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Mahara is an open source portfolio building application. Mahara was initially released in 2006 and today is used by institutes and organisations all over the world.

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1 click installation

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Easy update

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Content Management
Current version
Last update
19 January 2016

System Requirements

Installation size
115 MB
open source
What's new


19 January 2016 - 115MB
  • Bug 1514608: MySQL deadlock issues with simultaneous users
  • Bug 1340151: Consider a different approach to libxml_disable_entity_loader(true) in init.php
  • Bug 1510421: Better support for 3rd party blocktype icons in Mahara 15.10+
  • Bug 1467255: When displayed the search box trunks the help text in it
  • Bug 1468137: Change default dummy Behat PW
  • Bug 1490569: Sort submitted pages "Most recently submitted" doesn't work
  • Bug 1496681: Login box lang strings don't change when language is switched
  • Bug 1506274: The list in "Shared with me" shows different results when using pagination
  • Bug 1506685: Long lines of text in a text block will overflow across block columns
  • Bug 1507777: Secondary email addresses aren't searched on in "User search" in admin area
  • Bug 1509605: Masquerading info bar not visible on small screens
  • Bug 1509606: Menu bar not fully visible in Default theme with skin on page
  • Bug 1509874: Incorrectly truncated message in "inbox" block
  • Bug 1511194: TinyMCE image selector is not working in 15.10
  • Bug 1511536: Deleting blocks from page fails in some cases in 15.10
  • Bug 1512528: Only 10 names / groups loaded on "Shared by me"
  • Bug 1512897: Embedded image in "Profile information" block's per-block introduction field, doesn't show after page is shared
  • Bug 1512901: Share with page not showing correct information
  • Bug 1513265: Modal failure on find friends page 15.10
  • Bug 1513305: Anonymous comment author names not displaying in 15.10.0
  • Bug 1513306: "Share page" link doesn't work from pages in collections
  • Bug 1513611: Problem with artefactchooser and dwoo template
  • Bug 1514272: Doing user search with 'email' option on breaks search
  • Bug 1514374: "Groups - Members" page shows only first 10 group members
  • Bug 1514718: help icons don't work in modal windows
  • Bug 1514799: Theme switches to default on creating an institution
  • Bug 1515389: Collapsed edit page toolbar squashed icons
  • Bug 1515431: Missing templates for group report page
  • Bug 1515826: Export portfolio as html gives an "error" due to missing views.css file
  • Bug 1515929: Duplicate records in usr_custom_layout cause fatal crash when copying a collection
  • Bug 1516412: "Make a copy" on Note block is not visible enough
  • Bug 1519374: Copying institution page doesn't retain page title
  • Bug 1519976: User's name is not displayed when sending a message
  • Bug 1457663: Collection navigation disappears in HTML export of "All my data"
  • Bug 1482493: Accent colour in Raw theme is too low contrast
  • Bug 1507811: Add 'production' command line argument for gulp for easier debugging
  • Bug 1509888: Make display of "Latest forum posts" more compact on group homepage
  • Bug 1509891: "Copy page" button needs better alignment on group homepage
  • Bug 1511238: "My portfolios" block still says "X pages"
  • Bug 1511240: Comma between tags needs 1 space less
  • Bug 1512181: Description textarea does not reset in resume sections
  • Bug 1512525: Comments with attachments but no description look broken on large screen
  • Bug 1513274: Button groups on user profile page doesnt have any margin with the select box
  • Bug 1513307: Pointless "Copied 0 blocks and 0 artefacts from the page template" message every time you create a new page
  • Bug 1514281: No .table-responsive added to 'admin/site/menu.php"
