy

Domain Privacy

Domain Privacy anonymises your identity in Whois and blocks spam.
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Renewal Warranty

Renewal Warranty

Renewal Warranty is the absolute guarantee of never losing an important domain.
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DNSSEC secures and protects your domains against hackers and diversions.
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Why buy or transfer your domain promo to Infomaniak?

  • Accredited Swiss registrar

  • Support 7 days a week by email, chat and telephone

  • Swiss quality with the best prices on the market

  • Automatically renewing your domains (to come)

  • Easy-to-use management console

  • Easy transfer of domains to Infomaniak

  • Climate-neutral hosting service provider

  • Over 450 domain extensions available

Domain Privacy

Domain Privacy protects your private information in the public Whois directory

  • Make your identity anonymous in the Whois directory
  • Block unsolicited email
  • Protect against hackers
Renewal Warranty

Renewal Warranty is the assurance of never losing a domain

  • Ensure that your domains are renewed
  • Keep control of your domains
  • Protect yourself against thieves


You can register or renew a domain .promo for a duration of between 1 and 10 years.
.promo is compatible with DNSSEC. This option is free and protects your domain against malicious diversions. Your visitors therefore have the guarantee of consulting the site they really want to see. Learn more
The domain must be composed of 3 to 63 characters.
Yes, the domain name may include accents or characters from other languages.
You can start using your domain name immediately.
The transfer of a .promo requires 5 days to be taken into consideration.
The change of legal owner of a .promo to Infomaniak is immediate.
You can recover a domain .promo for 30 days after its expiry. Restoring a domain can, however, interrupt your sites' operation for several hours and incur additional fees. In order to avoid this inconvenience and losing your important domains, we recommend you enable Renewal Warranty protection when you order your domain names.
Yes, Infomaniak allows you to replace your private data with the details of a neutral representative in the Whois directory. When ordering your domain names, simply enable the Domain Privacy protection.
It is possible to transfer a .promo to another registrar 60 days after it is registered with Infomaniak.

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Do you have to choose a .COM .FR .CH .NET etc. domain? What is a good domain name? Is it possible to generate domain ideas with a suggestion tool? Check out all our advice and our domain name generator.

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Infomaniak is a Swiss domain registrar accredited by ICANN, Afnic, VeriSign, SWITCH and many others.