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Dolibarr is an open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relations management (CRM) application. Dolibarr was initially released in 2003.

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1 click installation

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Easy update

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e-Commerce and Business
Current version
Last update
20 March 2020
English + 36 others

System Requirements

Installation size
250.00 MB
open source
What's new


20 March - 250MBWARNINGS
  • PHP 5.5 is no more supported. Minimum PHP is now 5.6+.
  • Default mode for GETPOST function is now 'alphanohtml' instead of 'none'. So check when you make POST or GET requests with HTML content that you make a GETPOST('myparam', 'restricthtml') or GETPOST('myparam', 'none') if you really need posted content without sanitizing the HTML into content (in such a case, sanitize data later)* Removed hidden constant MAIN_EXTRAFIELDS_IN_ONE_TD that was useless.
  • Reference of object including a "/" are no more allowed. It is never used by default but to support setup that introduced it, the "/" will be replaced by a "_" automatically when a reference (with a custom numbering mask that use it) is generated.

  • unit price for selected supplier products not set. NaN was used.
  • use bad var to check if total is positive for each VAT rate when validating an invoice
  • status missing from last customer invoices box when using MAIN_STATUS_USES_CSS
  • translations for "orders" not loaded in the homepage box
  • cannot add or update 0 value for an int or double extrafield
  • SQL error during migration with pgsql
  • Clone Fourn Command, add line's extrafields
  • cols parameter not propagated to tpl
  • CSRF error when creating an intervention
  • date order was -1D and desc with label repetition
  • empty of series in graph of product distribution
  • fk_type subscription list via api REST
  • link when using anchor on "/" in website module
  • menu export document was not visible when using "simple accounting"
  • missing class declaration
  • missing global $conf
  • Missing token in some forms (avoid unset POST errors)
  • params of setEventMessage($langs->trans('ErrorProductClone')...
  • Remove unexisting link
  • mass action on stock movements
  • substitute lines dates values on doc generator (ODT, ...)
  • Ticket - Load Cache Messages Ticket, wrong message's status
  • Ticket Public - Private messages are displayed
  • wrong include - replace extrafields_create.tpl.php to extrafields_add.tpl.php

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5 March - 250MBSecurity
  • FIX: Vulnerability in module from modulebuilder.
  • FIX: Vulnerability reported by code16

Bug Fixes
  • FIX: #10309
  • FIX: #13110
  • FIX: #13118
  • FIX: #13124
  • FIX: #13131
  • FIX: #13135
  • FIX: #13146 #13198
  • FIX: #13175
  • FIX: #13182
  • FIX: #13183
  • FIX: #13184
  • FIX: #13263
  • FIX: #13267
  • FIX: an external user can not approve
  • FIX: API Get list of documents for supplier_invoice
  • FIX: API to push an expense report
  • FIX: API upload/download doc for expensereport
  • FIX: Avoid to download the export if we just press enter to refresh form
  • FIX: Bad link to template invoices
  • FIX: Bad sort link in accounting report
  • FIX: Bad translation for productlot EatBy and SellBy
  • FIX: better method to check user rights AND usergroup rights !
  • FIX: CA by product list filter
  • FIX: CSS
  • FIX: Disable js if no javascript
  • FIX: duplicate class name into some log lines
  • FIX: etrafield with visibilty=5 were not in read only.
  • FIX: excess paid from situation invoices not counted when calculating remain to pay.
  • FIX: Force FEC export to txt format.
  • FIX: Free input for email no more visible.
  • FIX: Keep assigned users in session when loading projects and tasks
  • FIX: List of viewed projects too large in task widget.
  • FIX: Menu truncated. Add tooltip to have all content.
  • FIX: Missing field "billed" in export.
  • FIX: missing "statut" for getNomUrl() function
  • FIX: modFournisseur is required by modSupplierProposal
  • FIX: Multicompany compatibility
  • FIX: must be == and not =
  • FIX: option for topbar search and bookmarks
  • FIX: some responsive troubles
  • FIX: round MT in accountancy books
  • FIX: search with '0'
  • FIX: sort link
  • FIX: SQL Overload in default contact trigger.
  • FIX: SQl syntax error.
  • FIX: Submit of documents for supplier invoices.
  • FIX: timezone must be tzserver and not tzuser as on contract card
  • FIX: token in barcode tools page missing
  • FIX: Type of contact for event does not exists and not supported
  • FIX: Type of contact not saved when creating a contact
  • FIX: typo on ckeck method
  • FIX: undefined function measuringUnitString in product list
  • FIX: Usage of project not available in export.
  • FIX: wrong test
  • FIX: z-index for moretabsList with constant MAIN_MAXTABS_IN_CARD
  • FIX: Use GETPOST instead of POST
  • FIX: HTML Injection
  • FIX: Visualization rights correction on last modified contacts box.

