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Maureen ZOUZOU

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At Co&Mau, we get to know you and co-construct your image step by step.

Our aim: to understand you and help you define your visual identity, create your e-shop/showcase site, and have an image on social networks that expresses your know-how and approach. If you have a web marketing campaign to launch, an e-learning platform to create, video editing and much more, contact us! We look forward to working with you on all your projects!

We're Coline and Maureen, aka Co&Mau. Our story begins with the combination of our two colorful personalities with artistic and human sensibilities: passionate about climbing, a little geeky around the edges, but above all creative and in search of challenges! Both specialists in different fields. One is not afraid of any computer language, no matter how difficult, while the other can spend hours creating visuals on her Mac. Between us, we're a close-knit team, ready to take on any challenge our customers throw at us.

Why choose to work with us?

For our expertise:

- Co-construction of your image so that it expresses your know-how, your offer, your approach and who you are.

- A bond of trust: we protect sensitive data.

- Quality finished product, down to the smallest detail.

- Technical expertise to realize all your projects and have a showcase to match your offer or your products and who you are.

- Two brains are better than one: a duo with an artistic and human sensibility.

- A graphic identity, a style.

- Solution that really works, even if we know your cousin is very strong.

 For our soft skills :

- We listen to your needs; we take the time to get to know you.

- We put people first to really understand you.

- Help with things that bore you, so that you have more time for the things you're passionate about.

- An image you feel good about.

- Ethical, ecological and 100% tailor-made.

- Step-by-step collaboration so that you always have a choice and a strategy that we build together.

- Projects and customers chosen for their values.



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