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Average score: 4.60 / 5

Price: 4.28 / 5
Interface: 4.45 / 5
Traffic: 4.67 / 5
Disk space: 4.69 / 5
Availability: 4.79 / 5
Customer service: 4.72 / 5
Technical support: 4.28 / 5

550 Clients' opinions

5.00 5


It is a perfect hosting!

5.00 5

The perfect hosting provider in every respect

I have had a shared multi-account (sliding-scale discounts for several sites) for 10 years and I have always been impressed by the price, availability, services, support and regular innovations... I can't see any other hosting provider that is as good across the board.

5.00 5

Quality service

Quality in following up requests correctly and very quickly. Congratulations to the technical team...

5.00 5

Very good price/services compromise

A well supplied and well written FAQ section. Fast, professional and polite support. Paperwork (invoicing) is simplified because of the account. Perhaps missing a more user-friendly spam-filtering tool.

5.00 5

The top

Quality service

5.00 5


There's nothing to say. Very good and professional

5.00 5

The best quality/price ratio...

... if the quality is high at this point, then it is to be expected that the price is a little higher than the more basic hostings. Never had a problem with bandwidth, very complete admin interface, professional technical support. I have been a client for several years and recent trials with cheaper deals have not convinced me at all.

5.00 5

Nothing to add

Infomaniak is very clearly the best hosting provider I have worked with. Infomaniak's 2 strengths for me are 1) the quality and clarity of the interface 2) The support

5.00 5

Very good - excellent

Available, Reliable

5.00 5

15 years with them...

and still zero problems

5.00 5

Hosting provider I can trust for my professional site

I don't like their new admin interface too much but particularly appreciate the responsiveness and the quality of the support. Fast, friendly, competent.

4.93 5

5 stars all round? Impossible, I hear you say...

and therefore I have been using Infomaniak's services at different levels for 20 years and have to acknowledge the quality of the deal, as well as the competence, effectiveness, and courtesy of its staff. I strongly recommend Infomaniak to anyone or any company wishing to publish content under good conditions, on a hosting space which they control.

4.50 5

Best of the best

10 years with Infomaniak, still satisfied

5.00 5


And what's more, this hosting provider is CO2 neutral: they do not participate in climate disruption (while the internet, as a general rule, is a big polluter; see https://www.alsetic.fr/charte-environnementale#problematique).

5.00 5

well done

Very clear user interface. Responsive client service, even at weekends. Numerous useful features (automatic installation of CMS, etc.).

5.00 5

The best hosting provider

We have used and recommended Infomaniak hostings for over ten years and it's still with great pleasure that we are still with them now and continue to give them good publicity.

5.00 5

Collaborative emailing service and subscriber management (Dolibarr)

After several days experimenting with the trial version I am perfectly happy with the collaborative email service. Managing subscribers with Dolibarr seems to work well. The are two months remaining to test all the features.

5.00 5


I have hosted over twenty sites with Infomaniak and have never had a particular problem. If I have, they have always helped me to resolve it. I have tried a lot of hosting providers (OVH, GoDaddy, IxWebHosting, 1&1, easygiga) and in my experience Infomaniak is my very clear favourite. Why choose Infomaniak: 1) Very fast telephone support 2) Telephone support which actually helps you 3) An ergonomic and intuitive interface 4) The possibility of linking your clients' accounts to yours so that you... don't have to log in with different details for every client. 5) ? Read the rest

4.71 5

reliability, quality

I have been a client with Infomaniak for several years and on the whole, it is the best web hosting provider I have tried (OVH, KreativMedia, Hostpoint). The deal is super-complete (100 GB, SSD hosting, free SSL certificates, WordPress Elegant Themes free, etc.) and my site has never suffered any outages. What is more, Infomaniak is a green hosting provider which does not do greenwashing: they are ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certified, and have the most environmentally-friendly datacenter in... Switzerland. It is possible to find a slightly cheaper web hosting, but I have found what I was looking for with Infomaniak: reliability, quality and really useful benefits (WordPress themes offered, anti-DDoS protection, etc.). You can completely trust them. Read the rest

4.93 5

To the top

I have been having multiple sites hosted by them for several years. Never had any issues. And questions sent to the technical department are always dealt with quickly. Everything works perfectly with Wordpress phpBB or your own scripts. If you want a quality hosting provider without getting all worked up, it's definitely with them :-) I have just taken half a star off for price not because they don't deserve a top score but just because it's not possible to have multi-sites (even if you pay... more, which I would be happy to do). I have been asking for it for several years, but it is not their policy. But that doesn't matter - they are still the best I have tried. Read the rest