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15 February - 250MBBug Fixes
  • advanced target emailing sql and ergonomy.
  • After import of a website template, home page was not set.
  • Avoid deletion of bank record if in accounting
  • compatibility with multicompany (avoid duplicate data)
  • Confusion between 'bank reconciled' and 'accounted'. Show both data.
  • Count of Stripe payment mode must take test/live into account
  • Creation of Stripe card from backoffice must return a clean message
  • CVE Need permission to be able to develop modules
  • Disable ticket status change if ticket closed
  • doc of dictionnary API
  • expedition ceate line new parameter is not required.
  • export ledger
  • FEC export have specific name
  • Filenames must not contains non ascii char or we will get non ascii
  • Filter on list of events were lost after "Back to list"
  • hasDelay for retained warranty
  • If we can change vendor status, we must be able to chane vendor code
  • links in products/services index
  • Log of authentication ok or ko + CVE-2020-7996
  • Look and feel v11
  • Mail smtps truncated if content has a line with single .
  • missing hook parameter
  • Missing include
  • need weight short label in shipping doc
  • Picture of contact not visible in tooltip
  • Problem with column label in subscription list
  • ref_client not visible in tooltip.
  • search filter on extrafields were not restored after "Back to list"
  • situation invoice: allow excess paid to be converted to discount
  • situation invoice: bad amount for previous payments because of local variable overwriting a more global one
  • situation invoice: can't convert excess received to discount & bad previous payment amount
  • SQL request and phpunit
  • Update export_files.php
  • Use ref into label of ticket message
  • use "usergroup" instead of "user"
  • Warning on admin/export_files
  • default filtering for 'select' extrafields should use "=", not "LIKE"
  • When a product is split between multiple pages in a document, prices/quantity/etc appear on the last relevant page
  • User login with credentials from self-subscription form fails
  • Extrafields Supplier invoice
  • ExpenseReport PDF - custom category description is not correct
  • Replace left join with inner join (left join was useless)

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(major version)
2 February - 230MBWARNINGS
The following changes may create regressions for some external modules:
  • Properties ->libelle_incoterms were renamed into ->label_incoterms
  • Removed the method liste_array() of project class. It was not used by core code.
  • The function show_theme() hase been renamed into showSkins()
  • Rename 'module_part' parameter into 'modulepart' into document APIs, for consistency.
  • The deprecated method get_OutstandingBill has been removed. You can use getOutstandingBills() instead.
  • The hook "moreFamily" must return payment into var "totalpayment" and no more "paiement" (english replace french).
  • Removed deprecated method actioncomm->add(), use create() instead
  • If you have developed your own emailing target selector and used parent::add_to_target(...), you must now use parent::addToTargets(...)
  • Removed function dol_micro_time. Use native PHP microtime instead.
  • The trigger BON_PRELEVEMENT_CREATE has been renamed into DIRECT_DEBIT_ORDER_CREATE.
  • The constant INVOICE_SHOW_POS_IN_EXPORT has been renamed into INVOICE_SHOW_POS.
  • If your logo is no more visible on the menu bar, you must upload a new logo into 'Home-Setup-Company/Organization' to have it visible again.
  • All properties 'libstatut', 'labelstatut', 'labelstatus' were renamed into 'labelStatus'.
  • All properties 'labelstatusshort' and 'labelstatut_short' were renamed into 'labelStatusShort'.
  • All properties 'type_libelle' were renamed into 'type_label'.
  • Renamed property of thirdparty "statut_commercial" into "status_prospect_label"
  • The jquery plugin/dependency multiselect has been removed. It was not used by Dolibarr core.