  • Bug 1514299: MNet method "get_views_for_user()" returns full urls for collections when it should return partial
  • Bug 1515774: Add font page looks broken when fonts added
  • Bug 1516429: Info about a note being shared on multiple pages is not prominent enough
  • Bug 1517256: Update install documentation for the css/sass info
  • Bug 1489249: No search box label for some search boxes
  • Bug 1512542: Missing langstring "mobileuploadnotenabled" in MaharaDroid API
  • Bug 1514661: Textbox blocktype raising error when configdata['artefactids'] is not set
  • Bug 1517228: Undefined index: ticks
  • Bug 1517658: Upgrade to 1.10+ fails on Postgres 15.04 doesn't work
  • Bug #1439194 Notes and attached files
  • Bug #1440908 Clicking 'more' in friend request is not working
  • Bug #1440947 Imagebrowser tinymce plugin missing strings
  • Bug #1441945 "cancel" link shows up when you clink on a file thumbnail in Contents -> Files
  • Bug #1443280 No notifications for feedback on watched group pages, site pages, and institution pages
  • Bug #1443730 Install webservice & annotation blocks by default
  • Bug #1443732 Turn AJAX block-loading off except for blocks that need it
  • Bug #1443736 Sitewide option to turn off AJAX block-loading
  • Bug #1443770 "Content -> Files" accessibility links show up when attempting to drag and drop
  • Bug #1444229 Signal the AJAX block loader with a flag instead of empty block content
  • Bug #1446395 Behat tests: Removing duplicates and tidying tests
  • Bug #1446412 Webservice cron doesn't run due to missing function
  • Bug #1446485 Lang string review for 15.10
  • Bug #1446912 elasticsearch not searching 'Text' block type
  • Bug #1447865 Include PHP version in stats
  • Bug #1447892 Mahara setting the noreply@ email address wrong if on non 80 port
  • Bug #1448807 Show last modified date for a shared collection on the group homepage
  • Bug #1448948 Social media buttons are not visible to others
  • Bug #1449334 Behat: And I fill in the following step throwing error when I use it for drop down boxes
  • Bug #1449350 A 'loggedin' lang string not changed to 'registeredusers' in user reports
  • Bug #1450297 Creating page failing due to PluginArtefact not being found
  • Bug #1450705 TinyMCE disappears from feedback form after validation fails
  • Bug #1450995 allow loading of lang string into js strings object after page load
  • Bug #1451331 15.04 image picker requires PHP 5.3.6+
  • Bug #1452450 Error when upgrading mahara from 1.8.2 to 15.04
  • Bug #1452480 Problem editing notes in Content -> Notes
  • Bug #1455122 Upgrade form 1.10 to 15.04 fails if 3rd party plugins are not present
  • Bug #1455265 TinyMCE "full screen" button doesn't work in block config
  • Bug #1456849 Problem with prepared statements in stats functions
  • Bug #1457246 Pagination in group homepages does not work properly
  • Bug #1457867 Full-portfolio export doesn't include all artefacts
  • Bug #1460850 wysiwyg tinymce showing on logged out pages if config 'wysiwyg' is set to 'enable'
  • Bug #1460911 forgotpass page not working as expected
  • Bug #1464018 Lazyload of artefact chooser data throws warning
  • Bug #1464477 Leap2a import of "Just some of my collections" doesn't put the pages into the imported collection
  • Bug #1465511 No link to Resume introduction tab
  • Bug #1465913 No "More..." or "Topic" link on objectionable content notifications in inbox
  • Bug #1466700 Regression with block picker - post bootstrap merge
  • Bug #1466711 Installing mahara Admin bar at the top covers writing under it
  • Bug #1467245 Language label too far from the menu
  • Bug #1467248 A pipe | exists before the link « Lost username / password"
  • Bug #1467254 In admin plugin the "config" butons are not coherent
  • Bug #1467369 Failed log in text floats right when you fail.
  • Bug #1467378 "Browse" buttons are exceeding their boxes around them.
