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Web hosting Joomla

Joomla is a content management system (CMS). This turnkey, open source solution created in 2005 enables you to create a high-quality professional website.

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Joomla, what’s that?

Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems on the web, thanks to its ease of use, its extensibility and its professional results. Joomla users have access to an intuitive interface and a wide range of powerful functions meeting every need, from a small personal blog to a large-scale corporate website. It is a powerful, flexible platform that is easy to use to create complex websites and web apps. Originally designed as a content management system for websites, it is now used to develop everything from internal communication systems for small firms to large-scale e-commerce websites and complex web apps. With thousands of models available, Joomla means that creating the website or web app you need is child’s play. You can make it as simple or as complex as you want, with your desired of level control and flexibility, all in a powerful yet easy-to-use system. To take advantage of Joomla hosting with Infomaniak: - Begin by choosing one of our hosting plans, either a common hosting solution or a dedicated server depending on the type of Joomla website - Then choose a domain name and select the type of SSL certificate - Install Joomla in a single click thanks to our web applications system

Why create a Joomla website with Infomaniak?

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Automatic installation in a single click and easy management

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Easy to update and protection against known security loopholes

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Automatic backup and recovery

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Application :


Category :

Content Management

Current version :


Last update :


Languages :

English + 26 other

System Requirements

Installation size :

100 MB

Databases :


Licence :

open source

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Get your project started with a compatible web hosting solution

The bestseller

Web Hosting

Ideal for creating a professional WordPress website or blog to present and sell your products and services online.

1 free email address with your domain
From CHF 10.91 / month

Web + Mail

Ideal for creating a professional website or blog with your email addresses to present and sell your services online.

5 email addresses included
From CHF 13.20 / month

Managed Cloud Server

Designed for commercial WordPress websites which need dedicated resources and advanced technologies.

Dedicated resources
Up to 32 vCPU/96 GB of RAM
From CHF 42.90 / month