  • Module BOM is now stable.
  • Module MO (Manufacturing Order) is available with experimental status.
  • Can set the Address/Contact by default on third parties.
  • Add a dictionary to edit list of Social networks.
  • A nicer dashboard for open elements on Home page.
  • Add task widget and add task progress bar
  • Support of deployment of metapackages
  • Menu "Export accounting document" to generate a zip with all documents requested by a bookkeeper is now stable.
  • Add button "Save and Stay" in website editor of pages.
  • Accountancy - Can add specific widget in this accountancy area.
  • Accountancy - Add export model LDCompta V9 & higher
  • Accountancy - Add permission on export, delete operations in ledger
  • Can defined alternative profiles (email and signatures) for users.
  • add ability to edit price without tax before adding a line of a predefined product.
  • Add a tab to setup "Opening hours" of company (information only).
  • Add attendee to ical export + cleanup.
  • Add bank data of users into the expense report exports.
  • add clone customers prices in clone product or service.
  • Add column of module source and POS terminal in the invoice list.
  • Add column last modification date into the table of targets for emailing.
  • Add column VAT rate in product list
  • Add constant MAIN_DISABLE_GLOBAL_WORKBOARD to disable workboard in home page
  • add country code in import product model
  • Add 'Direct Cash Payment' button in TakePOS
  • Add odt support to supplier orders
  • Add feature to search a string into website containers
  • Add GET and POST /supplierinvoices/payments REST API endpoints.
  • Show progress bar for declared progression of tasks.
  • Add last change date in page "Other setup". Can sort page on name/date.
  • Add link to export targets of an emailings into a CSV file.
  • Add link to the public interface on the ticket card.
  • Add location into event tooltip. Use full day for fullday events
  • add MAIN_LANGUAGES_ALLOWED constant to limit languages displayed.
  • add mass actions in shipment list.
  • add minimum stock filter in load warehoues for product form.
  • add name_alias in fields used for quick search.
  • add new rule fetchidfromcodeandlabel for categories import.
  • add office phone for salespresentatives
  • add office phone & job on user tooltips
  • Add pagination on list of object of a category
  • add parent category id or label in import category module
  • add parent id or ref column in warehouse import
  • Add search into template
  • Add shipment widget
  • Add statistics on product into contracts
  • Add status of warehouse in the tooltip of a warehouse.
  • add supplier's product list
  • add units fields in buying price tab of product card
  • Add units in select products lines
  • Add upload document on account statement
  • Add widgets for BOMs and MOs.
  • Amount invoiced column in proposal list
  • Ask the new label and new dates in confirm popup when cloning tax
  • auto set closing date and user on invoice
  • Avoid wrap between picto and text on getNomUrl
  • Balance Stripe connect account for supplier
  • Bank Add an option for colorize background color of debit or credit movement
  • Beautify the select box of warehouses
  • Add birthday widget for members
  • Widgets uses fiscal year.
  • Can change supplier when cloning a Purchase Order.
  • can choose lines to keep while creating order from origin
  • Can crop/resize image attached on a bank record
  • Can edit date or RUM mandate.
  • Can edit link to the translation page in website module
  • Can edit the price of predefined product during adding in documents
  • Can enter price tax incl on vendor proposal and purchase orders
  • Can filter on description on bank account transaction lists.
  • Can filter on label on invoice in accounting vendor binding pages
  • Can load multilang translation in same step than fetch_lines
  • Can restrict access using DAV module to some host IPs only
  • Can restrict API usage to some IP only
  • Can select website templates from available default templates with a preview.
  • Can set a squarred icon on your company setup
  • can specify hour start end for selectDate and step for minutes
  • Categories/Tags are also available on warehouses
  • Check if a resource is in use in an event
  • Compute column value from others columns in import module
  • Copy linked categories on product clone process.
  • Digitaria model for numbering accountancy thirdparty
  • Display membership in takepos if member linked to the thirdparty
  • Display supplier in objectline if defined
  • Add default duration of subscriptions on members type
  • Email template for Takepos (to send invoice)
  • Expense request and holiday validator fields
  • Export ledger table in Charlemagne format
  • Extend option ORDER_ADD_ORDERS_WITH_PARENT_PROD_IF_INCDEC for all virtual product stats (renamed into PRODUCT_STATS_WITH_PARENT_PROD_IF_INCDEC)
  • Value "None" to unbind an invoice line and its accounting account is more visible
  • FCKeditor setup for tickets
  • The default theme of TakePOS work better on smartphones.
  • GeoIP v2 support is natively provided -> So IPv6 is supported
  • List by closing date on order list and proposal list
  • Look and feel v11: Some setup pages are by default direclty in edit mode.
  • Management of retained warranty on situation invoices
  • Mass email action on invoice list use billing contact if exists
  • more living colors for charts and option for "color bind" people
  • Supports multiple payments in a TakePOS sale
  • multiselect with checkbox in categories/tags search for product list
  • Option to allow to create members from third-party
  • Platform compliance with Stripe Connect
  • print / send email form in TakePOS
  • Public holidays are now in a dictionary table (no more hard coded per country)
  • Better performance by reducing the $companystatic calls on some pages.
  • Replace the "info" tab on contract with the more complete "agenda" tab.
  • Save user of last modification in donation record.
  • Show html combo list instead input text for extrafields typed as list.
  • Show POS application and the terminal used on invoice card.
  • Add categories/tags for stocks.
  • Support Net Measure in product's card.php
  • Extrafields separator can be collapsed or not
  • Extrafields support on Leave requests.
  • Extrafields support on Salaries.
  • Extrafields support in Product supplier prices.
  • Add extrafields for warehouses
  • Add extrafields in export of expense report (and holiday)
  • The integrity checker now show also the expected size of files.
  • The order method in purchase order is now mandatory when recording an order.
  • update / delete stripe account for supplier
  • Use the gender of member for picto in member lists.
  • Use the squarre logo as favicon of pages
  • VAT list - Add date start & date end in filters
  • widget box for supplier orders awaiting reception
  • Update translations

