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OrangeHRM is an open source human resource management application. OrangeHRM was initially released in 2006 and today has over one million users globally.

1 click installation OrangeHRM

1 click installation

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Easy update

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e-Commerce and Business
Current version
Last update
10 November 2020
English + 10 others

System Requirements

Installation size
190.00 MB
open source
What's new


(major version)
10 November 2020 - 190MBFeatures
  • Admin can create the language pack and translate the words to reflect in OrangeHRM System.
  • Admin creates a new language package.
  • Admin filter the words by the module to translate the words in those modules only.
  • Admin exports the translated language pack to share with the OrangeHRM community.

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(major version)
31 August 2020 - 190MBMobile app 1.0 version release with leave features
  • Request for leave/time off on the go
  • Check available balances of your leave entitlements before applying for a leave.
  • Supervisors can approve leave requests of their employees
  • Assign leave on behalf of your employees when they cannot make it to the office

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(major version)
29 July 2020 - 190MBBuzz available to all users. It creates a collaborative workspace, and increases engagement.
  • Employees can share thoughts, pictures, and videos.
  • Employees can like, dislike, comment, and share others' posts.
  • Shows the upcoming work anniversaries of the employees.
  • Admin can delete the posts
  • Employees can view the most commented, liked posts.

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3 April 2020 - 190MB
  • Sendmail email not sending issue. Git Issue #604
  • Quick start guide points to non existing resource. Git Issue #602
  • Dockerfile build failure. Git Issue #601 #407
  • REST API bug in LeaveEntitlementAPI->validateLeavePeriods(). Git Issue #599
  • REST API get leave entitlement forces optional parameter. Git Issue #549
  • Errors upgrading from 3.3.2 to 4.3.4 because of issue in database character encoding. Git Issue #612
  • Errors upgrading from 3.1.1 to 4.3.4. Git Issue #595
  • CSS break issue in login page. Git Issue #611 #584
  • Error thrown when installing in Windows environment due to directory path issue. Git Issue #607
  • Cannot login if the system configured with french language. Username and Password fields are not typable.
  • When login to the system through Google alternative login, user redirect to an internal error page.

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7 November 2019 - 190MBHighlights
  • ESS user to subscribe OrangeHRM updates
  • Code Enhancements: JQuery library upgraded to version 3.4.1

Bug Fixes
  • Warning message is shown when apply to leave using a specific time option
  • Leave gets approved when approving the request which contains canceled leave request

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4 September 2019 - 190MBHighlights
  • Upgrade supportability to upgrade the addons with latest versions.
  • Corporate Branding Improvements
  • - Admin can install the corporate branding and configure their organization logo and theme colors.

Bug Fixes
  • Code Improvements

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(security release)
5 August 2019 - 190MBHighlights
  • Claim addon :-
  • - Employee submit claims and supervisor/admin approves.
  • - Admin / Supervisor assign claims to employees.
  • - Email notifications on the apply and approve.
  • - Admin manage claim types & event types.
  • Compatibility with PHP 7.3
  • Compatibility with MariaDB 10.4.6

Bug Fixes
  • Security fix [CVE-2019-12839]

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(major version)
29 June 2019 - 160MB4.3.1

  • Reset forgotten password
  • Compatibility with PHP 7.2.16
  • Compatibility with MySQL 5.7.24
  • Compatibility with MariaDB 10.3.14

Bug Fixes
  • Pending leave request is not showing in the dashboard for admin or supervisor
  • Google OpenID Support
  • French Add User not working


  • Market Place: Install or uninstall free add-on by admin users
  • Market Place: Request paid add-on by admin users
  • Market Place: View all compatible add-ons by all users

Bug Fixes
  • French Add User not working git Issue #452

Bug Fixes
  • Remove HTTPS restriction introduced in OrangeHRM 4.2 release
  • - Revert secure cookie attribute of session cookie
  • Add SimpleXML modules to pre-requisites check


  • GDPR compliance: Purge employee records
  • GDPR compliance: Purge candidate records
  • GDPR compliance: Access employee records
  • Security: Update .htaccess restrictions
  • Security: Improve CSRF token validation
  • Security: Resolve Path-Based vulnerability
  • Security: Enable secure cookie attribute to application cookie
  • Enhancement on OS installation error messages

Bug Fixes
  • Verify installation supports in different mysql ports
  • Verify if pdo/mysqli has been enabled during installation #361

  • Remove unix_socket support at the installation

Bug Fixes
  • Installation fails if cURL is not enabled
  • Resolved issue with relative paths running into an error in certain environments
  • Resolved issue with supported environment version verification during installation


  • Enhancement of system configuration wizard during installation. Setup instance with user entered data during installation.
  • Improved supported language packs
  • Support of cli installer

Bug Fixes
  • "Csrf token validation failed" message appears in login screen even after trying to login with valid credentials
  • Incorrect version number in config file
  • Cannot install in mysql 5.7.23, supporting version is equal or lesser version than 5.7.22
  • Web installer: "Help" link should be changed with a new guide
  • System becomes inaccessible after changing password by accessing the change password link


  • Verification of supported environment during the installation.
  • -Supported php version range
  • -Minimum version: 5.6
  • -Maximum version: 7.2.5
  • -Supported MySQL Version Range
  • -Minimum version: 5.5
  • -Maximum version: 5.7.22
  • -Supported MariaDB Version Range
  • -Minimum version: 5.5
  • -Maximum version: 10.3.7
  • Usability improvement when adding user. Shows a message on adding a user when there are no employees added to the system.

Bug Fixes
  • Recruitment - vacancy page is crashed when a hiring manager is deleted in the system.
  • Blank page when refreshing the login page after entering the invalid credentials.
  • Leave is assigned as half day when specific time option is chosen for "End day - partial day" option
  • Leave - internal error is occurring when admin enters lengthy integer when adding an entitlement.
  • Pim-membership: does not add multiple records for a selected membership type to an employee
  • Recruitment - sorted by candidate list screen is leading to crash page when vacancy list is open in another tab.
  • Google openid provider not working in 4.1
  • Can not install using web installer if the database is on mariadb 10.2
  • Unable to install the build for php 7.2 with any mysql version.


  • Integration with toggl. Users can sync the time entries tracked in toggl to orangehrm time module.
  • Enforcement of having a strong password for the user account.
  • Compatibility with ldap add-on
  • Environment compatibility with php 7.1 & mariadb 10.2
  • Security Fixes

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(major version)
21 November 2017 - 92MB


(major version)
8 July 2015 - 92MB


(major version)
6 March 2015 - 92MB


(security release)
28 May 2014 - 92MB
  • Various security fixes
  • Improved password security


(major version)
11 January 2014 - 92MB


11 April 2013 - 92MB

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