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Welcome .zuerich

The new domain extension for Zurich-based companies

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What is .zuerich?

.zuerich is the new domain extension reserved for companies and public bodies based in the canton of Zurich. A domain name with .zuerich added underlines your local identity, has an international reach, sets you apart from the competition, improves local referencing and instantly inspires confidence.

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Sets users apart from the competition

Inspires confidence

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Much more than a simple domain name


Web page with 10 MB of space

Use our wizard for a simple way to create a temporary page with your social media.


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Your name@company.zuerich address hosted in Switzerland with unlimited storage space.

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Test the performance of our Mail, transfer and videoconference solutions with no limits.


Unlimited aliases and redirecting

Create aliases in a simple way and manage your redirections using an intuitive interface.


Complete DNS management

Configure your domains with the help of a user-friendly interface to link your external services.



DNSSEC protection

Your domain name is automatically protected against hacking and misuse.

The domain .zuerich is being launched in several phases

  • 14:00 UTC

    14:00 UTC

    13:59 UTC

    Phase 1: Sunrise

    Owners of trademarks registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) who are listed in the commercial register and have an administrative office in the canton of Zurich can order .ZUERICH domains.

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    CHF 60.35 excl. VAT / year*

  • 14:00 UTC

    Phase 3: Early access general availability

    .ZUERICH domains are available to businesses and public authorities operating in the canton of Zurich. During this phase, the price is higher on the first day and is gradually reduced over the next nine days to allow parties with a strong interest to obtain the domain they want as soon as sales get under way.

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    Pricing detail

    • Date

      Prices excl. VAT / year

    • CHF 15'000

    • CHF 10'000

    • CHF 7'000

    • CHF 5'000

    • CHF 3'000

    • CHF 2'000

    • CHF 1'500

    • CHF 900

    • CHF 600

    • CHF 300

    • CHF 60.35

    • CHF 200

  • 14:00 UTC

    Phase 4: General availability

    .ZUERICH domains are available to businesses and public authorities operating in the canton of Zurich for a standard price of CHF 60.35 excl. VAT.

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    CHF 60.35 excl. VAT / year*

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Infomaniak is your Swiss registrar accredited by ICANN and the Canton of Zurich for .zuerich domains

Infomaniak, a local company that listens to its customers and is committed to an ethical economy.


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Innovation driver

We design cutting-edge solutions and infrastructures designed to reduce our ecological footprint as far as possible, simplify our customer’s lives and develop local know-how. Our data centers regularly win awards for their energy efficiency and we are partners with prestigious schools such as EPFL and 42 with the aim of supporting innovation.

100% Swiss

From data centers through the orchestration of cloud infrastructures to products, infomaniak knows its value chain from end to end and is wholly owned by its founders and employees. This independence enables us to guarantee the security, confidentiality and sovereignty of the data entrusted to us.

A responsible and ethical company

We offset all our CO2 emissions 200%, our infrastructures are cooled using natural air only, we only use certified renewable energy and through our actions, we want to demonstrate that it is possible to work together to protect the climate.

For a free Internet

We believe in a free Internet which respects the data and privacy of its users. Our solutions are essentially based on open source technologies and we contribute directly to the community. At infomaniak, your data belongs to you and is managed solely in Switzerland.

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Do you have any questions or doubts?

We’ve compiled the questions we’re often asked – see below.

  • This is an extension (or TDL) reserved for Zurich companies registered in the commercial register and public bodies domiciled in the canton of Zurich. It will allow you to strengthen your local identity, achieve international exposure, set yourself apart from the competition and improve the local referencing of your brand, company or organisation.

  • The launch of the .zuerich extension will take place in four phases:
    • Phase 1: from 30 August to 29 October 2021, owners of trademarks registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) and whose administrative headquarters are in Zurich will be able pre-register a .zuerich domain name.
    • Phase 2: from 30 September to 29 October 2021, a limited registration phase will be in place for public authorities based in Zurich.
    • Phase 3: from 22 November to 1 December 2021, companies and public authorities located in the canton of Zurich will be able to register a .zuerich domain name at a special price.
    • Phase 4: from 2 December 2021, companies and public authorities located in the canton of Zurich will be able to register a .zuerich domain name at normal prices.
    More information is available on the CentralNic website:
    The activation of domains ordered in phases 1 and 2 will take place from 1 November 2021. Any .zuerich domains ordered from 22 November 2021 will be activated within two working days.

  • You can create a new website using your .zuerich domain name or add it as an alias domain to your existing website and then upgrade it to the main domain. Find out more

  • As German accents, such as in "Zürich", are rarely used or easily accessible in other languages, the format .zuerich has been adopted by the register.
    This guarantees that your domain names will be easier to remember and will enjoy greater visibility abroad.

  • L'extension .zuerich vous permettra de :
    • Strengthen your local identity,
    • You provide international exposure
    • You set yourself apart from the competition,
    • Improve local referencing of your brand, company, organisation.