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6 January - 230MBBug Fixes
  • Regression of 10.0.5 to create/edit proposals and orders.
  • #12760 #12763 #12755 #12765 #12751
  • add product qty in shipment already sent (fix for option STOCK_CALCULATE_ON_SHIPMENT_NEW)
  • an issue that shows all entities stock
  • class Facture undefined in displaying margin information
  • error 500 when getting margin info for objects other than invoices
  • Loan card - Wrong language key used
  • Missing language key for MAIN_MAXTABS_IN_CARD
  • product with empty stock were not visible
  • remove backward compatibility projectid and uses object id instead
  • Some issues on salary payment
  • Some problems on conciliation with others modules
  • typo on language key
  • url new for task time spent in project element tab
  • uses GETPOSTISSET instead of GETPOST for projectfield
  • var transkey not defined in input hidden
  • wrong var name and avoid warning

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27 December 2019 - 230MBFeatures
  • 9.0: allow users to use the mysqldump '--quick' option

Bug Fixes
  • 10.0: add URL param "restore_last_search_values=1" to all backlinks pointing to lists
  • 10.0: do not display single-letter values (indicating duration unit without value) in product list
  • #12473
  • #12481 : fix ticket creation from thirdparty, mission $socid var
  • #12482
  • #12644
  • #12665 Mass invoice validation with stock management
  • #12688
  • #12745
  • add and modify category translate form with posted values on errors
  • add URL param "restore_last_search_values=1" to all backlinks that point to a list
  • CommandeFournisseurLigne update function must not be able to return other value than 1 if success
  • contact card state address selected after filling address
  • dol_string_nohtmltag when there is html with windows EOL "
  • filter language is an array
  • first col at wrong position in Export 2007 (new)
  • getrights() request
  • Invoice Situation integration into Margin
  • missing nl2br conversion
  • not fee in payout list
  • product_fourn_price_id was assigned too late for logPrice() function
  • Reduce number of request for list of products
  • set due date in object in create invoice
  • units traductions for selectUnits() function
  • when we need to bill several orders, order lines unit is not on bill lines

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27 November 2019 - 230MBBug Fixes
  • The pdf templates were using the large logo making PDF too large (and edition of proposal, order, invoice VERY slow)
  • Avoid fatal error when creating thumb from PDF
  • compatibility with Multicompany
  • display job of contact list
  • Extrafields missing in export of expense report
  • Hook getAccessForbiddenMessage was missing parameters
  • limit 20 prevent to see all products/services
  • Search on leave request ref
  • security check. A user can see holiday with link without permissions
  • Set unpaid of expense report
  • shipping extrafields line
  • the SELECT examine more than MAX_JOIN_SIZE rows #12305
  • triggers: directories read with opendir() never closed
  • we need to be able to recalculate tva only if invoice not in accountancy
  • wrong invoice id for fetchObjetctLinked

