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I support professionals in their IT management with simple, effective solutions tailored to their business.

Whether you use Microsoft Windows® or GNU/Linux, here are a few examples of what I can do for you:

  • Web :
    • outsourcing
    • installation of services (ERP-CRM, CMS, LMS etc.)
    • virtualization of services
    • monitoring / alerting (Grafana® stack)
    • intranet / extranet
  • Software / Hardware:
    • troubleshooting (also remotely)
    • consulting
    • assembly (specific needs)
    • on-site integration
    • backup plan
    • "secrets" management policy (e.g. passwords, keys, documents)
    • disaster recovery plan
    • Remediation following an incident (malware, breakage, loss)
    • network set-up or upgrade
    • migration and asset management (clients and servers)
    • maintenance / security
    • writing of technical support documents

I regularly work with doctors in private practices and MSPs (Shaman® and DrSanté®).

I can also advise you and implement security solutions. 



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Cybermalveillance.gouv.fr - Assistance et prévention en sécurité numérique

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