  • Bug #1468533 "My pages" block broken in 1510
  • Bug #1471357 Links for method names don't work in web services
  • Bug #1474354 Retracted image / note block shows details bar
  • Bug #1474628 Leap2a: Collections being exported as individual pages
  • Bug #1476059 Full copy of blog block embedded image problem
  • Bug #1478724 Upgrading from 1.8 to 15.10 fails due to multirecipient change to module
  • Bug #1479178 Update of quota not working correctly
  • Bug #1479543 Upgrading from 1.9 to 15.04 in mysql can timeout on big sites
  • Bug #1480038 Account delete button showing when register allowed is off
  • Bug #1481452 Wrapping of page and collection titles on "Shared by me"
  • Bug #1482455 Dropdown menus are no longer keyboard-accessible
  • Bug #1482492 Hour and minute combo boxes in date picker have no labels
  • Bug #1483077 Problem with mysql upgrade - not escaping table name
  • Bug #1483084 Problem with upgrading to 15.04 - postgres and upgrade/limit
  • Bug #1484296 Typo in XML filter regex
  • Bug #1484751 Errors in sending a message after upgrading from 1.10 or 15.04 to master
  • Bug #1485763 Submissions to group; only last five submissions display
  • Bug #1485791 "Successfully installed Mahara" message displayed during Mahara installation process
  • Bug #1485801 Remove "small page headers" feature in Mahara 15.10+
  • Bug #1485840 Don't allow replies to deleted comments
  • Bug #1486269 Need to make sure pieform lib is present in comment build_html()
  • Bug #1486699 Username character limit preventing login via SAML
  • Bug #1486766 Error message when searching for users in web services logs
  • Bug #1486813 Prompt for new stat data after upgrade needs a 'no thanks' option
  • Bug #1487052 Link to cron installation guide returns a 404
  • Bug #1487222 Uploading an image in TinyMCE in a journal entry doesn't work
  • Bug #1487246 Close button on initial configure dialog does not delete block
  • Bug #1487292 Close buttons in help boxes don't have alt text
  • Bug #1487308 All inbox messages are ARIA-expanded by default
  • Bug #1487464 SAML Update user details on login option creating new email artefact on every login
  • Bug #1487922 Loading spinner missing when uploading a file via filebrowser
  • Bug #1488697 Users may not receive the registration email after approval
  • Bug #1489284 Warning message when deleting a blog
  • Bug #1491639 Need to update group 'shared with me' block config values on upgrade 15.04+
  • Bug #1492081 Accessibility problems with select2 4.0
  • Bug #1492102 Moving files with the keyboard no longer works
  • Bug #1492103 Numbers in pagination are read twice by screen readers
  • Bug #1492663 Minor language string fixes for Mahara 15.10
  • Bug #1492666 Undefined lang string for user search filter result
  • Bug #1492674 Change block "My pages" to "My portfolios"
  • Bug #1492675 Change block "Latest pages" to "Latest changes I can view"
  • Bug #1492919 Deadlock issues when 20-30 users copying collections & pages at the same time
  • Bug #1493169 New wall post not updating page correctly via js
  • Bug #1493177 Skins don't work at all in 15.10dev
  • Bug #1494022 Pdf block not loading pdf in 15.10
  • Bug #1494133 Fatal error upgrading 1.3->15.04 or 1.4->15.04
  • Bug #1495200 White screen when session times out
  • Bug #1495328 Revert watchlist block heading back to "Watched pages"
  • Bug #1495353 Insert image with editor in full screen mode - 15.10
  • Bug #1495364 Remove compiled CSS from git repository
  • Bug #1496139 Change the configurable theme to work with Bootstrap
  • Bug #1496207 "More" link on inbox block goes to old inbox and not multirecipient one
  • Bug #1497053 Cron error with over 65535 users
  • Bug #1497820 Licenses don't have images shown
  • Bug #1497821 Check for CSS files in Mahara sanity check
  • Bug #1498248 Warning when deleting queued portfolio
  • Bug #1499122 Threaded comments display in the wrong order
  • Bug #1499150 Anonymous author link not working
  • Bug #1499568 Mahara 15.04.3 upgrade issues
  • Bug #1500774 remove old session files doesn't work with adapted sessionpath
  • Bug #1501059 Position of the contextual help block is incorrect
  • Bug #1501185 drop down for pages in a collection
  • Bug #1501540 Update the overall Readme file
  • Bug #1502371 No proper alt text for images and replacing of alt text in images in TinyMCE
  • Bug #1503036 Plan pagination not working in block
  • Bug #1503885 elasticsearch not indexing collection info
  • Bug #1505873 Submit page to group has two dropdown options
  • Bug #1506034 Unable to scroll when editing Group Membership under My Friends.