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22 October 2019 - 230MB
  • FIX: #11702
  • FIX: #11861 No consistent code to manage measuring units
  • FIX: #11942
  • FIX: #12026
  • FIX: #12040
  • FIX: #12041
  • FIX: #12054
  • FIX: #12083
  • FIX: #12088
  • FIX: Clean the + of categories on the product view only in POS module
  • FIX: access to public interface when origin email has an alias.
  • FIX: Alias name is not into the email recipient label.
  • FIX: allow standalone credit note even if no invoice
  • FIX: an admin can not access his own permissions after enabling advanced
  • FIX: an admin can not access his own permissions after enabling advanced permissions
  • FIX: Attachement of linked files on ticket when sending a message
  • FIX: avoid non numeric warning
  • FIX: Bad currency var used in stripe for connect
  • FIX: Bad list of ticket on public interface for ticket emailcollector
  • FIX: Can't modify vendor invoice if transfered into accountancy
  • FIX: change product type must be allowed if we activate hidden conf
  • FIX: colspan on VAT quadri report
  • FIX: CSS
  • FIX: Debug feature orderstoinvoice for suppliers
  • FIX: do not output return code on screen after a select of bank account
  • FIX: Edit of ticket module parameters erased others
  • FIX: empty cache when we want to load specific warehouses in select
  • FIX: escape email alias
  • FIX: expedition.class.php
  • FIX: Export of leave request show the number of open days
  • FIX: Filtering the HTTP Header "Accept-Language".
  • FIX: Filter on project on ticket list
  • FIX: Filter "Open all" of ticket was ko.
  • FIX: Force downlaod of file with .noexe as octet-stream mime type
  • FIX: form not closed.
  • FIX: hidden conf to prevent from changing product_type
  • FIX: If product account not suggested during bind, it is not preselected
  • FIX: If we share invoice, we need to see discount created from a deposit on each entity
  • FIX: Import of product using units
  • FIX: label of thirdparty is wrong on open project list
  • FIX: Look and feel v10
  • FIX: missing begin()
  • FIX: missing "$this->id" in "fetch" function
  • FIX: navigation on ticket tab of projects
  • FIX: new invoice with generic thirdparty in takepos
  • FIX: Pb in units of shipments
  • FIX: regression with option to hide picto on top menu
  • FIX: selection of project i am contact of.
  • FIX: Send email from expense report card.
  • FIX: shipping card: missing user error messages when classifying closed or billed
  • FIX: SQL injection on qty
  • FIX: stripe payment when there is a quote into address
  • FIX: Substitution of __PROJECT_XXX__ not done
  • FIX: TakePOS no invoice validation control and good payment translate
  • FIX: the access of the bank account of one user
  • FIX: top menu right padding
  • FIX: Update of leave request when CSRF with token is on
  • FIX: Var not enough sanitized
  • FIX: wrong test
  • FIX: XSS
  • FIX: Payment from POS ware not recorded.
  • FIX: Can validate invoice with amount including tax of zero for the case of having a final invoice with VAT that includes a deposit without vat.

