Lisa Brunner

Lisa Brunner

Reseller since 1 year(s)


  • Allée du Communet 12
    1196 Gland


Website Design and Video Animations

Creation of responsive websites and video animations

Development of adaptive websites optimised for search engines (SEO)

Web banners (creation or variations)

Video animations for display screens

Video animations created with artificial intelligence assistance

Social media content (animated or static)

Motion design (video animations for websites, social media, etc.)

Email template design (Act-On, Mailpoet, Stampready, Mailchimp)


Logo and Illustration Creation

Trendy illustrations for advertising campaigns, social media, websites, etc.

Vector and photographic illustrations created with the help of artificial intelligence

Graphic identities

Logo design

Business cards (embossing, varnish, gilding, soft touch...)


PowerPoint and Word template creation

Email signatures


Poster, Brochure, and Annual Report Design

Trendy poster design


Layout of brochures, annual reports...

Layout of flyers, leaflets, brochures...

Infographic design

Projects for stand branding

Projects for roll-ups, banners, etc.

Powerpoint Specialist

High-quality animated or static PowerPoint presentations

High-quality PowerPoint template design

PowerPoint rebranding for TEDx conferences, prospecting, service proposals

Photo retouching

Text editing and proofreading



WordPress Design Referencing (SEO) Redesign of a website