  • Bug #1506188 Link in "Create" box in Dashboard is not correct
  • Bug #1506625 Change the default switchbox text to Yes/No
  • Bug #1507432 Messages in dashboard inbox block have special chars escaped twice
  • Bug #1507808 Image browser selected option not sticking
  • Bug #1508723 Have dedicated language strings for switchbox labels
  • Bug #1509129 Crash when posting a public comment that no one will be notified about
  • Bug #785472 Eliminate all raise_memory_limit() calls
  • Bug #1333424 Navigation block broken after Leap2a import
  • Bug #1338381 Switch from commandline zip/unzip to PHP ZipArchive class
  • Bug #1348024 users can stay logged into suspended institution
  • Bug #1358934 Leap2A issues
  • Bug #1360977 Error when import a blog via self-Leap2A import
  • Bug #1362182 "The 'c' parameter is not alphabetical only" error when picking a page theme in IIS
  • Bug #1374163 List of shared pages to a group not taking account of access date
  • Bug #1378581 Incomplete storage of admin's email at install
  • Bug #1384480 Update jquery-ui to version 1.11.4
  • Bug #1384491 update tinymce to version 4.1.9
  • Bug #1384492 update Pear to version 1.9.5
  • Bug #1384498 Update Elastica to version 2.0.0
  • Bug #1386670 Improve UI of secret URL auto-copy button
  • Bug #1387412 Eliminate links-that-look-like-buttons & buttons-that-look-like-links
  • Bug #1388664 Add focus for social media profile creation
  • Bug #1393734 Textbox/Note config form very slow to load
  • Bug #1407847 The text boxes aren't being cleared before Behat puts the new text in.
  • Bug #1407848 Behat cant click links when the duplicate ones are hidden.
  • Bug #1407854 New Behat step: And I expand "text" node
  • Bug #1417120 Non-English lang strings distributed with Themes & Plugins aren't loaded.
  • Bug #1417828 Malformed lang string in email digest notification emails
  • Bug #1421030 Behat broken fixture: And the following "pages" exist
  • Bug #1424916 Missing Alt/Title tag on a text box
  • Bug #1428364 Broken Behat test: Needs content->files ID's and labels tidied up
  • Bug #1428456 ID tag needed for setting icon on profile page config settings
  • Bug #1429647 Watchlist lets you watch and receive notifications about pages you don't have view access to
  • Bug #1429871 Link underlining in skins doesn't work
  • Bug #1434912 "Shared with me" lists my own pages
  • Bug #1436582 Secret URLs - From/To Eror Message
  • Bug #1436841 Add External Media - YouTube Video
  • Bug #1437083 Download zip file of home folder, can't be extracted in Windows
  • Bug #1437969 Behat test for configuration of general settings changes.
  • Bug #1438928 Registration page not allowing you to register - in behat
  • Bug #1442150 Replace "delete logo" switch with a checkbox
  • Bug #1444453 Allow the use of SVG files for the social media icons
  • Bug #1444784 Watchlist block needs tidying up
  • Bug #1444905 Elasticsearch doesn't search achievements
  • Bug #1444925 Admin can't see objectionable content in forums if not admin in the group
  • Bug #1446426 Bulk user export page has a redirect that doesn't work with subdirectories.