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18 September 2019 - 230MB
  • FIX: #10460 compatibility with MariaDB 10.4
  • FIX: #11401 Adherent unknown language key
  • FIX: #11422 Can't edit his own events with standard rights
  • FIX: #11427 require product class (fixes POST /supplierinvoices REST API endpoint)
  • FIX: #11570
  • FIX: #11591 FIX: #11592
  • FIX: #11671 CVE-2019-15062
  • FIX: #11672
  • FIX: #11685
  • FIX: #11702
  • FIX: #11711
  • FIX: #11720
  • FIX: #11746 Unable to modify amount of insurance of a loan
  • FIX: #11752
  • FIX: #11789 FIX: #11790
  • FIX: #11804 list of tickets from a customer card display ALL tickets
  • FIX: #11834
  • FIX: Add char $ and ; in sanitizing of filenames.
  • FIX: Add comment before protected functions
  • FIX: Add log and type of content in dolWebsiteOutput and
  • FIX: Add repair.php option 'restore' to restore user picture after v10
  • FIX: amount opened on thirdparty card dont care of credit note not converted
  • FIX: Api of documents work with value 'thirdparty'
  • FIX: author in message / ticket API
  • FIX: avoid sql error if fk_project is empty during update
  • FIX: avoid Warning: A non-numeric value encountered
  • FIX: bad consistency in list of invoice for direct debit order.
  • FIX: Bad error management in zip compress and web site export
  • FIX: bad substitution for extrafields type checkbox
  • FIX: better help message with multicompany
  • FIX: calculation of $products_dispatched
  • FIX: Can't add a new chart of account
  • FIX: Can't delete a draft leave even if it should
  • FIX: Can't save setup of mailman module
  • FIX: column jabberid missing
  • FIX: Confirmation of deletion
  • FIX: Consistency in direct debit order lists.
  • FIX: Content send before header warning
  • FIX: credit note can be split
  • FIX: credit note used on list
  • FIX: Css was saved on wrong website.
  • FIX: delivery extrafields
  • FIX: Disabling a website does not put it offline
  • FIX: display only stripe sources for customer
  • FIX: display payment intent in stripe's charge list
  • FIX: document list for products in API
  • FIX: dol_thirdparty_id for stripe PI
  • FIX: Do not show tooltip if tooltip is empty
  • FIX: duplicate css tag, decrease padding-bottom for boxes in eldy theme
  • FIX: duration when creating service
  • FIX: EDB-ID:47370
  • FIX: Enable web site
  • FIX: error management when adding a property with type real
  • FIX: Fatal situation if payment removed on expense report. Action
  • FIX: filepath of generated documents doesn't handle products with special characters
  • FIX: for MAIN_MAXTABS_IN_CARD = $i card
  • FIX: gzip and bzip2 must use option -f
  • FIX: It was possible to create cashfence without entering data.
  • FIX: javascript error when using dol_use_jmobile=1
  • FIX: logout redirect to takepos.php
  • FIX: Look and feel v10
  • FIX: Make protected all pfd models functions
  • FIX: management of extrafields in modulebuilder
  • FIX: Missing div for buttons in tax, loan, various payment modules
  • FIX: missing include (dol_convert_file not found)
  • FIX: Missing some replacements in website module
  • FIX: missing test on permission on button to delete ledger record
  • FIX: Missing the filter fields in export of expense report and leaves
  • FIX: Missing ticket icon on md theme
  • FIX: Missing transaction
  • FIX: Mode smartphone was not triggered when there is too loo menu
  • FIX: Must escape shell
  • FIX: Must exclude logs and some dirs for compressed backup
  • FIX: name and position of hook FIX: #11710
  • FIX: Not showing MAIN_INVERT_SENDER_RECIPIENT when edit field
  • FIX: Nowrap missing on amount in boxes
  • FIX: Option to use ZipArchive instead of PclZip bugged with large files.
  • FIX: order or proposals billed if both workflow conf activated
  • FIX: permission check on API intervention
  • FIX: phpcs
  • FIX: placement function
  • FIX: qty in invoice list on product's stats
  • FIX: remove disabled product type from product list
  • FIX: Return code of pdf_einstein.modules.php and proformat
  • FIX: round for application fee in stripe
  • FIX: Sens of the balance (Debit - Credit in accountancy not contrary)
  • FIX: Several pb in export of documents
  • FIX: SQL syntax error and CSRF check on vat reports
  • FIX: takepos layout clear or focus search
  • FIX: too many record in sql request. Whena criteria is a filter, we must
  • FIX: Translation of month
  • FIX: USEDOLIBARREDITOR not always set
  • FIX: VAT number for Monaco (it uses FR)
  • FIX: vulenrability in uploading file found by įžŽåˆ›į§‘技厉全厞éĒŒåŽ¤
  • FIX: wrong display (and hidden input) for already dispatched quantity
  • FIX: wrong parameters (same error in branch 9, 10, develop)
  • FIX: Wrong variable. Must be PROJECT_HIDE_UNSELECTABLES

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(major version)
13 August 2019 - 230MB10.0.1

Following changes may create regressions for some external modules, but were necessary to make Dolibarr better:
  • PHP 5.4 is no more supported. Minimum PHP is now 5.5+.
  • The PHP extension php-intl is not mandatory and must be installed to have new features working correctly.
  • Method GetUrlTrackingStatus were renamed into getUrlTrackingStatus for consistency with naming rules.
  • API getListOfCivility has been renamed into getListOfCivilities for consistency with naming rules.
  • Deprecated function img_phone as been removed. You can use img_picto(..., 'call|call_out') instead.;
  • Files for variables of themes were renamed from graph-color.php into to match naming convention of extension .inc.php for files to be included.
  • All methods set_draft() were renamed into setDraft().
  • Signatures of methods createFromClone() has been standardized. All methods requires the object User as first parameter.
  • Removed deprecated function function test_sql_and_script_inject that was replaced with testSqlAndScriptInject.
  • Method load_measuring_units were renamed into selectMeasuringUnits and select_measuring_units was deprecated.
  • Method dolEscapeXML was moved from functions.lib.php into function2.lib.php (not used enough to be loaded by default).
  • Removed deprecated use of string in dol_print_date(). Only date allowed.
  • Deprecated property ->fk_departement is now ->state_id everywhere.
  • Removed the method 4 of GETPOST (to get $_COOKIE). It was not used and not recommanded to use in Dolibarr.
  • Column llx_facture.facnumber change to llx_facture.ref
  • Variable $dolibarr_main_cookie_cryptkey is no more created at install (it was not used by Dolibarr). A new variable called $dolibarr_main_instance_unique_id is now generated at each installation. It will be used by some future features.

