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Price: 4.25 / 5
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Traffic: 4.65 / 5
Disk space: 4.67 / 5
Availability: 4.76 / 5
Customer service: 4.64 / 5
Technical support: 4.25 / 5

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personal idea

bonjour a tous j?ecris ce commentaire suit a une dernier nouvelle apres sur cette societe. suite a leur travail delicat ca m'as augmenter ma confiance en cette societe. elle n'est pas gratuit mais tres etendu dans sont aide. ainsi l'espace disque et le support d'aide. Donc pour moi une societe qui merite de trouver aussi de nouveau clients.

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Very good service

Excellent quality/price ratio! Server availability is there.

5.00 5


Among all the qualities, the support service is the best ever!

5.00 5

The best finishes

Very satisfied.

4.86 5

Super extra good

Thanks to the Infomaniak technical support team, and more specifically to Daphne, who was able to resolve my little problem with my website in 23 moves. I wish you well, and best regards for all the team.

5.00 5

When everything works... what else is there to say?

My site is admittedly dead simple. This does not stop me appreciating the excellence of this hosting provider's services. Always someone competent at the end of the line who will troubleshoot for you. This is priceless, particularly given the plethora of FAQs that almost nobody has the time to read. Well done INFOMANIAK

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The email management is great and really top. (there is no quota for emails and compared to others they are really very very strong...) The technical support team responds quite fast, 100% uptime and bandwidth is more than satisfactory... What more could you ask?

4.93 5

Superb hosting for professionals

I have a lot of respect for Infomaniak: reliable, responsive, friendly. Never had the slightest worry in three years. Ever since they created a real, very complete, interface for writing emails, I have quite simply loved them!

5.00 5

Excellent start

We have just changed hosting providers. This morning we have received our emails from the INFOMANIAK server and everything is working fine! Congratulations on the fast and efficient support. LOGIWAY.

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Excellent from the house of excellence (and that's just the first name)

Hello, As someone who is generally very critical of all service providers from cafes to health services, I can attest that Infomaniak is the must-have hosting service provider. Before using their services, I was very skeptical that an IT company could deliver good quality services at their price rates. I had already tried other providers in their field at prices which take your breath away. I had had enough, and decided that I was not going to take any more risks. AND THAT IS PURE CLASS RIGHT... THERE. Excellent services, fast and effective technical support, very helpful, just like their customer service. With Infomaniak, in my opinion "Better... is not as good!" Another big THANK YOU to all these ladies and gentlemen for their wonderful collaboration and friendliness! Read the rest

4.50 5


I am a graphic artist and I work in partnership with a webmaster: we both share the same opinion, which is that Infomaniak's service is excellent! They are multilingual, the interface is clear, so is their correspondence, and the technical support is very effective and cooperative. I strongly and unreservedly recommend them!

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As an IT manager of a school who has no technical training, I have been benefiting from the professional Infomaniak hosting for years. I dare not imagine the time and energy I would have wasted cobbling together home-made solutions or turning to free hosting providers or other DIYers who are not able to guarantee availability, bandwidth and assistance. Thank you Infomaniak.


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