  • Bug #1446488 Wrong string identifier for image resizing
  • Bug #1449770 Allow main navigation to have an external link
  • Bug #1450680 Need better log_debug output from lib/db/upgrade.php
  • Bug #1454458 Navigation group pages
  • Bug #1455137 "Edit access" screen has trouble with jscalendar dates if you change calendar_dateFormat and/or strtimedatetimeshort
  • Bug #1457032 Remote avatar (Gravatar) does not adhere to site proxy settings
  • Bug #1457709 Elasticsearch plugin doesn't work with URL-based access control
  • Bug #1457712 More robust Elasticsearch data uploading
  • Bug #1462806 Improvement of user email addresses management
  • Bug #1465423 Elasticsearch confusion about indexing the firstname, lastname, email, preferredname values
  • Bug #1465485 Displaying message via clicking link in Inbox block is not working
  • Bug #1465918 Missing accessibility text on Inbox & Outbox notification "More..." links
  • Bug #1467368 cache the main navigation menu
  • Bug #1468144 Page layout thumbnails are broken if you use a locale that does commas for decimals
  • Bug #1468156 Migrate PluginArtefactMultirecipientnotification to a Module plugintype instead
  • Bug #1471604 Terms and conditions not showing on register page for multi institutions
  • Bug #1472443 Can't use method return value in write context error in forgotpass.php
  • Bug #1474143 Multiple journal error with image in description field
  • Bug #1474609 cannot delete page description
  • Bug #1474659 Leap2a: import/leap/lib.php:1117 unserialize: Error at offset 65512 of 65535 bytes"
  • Bug #1475813 installing plugins not showing success response correctly
  • Bug #1476925 Make ajax get_string work for logged-out users
  • Bug #1478339 Color scheme problem when editing pages in 15.10
  • Bug #1478357 Miss aligment in the Settings area
  • Bug #1478361 Incoherence in the menu interface when adding a new "Social media account"
  • Bug #1478374 Fix syntax error in PHP 5.3
  • Bug #1480731 Behat fixture for setting page/collection permissions
  • Bug #1482010 Leap2a collection pages are in the wrong order
  • Bug #1482410 Leap2A import problem: "simplexml_load_file()... parser error : PCDATA invalid Char value..."
  • Bug #1482437 Leap2a export: Filter out ASCII control characters that are not valid in XML
  • Bug #1482458 Bootstrap tabs are not accessible
  • Bug #1482469 Expand/contract accordion button has no accessible text
  • Bug #1482474 "Basic options" expander in layout editor is ARIA-collapsed by default
  • Bug #1482480 Add row button in custom layout creator should have focus management
  • Bug #1482491 Date picker checkbox needs a more descriptive label
  • Bug #1484361 New Behat step for visiting a specific view
  • Bug #1484779 Expanders in Site options are all ARIA-expanded by default
  • Bug #1486817 Incorrect label setup when creating custom layout
  • Bug #1487290 Better accessible text for inbox header link
  • Bug #1487294 Focus management needed in Resume forms
  • Bug #1487301 Selected tab not indicated in "Shared by me"
  • Bug #1487304 When creating a folder, focus should go to the new folder
  • Bug #1489243 Incorrect labels in user name filters (Admin -> User search)
  • Bug #1489245 Two-way list boxes (eg. in Site staff) have no button labels
  • Bug #1489700 Switches don't show 'disabled' state
  • Bug #1490231 skin.css is missing
  • Bug #1494565 Web services auth uses wrong lang string in auth list
  • Bug #1495676 The setting 'maxuploadsize' did not count
  • Bug #1496181 Undefined variable: groupid in editing blog
  • Bug #1496476 class typo in artefact:comment:edit.tpl
  • Bug #1496683 Unescaped 'title' strings used in pieforms elements
  • Bug #1496910 Problem with scaling in flowplayer
  • Bug #1499583 get_string_ajax() doesn't work properly with arguments
  • Bug #1500215 descending folders - setting does not carry to subfolders
  • Bug #1500290 Make plugin file search paths backwards-compatible
  • Bug #1501078 All user to set their theme to site default
  • Bug #1506695 Undefined theme index when upgrading to 15.10
  • Bug #1507437 Allow all tinymce to be using the same set of plugins
  • Bug #1508728 Hard-coded language string in editfile.tpl
  • Bug #781002 Can't upload large file when /tmp is too small