Highlights: For Users
  • Module "Ticket" is available as a stable module.
  • Module "Email Collector" is available as a stable module.
  • Module "TakePOS" is available as a stable module.
  • Experimental module "Vendor receptions".
  • Experimental module "BOM".
  • Accounting - Add default accounting account for member subcriptions.
  • Accounting - More comprehensive menu.
  • Agenda/event - add description column available in list (hidden by default).
  • Add accounting account for result.
  • Add accounting code for EEC sales and export sales on products.
  • Add a security permission to edit php dynamic content on the WebSite module.
  • Attached document on bank account are now visible in automatic ECM.
  • Add Autofill Remainder Amount picto on the Expense Report Payment Page.
  • Add contact status in category export
  • Add Default Warehouse to user record (if module stock is on)
  • Add employee/user to subledger account list
  • Add gender in member card
  • Add getFormatedCustomerRef and getFormatedSupplierRef methods
  • Add history to view and print previous sales on TakePos.
  • Add import of accounting account for intra/export selling on product card
  • Adding code to show update date of supplier price shown
  • Add line total on list of payments
  • Add LinkedIn field in social network module
  • Add more complete error messages in log on stripe payments
  • Add no_email field in contact list
  • Add notes are show in tooltips
  • Add option DONATION_USE_THIRDPARTIES in admin of membership module
  • add page to setup opening hours of the company
  • add payments table to pdf of expense report
  • add payment terms to invoices list
  • Add picto of deletion on mass action combo lists
  • add product extrafields available into shipping export
  • add ref supplier on supplier invoice
  • Add stats on entries & movements by fiscal year
  • Add subledger in various payment module
  • Add tag for ODT generation for localtax rates
  • Add the now link when creating expense report
  • Ask date of invoice when using the Clone feature.
  • auto event msg
  • Automatically binding for intra/export accountancy code in customer list
  • automatic / manual selector form
  • Better explanation for setup of WebDav module
  • Can add more lines on situation invoices at end of project when there is extra to add.
  • Can change the customer account of an instance
  • Can choose the root category to show products for TakePOS module
  • Can edit supplier on draft order supplier
  • Can enter price with or without tax when entering expense repor line
  • Can filter on the date of period for social contributions
  • Can generate invoices from the timespent entered on a project
  • Can update product supplier price ref
  • Can upload files from the edit page of expense report
  • Color for hover and for checked line is on by default
  • Column of p...arent company is available in list of third parties
  • conditionnal add member button by statut
  • Contact related items tab
  • Can create of supplier invoice from a reception
  • Ensure External RSS Links Open in New Window
  • Export available for reception module
  • Extend import option to Order's card and Propal's card
  • filter by thirdparty on report CA by prod/serv
  • Save space by moving the meteo on the title line
  • Get the list of groups of a user with the REST API.
  • Hidden option MAIN_CAN_EDIT_SUPPLIER_ON_SUPPLIER_ORDER to edit supplier on draft supplier order
  • Improve Displaying Shortcut Access Keys in Navigation.
  • Improve Expensereport, Inverse Receiver.
  • Improve pdf description item visibitity.
  • Introduce a config parameter $dolibarr_main_instance_unique_id
  • Introduce css "nobottomiftotal"
  • Introduce PhpSpreadsheet for export (need php5.6+)
  • Invoice creation from the timesheet
  • Can list remote stripe's payout in a dedicated page.
  • Manage account sell_intra & sell_export in page accoutancy admin default product
  • Manage loan schedule.
  • Manage status of member types.
  • Mass action "create bills" for validated reception
  • Measuring unit are now defined into an editable dictionary. Add product size/unit into product import.
  • Template pdf 'canelle_reception' displays linked reception lines.
  • Moral/physic status can be defined at member type level
  • Pagination into list of time spent.
  • Performance enhancement (Replace dirname(__FILE__) with __DIR__)
  • POS support in order (ex: online cart).
  • Preview of images into the filemanager component.
  • Resource module can be used in products/services (in a dedicated tab)
  • Retrieve invoice infos from order when billing shipment
  • Save and display type of membership in subscription table for more explicit historic
  • Setup default thirdparty type (customer or prospect/customer)
  • Add shipping "set draft" button and can update lines.
  • show in blod, the invoice amount where we came from, when making payment
  • Show product dimensions in product tooltips.
  • Show the latest date of subscription in member statistics reports.
  • Sort list of templates alphabetically
  • Stripe Payment Intent (need option to use this new Stripe api method)
  • Can support barcode on supplier price references.
  • Support tag {ccc} on payment ref
  • The preview of PDF files generates only 1 png file, even if several pages.
  • Can select a Thirdparty object in donation module if option ON.
  • Tooltip with VAT amount and price incl tax on lines of objects.
  • Unsubscribed emails are now stored in a dedicated table.
  • Update working chkbxlst filter for lists.
  • Use ajax switch into setup of donation.php and multi-currency module.
  • use recipient language when generating the fullname for emails.
  • When you create product or service, sell accountancy account by default is suggested.
  • Widget birthdays of the month.
  • Option in workflow module to set a reception billed on validate supplier bill.
  • Autocompletion on lists should be available on mobile applications.
  • Add mass action to close several members.
  • Add hidden option ADD_UNSPLASH_LOGIN_BACKGROUND for random background
  • Add hidden option to be ready for BREXIT

