ProjectSend is an open source file and image sharing application. ProjectSend was initially released in 2007 when it was known as cFTP.

1 click installation ProjectSend

1 click installation

Easy update ProjectSend

Easy update

Backup and restoration ProjectSend

Backup and restoration


Photos and Files
Current version
Last update
9 June 2015
English , Español (Spanish)

System Requirements

Installation size
4 MB
open source
What's new


(security release)
9 June 2015 - 4MB
  • Added a preview function for custom e-mail templates
  • Fixed the bug where wrong files were deleted
  • Fixed the search function for clients and groups when adding/editing files
  • Fixed a bug where files can’t be downloaded by a client if it was assigned to a group and not the client specifically
  • Fixed a bug where clients were not able to update their information and password
  • Security fixes

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(security release)
29 May 2015 - 4MB
  • XXS security error fix.
  • Fixed the update routine. r571 shows an available update even if using that version.
  • Added the language files to the git.

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(security release)
25 April 2014 - 4MB
  • Security fixes
  • Tables are now responsive thanks to footable
  • Fix for the orphans list bug
  • Manage files list also shows unassigned files, because they might be public
  • Added password rules (eg: require a lower case letter, a number, etc)
  • Added SMTP authentication options
  • Added an option to limit the uploading file types to certain roles only
  • Fixes for the database queries giving errors when a NULL setting was incorrect
  • Fix for the password recovery table not being created
  • Fix for public settings being reset if a client edited a file
  • CSS Cleanup
  • minor UI cleaning

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(addendum 1)
5 August 2014 - 4MBApplications:
  • Developers: ProjectSend internal identifier updated from "cftp" to "projectsend".


(major version)
31 October 2013 - 4MBNew features
  • Added a new form so users and clients can reset their password.
  • Added the possibility to set an expiry date to any file.
  • Added an option to select if expired files should be hidden from the clients, or shown but not allowed to download.
  • Added a template editor so each system email text, and the general header/footer can be customized.
  • Added the possibility to set any file as public, which allows downloading via a tokenized link. Can be combined with the expiry date feature.
  • New options to select the maximum attemps to send each notification, and also an expiration date (globally, in days).
  • You can now search within the orphan files list. Also, it now has pagination.
  • Each password field now has a toggle button for visibility, and the "confirm password" fields were removed.
  • Added a new button on the files uploads page to copy the selected assignations of the current file to all others.
  • The download log is stored on a separate table. This allows the system to recognize the date each file has been downloaded.
  • Files (on the manage files page) can now be sorted by download count.

  • Implemented phpass for secure passwords.
  • Fixed the notifications being sent multiple times.
  • Changed the way the download link is generated to improve security.
  • More validations are made when a file is requested for download.
  • Fixed the back button so it won't work after a user logs out.
  • No more infinite redirects on login.
  • The modal window can now be reused without reloading the page (the action is does it performs is no longer repetead).
  • Fixed the urls where a double slash (//) was used.
  • With the new download log, files that belong to groups can also be tracked when a client downloads it.
  • Options are now saved correctly every time.
  • Sorting files/users/groups by date now works with any set format.

Other notes
  • The new password storing system requires that all curent accounts generate a new one. The security has been improved at the cost of this minor issue.
  • The remember me checkbox has been temporarily removed. A more secure implementation is planned.
  • The version number is not visible for unlogged users.
  • jQuery is now loaded locally.
  • The UI has been normalized (menu, button and messages styles, margins, layouts).

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26 April 2013 - 4MBFixes
  • Menu hover state fix by Martine Bouvrette
  • 0kb downloads fix by AlanReiblein
  • Correct timestamp for the main admin during installation
  • Downloads fix by cyril.ballagny
  • Updated phpmailer to 5.2.4

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15 April 2013 - 4MBWhat's new
  • New update notifier.
  • Added an option to prevent clients from uploading files.
  • Added an option to automatically add new self-registered clients to a specific group.
  • Auto-aproval for self-registrations.

  • Privacy fixes on the log.
  • Use UTF-8 on the header.
  • Fixes on the installer.
  • Small fix for moving files to the new folder structure if updating from a version older than the previous.
  • Clients are now sorted alphabetically on the upload form.
  • Fix for the statistics when there are no results.

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21 February 2013 - 4MBWhat's new:
  • Added an option to send BCC of the notifications for new files to the main admin and any other specified e-mail addresses.
  • Added the possibility to export the log to a csv file.
  • Spanish translation file is included by default (translated by Raúl Elenes).
  • The header is now completely responsive. Some other parts are still not done.
  • Added a "My account" link for users and clients to be able to edit their own preferences and data.
  • Files-to-clients relations are now imported from older installations.
  • On updates and installation, the system will try to chmod some files and folders for security, and to improve timthumb's compatibility.
  • Added an option to select if timthumb should use the relative or absolute path to the image file.
  • Notifications are not deleted from the database, but stored as sent (or any other code for error messages). This will allow for the creation of a notifications management page in the future.

  • Email notifications are now working correctly.
  • 0kb downloads should be fixed.
  • File sizes over 2gb are now correctly read.
  • Fixed some errores and notices on the installer.
  • Fixed the zip file generator routine. Suggested by bflahault.
  • Other small fixes.

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(major version)
7 February 2013 - 3MBThe new features list is pretty extensive. Among the biggest are the following:
  • Clients groups
  • Files can be assigned to multiple clients/groups
  • A complete log of everything that happens on the site
  • Statistics graphics
  • Clients can register themselves if allowed (an admin must approve each new account)
  • File editor
  • SMTP and gmail options for sending email notifications
  • Deactivate clients and users accounts to forbid logging in.
  • Master list of all existing files
  • List of users/clients who downloaded each file (accesible from the Manage files page)
  • New dashboard and overall design of the app.
  • Search and filters on files, clients, groups and users lists (also available to clients on their list)
  • Clients can edit the files they have uploaded
  • Notification emails now include a summary of the new files with name and an excerpt of the description.
  • Lots of fixes
  • Cleaner code/css (still in progress)
  • Use HTML5 as default on the uploader script.

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4 January 2013 - 2MB


31 July 2012 - 2MB


24 April 2012 - 2MB


4 April 2012 - 2MB


2 April 2012 - 2MB


23 February 2012 - 2MB


17 February 2012 - 2MB

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