  • Bug #1262892 Make responsive design work better for smaller devices
  • Bug #1358092 Improve SQL performance when deleting notifications
  • Bug #1363753 extract file gives error if there is not enough space for extraction
  • Bug #1383543 The js script 'artefact/multirecipientnotification/js/sendmessage.js' is not neccessary
  • Bug #1436573 Mouse pointer icon not displayed on Create, Share, Engage buttons
  • Bug #1438980 Pointer-style cursor displayed on Create, Share, Engage buttons when logged out
  • Bug #1445280 Show a green icon instead of a red one, for "Nothing to upgrade" message
  • Bug #1447449 Behat needs to be able to fill in a tinymce editor
  • Bug #1457710 Elasticsearch plugin is not reading the queue in order
  • Bug #1461741 Tinymce table has lost the advanced tab in version 4
  • Bug #1464052 Set a default record limit for the elasticsearch cron job
  • Bug #1465882 Remove obsolete $_SERVER['MAHARA_LIBDIR'] option
  • Bug #1465928 Behat test for password attempts limit
  • Bug #1467339 Skin delete page missing $subheading test
  • Bug #1469569 Registration form reason box not displaying on form error
  • Bug #1473829 Behat test social_media_buttons.feature failing on MYSQL
  • Bug #1474136 Better warning message for cron when site is closed
  • Bug #1475104 Trying to add same access permission as a existing locked option gives error
  • Bug #1475731 Installer doesn't move to bottom of the page
  • Bug #1479434 missing SESSION global ref in progressbarform_validate
  • Bug #1480764 Transient login form can't handle array variables
  • Bug #1482447 Adjusting more checkboxes to switchboxes
  • Bug #1482448 Help links should include the form element they refer to in their alt text
  • Bug #1482456 Pages should include an ARIA "main" landmark
  • Bug #1482461 "Add block" accordion has useful descriptions only available to screen reader users
  • Bug #1482490 New toggles are confusing for screen reader users
  • Bug #1486262 Problem with isset() in a template file
  • Bug #1487815 Error message when theme cannot be found
  • Bug #1494908 Memory exhausted on cron import_process_queue
  • Bug #1496616 CLI script help output is incorrect
  • Bug #1497341 Pieforms "select" rule validation with optgroups fails
  • Bug #1497411 Feed logo image displays a broken image
  • Bug #1499100 Private comments should also update portfolio page's "last update" date
  • Bug #1499164 Don't autofill password reset field on user settings page
  • Bug #1504335 site statistics for groups throws an error if cron hasn't yet run
  • Bug #1504351 Custom layouts options not showing/hiding correctly
  • Bug #1508725 Warning icon on upgrade to 15.10 doesn't show
  • Bug #547332 Communal blog / group journal
  • Bug #547677 More Distinct Admin Navigation
  • Bug #634689 Paginator for My pages blocktype
  • Bug #853662 Use newer and flashier graphing framework to generate graphs in Mahara
  • Bug #884023 Threaded replies to feedback on views
  • Bug #1364703 Add caching of results to ArtefactType::get_plugin_name.
  • Bug #1373092 Increase length of page and collection titles on "Edit access" page
  • Bug #1396564 Add password recovery with CLI
  • Bug #1416890 Use SVG images and provide backward compatibility
  • Bug #1423406 Replace "Share page" checkboxes, with a Select2-based autoselect.
  • Bug #1423410 Eliminate automatic bulk permission syncing (i.e. ditch view.accessconf)
  • Bug #1426983 Converting Selenium tests to Behat tests
  • Bug #1434131 Add an option to show or hide the login side block
  • Bug #1442403 My portfolios log in is at the bottom of mobile app
  • Bug #1464858 Add MathJax and mhchem support to Mahara
  • Bug #1465107 Use the Bootstrap CSS framework
  • Bug #1472467 Add journal / blog to institution
  • Bug #1472889 Allow custom override of Chartjs graph defaults
  • Bug #1476491 Show collections in "Latest Pages" block
  • Bug #1476492 Show collections in "My pages" block
  • Bug #1476495 Show collections in "Shared with me" screen
  • Bug #1476496 Make View::view_search() supported combined listing of pages & collections
  • Bug #1483963 Statistics for active users by institution
  • Bug #1488255 Add a site default portfolio page
  • Bug #1492928 Put an edit button the group homepage

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