Highlights: For Developers
  • Module "DebugBar" is available as a stable module.
  • Add API REST for donations
  • Add a script 'purge-data.php' to purge data older than a defined creation date
  • Add function isValidVATID() to heck syntax of a VAT ID/number.
  • Add document's product support in APIs
  • Add REST API: get the list of objects in a category.
  • Update Stripe library to 6.35
  • Upgrade jquery lib to 3.3.1
  • Add hook 'addHtmlHeader()'
  • Add hook 'createRecurringInvoices()'
  • Add hook 'afterSelectContactOptions'
  • Add hook 'getAccessForbiddenMessage'
  • Add hook support in accountancy index
  • Add hook support in list of template invoices
  • Add parameter 'replaceambiguouschars' on getRandomPassword function
  • Add property 'noteditable' in modulebuilder
  • Add the current modulepart into the Conf class object
  • Add visibility with value 4 in framework to define fields to show
  • More option to tune initialization of a new module with modulebuilder.
  • Add REST API to list currencies
  • REST API Proposal, Orders, Invoices: Add contact details
  • hidden option to change concat order of description/product label.
  • Enhance management of webhooks
  • Generation of doc by modulebuilder can include README and CHANGELOG
  • massfilesarea feature is possible for external modules
  • Show list of enabled modules in dol_print_error().
  • Simplification of CSS styles of default themes.
  • Clean code of a lot of deprecated code.
  • Add hidden option to set a search entry to the top
  • add hidden option MAIN_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_FILTER
  • add hidden option NO_CONCAT_DESCRIPTION
  • Add hidden option ACCOUNTANCY_COMBO_FOR_AUX
  • Hidden conf to improve pdf desc item visibitity
  • Look and feel v10 - Add CSS 'tabBarNoTop'


Bug Fixes
  • Add missing end date of subscription in export
  • A user may read holiday and expense report without permissions
  • better syntax
  • condition
  • confirmation of mass email sending + option MAILING_NO_USING_PHPMAIL
  • crabe pdf: bad detailed VAT for situation invoices, in situations S2 and above
  • default value for duration of validity can be set from generic
  • do not include tpl from disabled modules
  • Error management when MAILING_NO_USING_PHPMAIL is set
  • Even with permission, can't validate leave once validator defined.
  • extrafield list search: SQL error when field is multiselect
  • if last char of customercode is accent making the truncate of first
  • Import of chart of account
  • in edit mode, dictionary inputs do not escape the string inside the 'value' attribute, causing errors if there are any double quotes
  • invalid link on user.fk_user
  • invoice class: bad SQL request if product type not set
  • javascript error when ckeditor module not enabled
  • mail presend: can overwrite a file previously uploaded (Issue #11056)
  • mass send mail
  • missing compatibility with multicompany transverse mode
  • missing llx_const encrypt
  • modulebuilder: hardcoded llx_
  • Not showing Contract and Project columns on ficheinter list
  • only profid1 to 4 were editable for pdf option to show. Not 5 and 6.
  • productaccount buylist with pages
  • remove isolated transaction commit
  • security (a user can read leave or holiday of other without perm.
  • situation invoices: bad detailed VAT in situations following the first one
  • situation invoices: block progress percentage change for discount lines
  • syntax error
  • the id was not loaded in fetch of accounting system
  • try to use WHERE EXISTS instead of DISTINCT
  • use dol_sanitizeFileName() function to remove double spaces in filenames, as well as done on document.php when we want to download pdf
  • Use of cron with multicompany
  • var name
  • we need to fetch fourn invoice with ref in current entity
  • Wrong stock movement on supplier credit notes
  • Import of record in ledger

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